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to get cross at the spoiler threads who say too much in the first line

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LowFatPumpkinJuice Mon 23-Jul-07 09:51:12

Right - you lot on spoiler thrads....please watch what you type in the first line.

I dont mind you having your threads I'm avoiding them, I love my new book and read 200 pages in the first 3 hours...I'll finish it tonight and then I might even join you.

But until then please start you post a copuple of lines down - as demonstrated here so that when scanning 'last 15 mnutes' and other searches I dont have to read plot lines I have'nt yet got to.

Thanks you

LowFatPumpkinJuice Mon 23-Jul-07 09:54:00


Ohh even if I press 'Enter' a couple of time the text still starts at the top...

Lets try some rowes with dots

LowFatPumpkinJuice Mon 23-Jul-07 09:54:28

Right that works, please observe!

Thank you!


FrannyandZooey Mon 23-Jul-07 09:54:42

I would just use active convos until you have finished it

you'll never get everyone to do this, you know

LowFatPumpkinJuice Mon 23-Jul-07 09:55:43

Well I thought they might respond to a polite request.....

I can live in hope.

BrothelPomonaSprout Mon 23-Jul-07 09:55:51

None of the 3547 similar threads succeeded either!

FrannyandZooey Mon 23-Jul-07 09:57:10

They won't all read it and they won't all understand what you mean and they won't be bothered to do it anyway

but it is pleasing to see your faith in human nature and so early on a Monday morning too

MrsWeasley Mon 23-Jul-07 09:57:43

if it was me I am so sorry have never used the "last 15 minutes" thing (in fact never even noticed it). Just clicked it and now I see what you mean. Sorry if it was me

LowFatPumpkinJuice Mon 23-Jul-07 09:59:02

Oh well.

I can MN wjhile DC's are awake but for HP I need quiet, even had DH turn the telly down last night so I could read, since he insisted I did'nt shut myself away in our bedroom.

So he ended up listening to CD's on the walkman and I read. And no telly

perhaps JK Rowling should keep writing about HP if for nothing else than to save the planet!

LowFatPumpkinJuice Mon 23-Jul-07 10:01:07

Not to wrory MrsW

I turn every page so slowly now, worried one of favorites is about to bite the dust....

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