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Nursery put Henna on my child.

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Pencilcase123 Tue 04-Jun-19 21:54:10

When my DH picked up our DD (4) from nursery one of the staff said she had drawn DDs initials in Henna on Dds hand because Dd insisted. DH did not complain.

I am baffled as to why the nursery would have Henna out in the first place. It is brown Henna and I don’t think it is particularly dangerous but I am quite miffed that nursery staff thought it was ok to give my 4 year old a temporary tattoo. Would you complain about this?

Thedilemma111 Sat 08-Jun-19 18:39:16

Of course I’m taking about natural henna here ,

Thedilemma111 Sat 08-Jun-19 18:39:28


Anywherebuthere Thu 13-Jun-19 10:14:38

Also original henna is natural and perfectly safe.

But the type that comes in cones nowadays and gives a very dark colour in short space of time is full of unnatural chemicals and people can have reactions to it.

FrankSlater Mon 20-Jan-20 03:50:32

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LadyTiredWinterBottom2 Mon 20-Jan-20 03:58:55

If she didn't react it's not that big a deal. Clearly OP is irked so l would politely remind them to ask first.

I don't think this I'd a religious objection so there I'd no need to bring religion into it.

sashh Mon 20-Jan-20 04:28:52

Smear one of their kids with an ashen cross for Easter. See what they think of that.

not sure who the 'their kids' are in this instance, but I can guess. My dad had the ashes applied by a muslim child last year.

Quite a few muslims (including teachers) at the primary near the church he goes to.

Natural henna is unlikely to cause a reaction, not impossible but it isn't like nuts which a lot of people react to. If you have been on holiday to somewhere like Bali or Mauritius you have probably walked past a henna tree or ten.

Black 'henna' is another matter and I wouldn't go near the stuff.

But nursery should have got permission.

melj1213 Mon 20-Jan-20 04:48:49

Smear one of their kids with an ashen cross for Easter. See what they think of that.

Was it really worth resurrecting a 7 month old thread for such a xenophobic remark? (And who are "their kids" exactly @FrankSlater?)

FrankSlater Mon 20-Jan-20 06:38:45

@melj1213 By "their kids" I am referring to the children of the person who put the henna on the child for Eid (which I assume was the occasion given the date). Is recognising a religious holiday xenophobic? Or is sardonically suggesting a cross cultural reversal the "xenophobic remark"? I am genuinely at a loss. If putting henna on a child for Eid without the parents consent is ok. Why would putting ash on a child for easter be explicitly xenophobic?

Don't get me wrong. I am xenophobic. However, what I said was not. Rather it was simply to suggest a cross cultural parallel in order to highlight the possible double standard.

TheSerenDipitY Mon 20-Jan-20 09:00:38

mine is allergic to facepaints too, he was ok the first few time he had his face painted and then one day at playcenter they painted his face, he ran off to play then within minutes came back saying his face was burning, we washed it off and his face was very red in parts, only some of the colours reacted with his skin weirdly, but from then on they wouldnt use the face paints on any child without using a special barrier type cream first and explaining that there had been a reaction ( not sure if they changed the paints or not as it was just mine with the reaction)
i would have most likely told them off for it, as i dont know if he has a reaction to henna ( or anything in the henna paste) so they couldnt know if he did either

TheSerenDipitY Mon 20-Jan-20 09:01:32

fuck i hate zombies

ThePlantsitter Mon 20-Jan-20 09:03:53

I hate racist fuckers too.

Wereallsquare Mon 20-Jan-20 12:45:35

Tread cautiously in your complaints, should you decide to take that route. These people are looking after your child and you want them to have positive feelings about her parents. They have the power to take revenge on you through your child or through SS.

If you think I am exaggerating or hysterical, allow me to illustrate: A friend of mine was consistently unpleasant to nursery staff. Eventually they reported her to SS for child abuse because her child had an injury from an accident. The staff alleged all kinds of horrible things. A parent's worst nightmare.

My friend never did learn, and continues to male trouble for herself wherever she goes by being imperious and reckless.

Be very sweet and conciliatory in your request to not have your child marked, even at her own request. You can say she has very sensitive skin or something.

Sparklesocks Mon 20-Jan-20 13:03:27

This thread is 6 months old...I'm sure OP is over it now!!

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