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To be shocked..

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talkproperly Thu 13-Jun-19 12:02:22 how good home hair dyes are these days? I haven't coloured my own hair for over ten years (not always successfully in the past, hello overbleached teenage hair...)

I asked on here for recommendations the other day because I am normally strictly a salon only person when it comes to hair colouring. However I've got an event this weekend, I couldn't get into my usual and needs must my hair looked dreadful.

I've just coloured my hair, at home, for £9. It took me 40 minutes and it looks better than when I have it done at a salon paying £90 odd (for a cut and colour).

Hair feels thick, soft and shiny, colour is great. Admittedly I've only gone from a dark dull blonde to a golden blonde so no extreme change or anything complex. Anything like dark to blonde I absolutely wouldn't do at home.

I shall be saving my cash in future, unless it's anything complex!

hillsandvalleys Thu 13-Jun-19 12:19:00

Which one did you use? I thought all blond home dyes were a bit yellowish but sounds like your one isn't so definitely want to try it now! Wouldn't mind saving £300 a year on salon hair colouring!

talkproperly Thu 13-Jun-19 12:23:29

Nice & Easy. I used 8GN which is a medium golden blonde. It's not come out yellow at all, it's still got different colours running through it. I'm really impressed with it!

I've got some purple shampoo kicking about in the cupboard just in case it takes on a hint of yellow in the next week or two, but initial results are fine.

managedmis Thu 13-Jun-19 12:24:43

Did you follow the timing etc to the letter? Might try this myself

HeyThoughIWalk Thu 13-Jun-19 12:31:18

I only ever use DIY dye kits, and they've always been fine. I've only been doing light brown to dark brown, so maybe less scope for disaster than if you're doing blonde, but that's no way I would pay what the salons round here charge!

talkproperly Thu 13-Jun-19 12:32:13

Yes, applied to roots first, then all over, made sure it was all well covered and left for 25 minutes. Washed off, two shampoos and the condition with the conditioner they provide. Leave for two minutes, wash off.

If your hair is longer than shoulder length or really thick you might need two. I'm just over shoulder length but quite fine, and it just did it.

Sparklesocks Thu 13-Jun-19 12:39:56

I really like L’Oréal nutrisse, I have moist hair naturally so dye it darker and it’s always really shiny and soft after I dye it, I use their conditioner product they provide which helps - no complaints!

Sparklesocks Thu 13-Jun-19 12:40:34

Haha that was meant to be mousy- not moist!!

talkproperly Thu 13-Jun-19 12:42:09

You used to be able to buy the conditioner that comes in hair colours in the little tubes separately in Superdrug etc, way back when I used to do my own hair years and years ago. I can't remember which brand it was. I wonder if you still can, it's really nice!

WoollyMollyMonkey Thu 13-Jun-19 12:42:51

The only time I’ve had compliments on my hair colour was when I did it myself! So I don’t bother with salon colours now. The best one I had was from Aldi and cost less than £3! But they don’t seem to have them any more sad

Fucksandflowers Thu 13-Jun-19 12:44:48

Nice n easy is fantastic!
I use 83 black and my hair is so soft and shiny and luscious with it.
I often pick it up for just £3.50!

CustardCreamLover Thu 13-Jun-19 13:13:29

I used to dye my hair myself all the time. Always had compliments on it. Then before my wedding had it done professionally and it was bloody awful! I looked like something from the 90s, you know stripey hair! Had to pay nearly 100 quid to fix it and it was still shit.

Haven't done it for 3 years and really want to go back to blond so might have to try this one.

Are there any ashy blondes? I don't want to risk Golden because in the past my hair has gone orange 😖

Drogosnextwife Thu 13-Jun-19 13:16:43

My mum has used nice and weasy blonde hair Dye for about 30 years, she swears by it. Unfortunately they don't seem to have a colour I like.

Sexnotgender Thu 13-Jun-19 13:17:36

Then before my wedding had it done professionally and it was bloody awful! I looked like something from the 90s, you know stripey hair!

Join the bloody club! Last colour I had done professionally, also for my wedding was ATROCIOUS. Chunky yellow blonde highlights that started about an inch from my head. I cried big fat snotty tears.

talkproperly Thu 13-Jun-19 13:26:46

To be fair my hair is always fine done at a salon, I normally have a full head of highlights and it looks nice. No stripes etc (although I did have them when they were fashionable ok the 90s!)

But I'm not paying for it to be coloured again when I can get a result like this at home for a fraction of the cost and time! Two and a bit hours it takes in a salon, because foils. Not anymore!

They have loads of different blondes @CustardCreamLover including ash. I steer away from ash because it doesn't suit my colouring and generally looks quite grey (not in a good way!) on me. Was wary of golden in case it was yellowy but it's not - although I guess it depends what base colour your putting it on in the first place.

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