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being sick and tired of hearing about SATs results!

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StrwBry Tue 24-Jul-07 23:22:31

"What did your little girl get"...."what did your little boy get"....3 3's and a 2A, 2 2Bs and 2 2C's..ugh! Honestly that's all I've heard over the past couple of weeks, I wouldnt mind but my dd hasnt done her SAT's yet, so why do I have people coming up to me telling me what their children got? Even worse....I've heard the kids (aged 6-7) asking each other what they got!

I keep hearing the words average, above average, below average, is it just me, or do you think these results should be kept private?

I also heard a woman tell her friend that her daughter got all 2A's and that she was really dissapointed! A 2B is the average to get all 2As is fantastic, she said she thought her daughter would have got all 3s which is above average....she even said that infront of her daughter, poor kid!

Leati Tue 24-Jul-07 23:32:55

Parents can be over competitive. Some parents directly link thier childs school scores to thier success as a parent while other may just be genuinly pround. Don't let it bother you to much. The other day I was in a resturaunt when a mother started loudly asking her infant/toddler child, where his nose, mouth, chin,etc. were. This was not a quiet display of play but a loud ploy for attention. The child was incredibly smart but I couldn't help feel uncomfortable about the way the mother was displaying her child. I felt like I was watching circus tricks.

DobbyDoesDallas Tue 24-Jul-07 23:41:49

I chucked dd1s in the bin without looking

have no interest int hem

she got a really nice report though

agnesnitt Wed 25-Jul-07 00:14:46

Bloody things should be scrapped.

Well done for throwing them out DDD (excellent name by the way, made me choke on my coffee when I read it the first time).

I plan to do exactly the same if the infernal things are still around when my daughter is of an age to be cursed with their presence in her life.


DontlookatmeIamborrrring Wed 25-Jul-07 00:22:15

I didn't even know that DS got a 4A in maths until a friend of his asked him today and I overheard, I have no idea what else he got and I really don't care - he's only in year 4, he shouldn't have to worry about tests at his age. His school report was good for all subjects, he behaves himself at school and is happy - I'm happy

Tortington Wed 25-Jul-07 00:54:33

you should join in and say your kid got all 3's

sparklygothkat Wed 25-Jul-07 00:59:22

My dd1 got 1s and a W, so hate all this talk about SATs, Dd1 has learning disabilities, so knew she wouldn't do great, but she tried her hardest and I am proud.

islandofsodor Wed 25-Jul-07 15:13:52

My dd doesn't do SATS so I can quite comfortably say I have no idea what all the levels mean and have no interest in finding out.

Sil will be purgatory I know when the time comes so I am so glad I won;t be able to compare.

Elasticwoman Thu 26-Jul-07 14:29:47

I am amazed to hear that some parents ask about other children's results directly! It's not done where I live. No one proffers the information unasked either.

wheresthehamster Thu 26-Jul-07 14:49:29

I have 3 dds and we've been through 6 lots of SATs so far and I have NEVER been asked about their scores nor have I ever wanted to brag about them to anyone else and certainly have never had any interest in what any other child got.
This all sounds dreadful.

StrwBry Thu 26-Jul-07 20:58:53

Thanks for the replies, the parents at my children's school are so competitive!

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