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Nursery put Henna on my child.

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Pencilcase123 Tue 04-Jun-19 21:54:10

When my DH picked up our DD (4) from nursery one of the staff said she had drawn DDs initials in Henna on Dds hand because Dd insisted. DH did not complain.

I am baffled as to why the nursery would have Henna out in the first place. It is brown Henna and I don’t think it is particularly dangerous but I am quite miffed that nursery staff thought it was ok to give my 4 year old a temporary tattoo. Would you complain about this?

JemSynergy Tue 04-Jun-19 22:46:02

Hmm I think I would like to know about it before it was applied. My children have sensitive skin and have lots reactions, so I do need to know beforehand about things, so I know the ingredients etc. During a year 6 leavers party we had to sign a consent form before henna could be used.

Isatis Tue 04-Jun-19 22:46:20

more the possibility that OPs daughter could have had a severe allergic reaction

Extremely, extremely unlikely with brown henna

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Tue 04-Jun-19 22:47:07

I have pretty tough skin - but I had henna put on and the skin came up in blisters. I had a lovely angry red pattern on my skin for ages.

Outofinspiration Tue 04-Jun-19 22:48:56

Wow, I'm surprised they didn't do a consent form for this in this day and age!!!

LimeKiwi Tue 04-Jun-19 22:50:14

They should have asked first.
Suffer from eczema and sensitive skin in this household and DS could easily have reacted to anything like face paints or henna at that age.
Not OK. With permission, yes. Without permission, absolutely not.

Miljah Tue 04-Jun-19 22:50:15

None of you have teenagers, do you? 😂

Nesssie Tue 04-Jun-19 22:50:54

It’s more the semi-permanence of henna. Felt pen and glue washes now off, henna stays for at least a week. I wouldn’t be too happy about it.

Alsohuman Tue 04-Jun-19 22:51:25

Do unclench, I can’t believe people get worked up over such trivia.

Wildorchidz Tue 04-Jun-19 22:51:40

None of you have teenagers, do you? 😂

Yes I do actually.

TheRealShatParp Tue 04-Jun-19 22:52:23

I wouldn’t mind so can’t really relate to people getting so worked up about it to be honest. If this gets you riled up then you have a pretty stress free life.

GabsAlot Tue 04-Jun-19 22:52:27

Four year old insisted-what if she insisted to juggle with knives

RaptorWhiskers Tue 04-Jun-19 22:52:29

I’d be furious. People have been scarred for life by henna. And a 4yo shouldn’t be able to “insist” - the staff should be able to say no.

LimeKiwi Tue 04-Jun-19 22:53:21

None of you have teenagers, do you

I do, DS I mentioned in my previous post is a now teen lol.
If he decided to get henna or face paint or whatever now which I wouldn't have let do at that age because of sensitive skin, I'm of the opinion he;s big enough and daft enough to make his own decisions and I can't be following him around saying "no" all the time lol

BackforGood Tue 04-Jun-19 22:53:56

In this day and age I'm surprised they didn't get permission first, but I wouldn't be cross or upset about it. I would be rather pleased my dc got to enjoy celebrations from all sorts of cultures.

LimeKiwi Tue 04-Jun-19 22:54:37

Do unclench, I can’t believe people get worked up over such trivia

Presumably said by someone blessed with no skin problems

Thertruthisoutwhere Tue 04-Jun-19 22:54:54

I would complain, awful behaviour. You dont know if you react to new toxins and I wouldn't risk it on a small child (same reason i wouldn't get ears pierced). Asking = totally fine, not fine to just steam ahead. As a kid i had weird reactions to random things and it was awful so my mum didnt let me wear kids' perfume etc until i waa older amd my system waa more developed.

My nursery won't even let DS progress to the next stage of the dairy ladder without a lot of discussion and rightly so, allergies are dangerous!

WillLokireturn Tue 04-Jun-19 22:55:26

I would be concerned about this, having two DC with eczema & one with severe allergies. It really ought've required consent form, it's surprising they didn't seek that as even a school would need that.
I'd talk to the nursery manager. I wouldn't go in accusatory but I'd want to know what it was and to be reassured for future, as it sounds like one nursery worker has breached a policy there. If you know about it and consent - no problem, as it's nice to join in celebrations.

Alsohuman Tue 04-Jun-19 22:55:32

Said by someone with a sense of proportion.

ellendegeneres Tue 04-Jun-19 22:56:13

My eldest would have loved this- until the point it wouldn’t wash off so would have had meltdowns until it wore off. So I’d have said no to consenting for him, had I been asked.
Youngest, I’d have said crack on. Two very different kids. But at the same time, I’d have wanted my consent sought.

Of my two, eldest has eczema, youngest allergies. Eldests isn’t visible, nor youngests until he has what he can’t.

The ‘none of you have teenagers’ comment is stupid- it’s been done in nursery where the child can’t give informed consent for something like this knowing what an allergic reaction would feel like. That’s the whole point.

LimeKiwi Tue 04-Jun-19 22:56:41

Said by someone with a sense of proportion

More like not a clue about others circumstances and lives in their own little bubble to be so blase.

Dvg Tue 04-Jun-19 23:00:14

As someone allergic to a lot of them i would say yanbu, its really dangerous and people have really suffered from it.

That's why skin patch tests are done -_-

YourSarcasmIsDripping Tue 04-Jun-19 23:04:07

The things is it's irrelevant if you would be ok with it,you don't think it's a big deal or the kid had fun. OP is not happy with it,and it's not ok for the nursery to use a semi permanent substance, that couldn't be reasonably expected to be in a nursery without a consent form. Then OP could make an informed decision, for her pre schooler. But they didn't ask and that is what's wrong here. Good practice means they have to ask.

Uzicorn Tue 04-Jun-19 23:06:45

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

PonderingPanda Tue 04-Jun-19 23:08:29

It wouldn't bother me but my DC don't have allergies

Comefromaway Tue 04-Jun-19 23:10:22

I’d have gone loopy. Dd reacted very badly to several different brands of face paints and make up as a child to the extent that when she was in a dance show dressed up as a cat I had to specially source face paints for her that she didn’t react to after patch testing etc.

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