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Most overrated books

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Snowfalling Tue 11-Jun-19 22:34:00

I'll probably get flamed for some of these choices but here's my list:

1. Brick lane by Monica Ali. So badly written and researched, i was embarrassed for the author, as I'm from a similar background to her.

2. The God of small things. There was one sentence that was repeated over and over again to the point of toe curling cringe. Something about the twin's hair bobbing. Also generally didn't enjoy the writing or plot. Just absolute crap. I don't get the adulation for this at all.

3. Anything by Maggie o'Farrell or Kate Atkinson. I know people love them both, i just don't get it.

4. Sophie Hannah's more recent books are just dire. The earlier ones were great.

5. Catch 22. Just gibberish. You probably have to be drugged up to enjoy it.

I'm sure I'll think of more.

So which books do you think are overrated?

Capybaras Tue 11-Jun-19 22:35:11

The alchemist - biggest pile of shite I've ever read!

Ratatouille76 Tue 11-Jun-19 22:35:48

Disagree with you on 3. Love both those authors. Will have a think about what I do think is overrated!!

Letthenamesbegin Tue 11-Jun-19 22:36:05

The Goldfinch - needed a good eit

Ratatouille76 Tue 11-Jun-19 22:36:21

Yes agree with the alchemist. Load of pants.

Letthenamesbegin Tue 11-Jun-19 22:36:40

*edit oh the irony of that typo

booksandcaffeine Tue 11-Jun-19 22:37:32

General: classic novels from the likes of the bronte sisters, Jane austen, Thomas Hardy etc.

Specific: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

beeyourself Tue 11-Jun-19 22:37:58

Catcher in the rye

StCharlotte Tue 11-Jun-19 22:38:13

White Teeth by Zadie Smith. Beautiful writing but totally unsympathetic characters and a hugely tedious plot.

SamBaileys Tue 11-Jun-19 22:38:31

Eleanor Oliphant- I just didn't 'get' it.

StCharlotte Tue 11-Jun-19 22:38:49

Basically any Booker Prize winners.

ImportantWater Tue 11-Jun-19 22:38:51

Ah, I love Kate Atkinson and also Catch 22! I would say The Miniaturist, and the Poisonwood Bible, although I know lots of people like them. I found the ending of The Miniaturist to be dire and couldn't get on with TPB at all.

HollowTalk Tue 11-Jun-19 22:39:13

I love Maggie O'Farrell!

HerondaleDucks Tue 11-Jun-19 22:39:15

Catcher in the Rye is the biggest load of tosh I've ever forced myself to read.

Snowfalling Tue 11-Jun-19 22:39:18

Yes to the Alchemist, and also adding to my list The secret history by Donna Tart.

Threeminis Tue 11-Jun-19 22:40:12

I agree @SamBaileys - Eleanor oliphant was a massive let down

Also Room by Emma Donahue (I think) it was so, so badly written

booksandcaffeine Tue 11-Jun-19 22:40:17

SamBaileys I loved Eleanor Oliphant. One of my stand out reads of 2018.

ImportantWater Tue 11-Jun-19 22:40:40

Oh, also A Little Life. Is that what it is called? The four men in New York living lives that pile misery upon misery.

GlitterPixie Tue 11-Jun-19 22:41:14

Catcher in the rye

ImportantWater Tue 11-Jun-19 22:42:03

The Secret History is my favourite book! We must have completely opposite taste OP. You should try the books I mentioned, you might love them grin

ElizaPancakes Tue 11-Jun-19 22:43:14

Anything by David Mitchell. By god he is tedious.

The Finch by Donna Tartt. Just. So. Boring. I got to the part where the incident has happened in the first section, a bit past there and I basically lost interest.

I agree Room by Emma Donahue was awful. Or the half of it I read.

I don't have enough time to read books I'm not enjoying all the way through.

Rumboogie Tue 11-Jun-19 22:43:43

Les Miserables. Needs a good edit.

HollowTalk Tue 11-Jun-19 22:43:57

Catcher in the Rye was perfect! That moment when he explains the title makes me cry every time.

bookbook Tue 11-Jun-19 22:44:10

Captain Corellis Mandolin. I tried 3 times to read it and gave up
Anything by Charles Dickens
Chocolat by Joanne Harris - left me gong 'huh' ? - and yet I loved Blackberry Wine

KennDodd Tue 11-Jun-19 22:44:41

Jane Eyre

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