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To think Lindsay Lohan should just employ a driver

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Tech (MNHQ) Tue 24-Jul-07 23:06:03

...or take taxis.

moondog Tue 24-Jul-07 23:07:52

Are you the real Tech??

If so, rofl

All quiet in your basement operations room tonight then??

MamaG Tue 24-Jul-07 23:09:44

It is real tech cos it says (from MNHQ)

lolololololol at tech

Tech (MNHQ) Tue 24-Jul-07 23:11:16

It gets very quiet in here and I end up looking at nonsense on that internet.

MamaG Tue 24-Jul-07 23:12:09


MamaG Tue 24-Jul-07 23:12:33

you could at LEAST have the grace to blush tech

moondog Tue 24-Jul-07 23:13:49

I love Tech's all too infrequent forays into the melee that is MN chat. Do you lurk a lot Tech? Do you think 'Oh God,not her again!' and suchlike.

Are you married?

What are your hobbies?

mummytosteven Tue 24-Jul-07 23:13:54

snort. Yanbu.

StrwBry Tue 24-Jul-07 23:14:47

Lindsay who?

MamaG Tue 24-Jul-07 23:14:50

Is your shed painted?

do you sit on an upturned paint can?

or do you ahve a gadgety chaiur with a commode and everything?

MamaG Tue 24-Jul-07 23:21:14

moondog i think we've scared him away

moondog Tue 24-Jul-07 23:23:15


That happened last time I tried to engage with him.

I'm after you Tech. Am sex crazed loon with nowt to do but MN day and night.

alipigwidgeon Tue 24-Jul-07 23:27:15

Why don't you offer? . You could be on to a winner

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