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to expect

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QueenofBleach Sun 22-Jul-07 22:27:40

that the people who have booked two of my rooms for a week to phone and explain why they are not taking them. DH has laft a message to ask if they are ok and do we need to wait up for them and no reply

Howdydoody Sun 22-Jul-07 22:28:35

How rude of them

Whooosh Sun 22-Jul-07 22:28:49

How do you know they aren't? HAve they just not shown up>
YANBU if that is the case-reckon you need to ask for a deposit next time......

QueenofBleach Sun 22-Jul-07 22:29:13

thank you just losing the will at the moment

SaintGeorge Sun 22-Jul-07 22:29:14

Half of the country is at a stand still, maybe they are caught up in it.

QueenofBleach Sun 22-Jul-07 22:30:09

thay rae coming from france and have been booked in for 3 months

helenhismadwife Mon 23-Jul-07 11:56:07

sounds like a case of rudeness to me!!

YANBU they should have the manners to ring and explain

QueenofBleach Mon 23-Jul-07 12:06:58

They phoned and apologised, got dates mixed up, mind you I wouldn't want to go anywhere in this weather, I feel awful for everyone caught in the floods. OUr other couple who arrived yesterday got caught in Oxfordshire and were lucky to get accommodation and then get out, and as she said this morning, I don't care whther its raining at least we can get out and about down here.

helenhismadwife Mon 23-Jul-07 12:12:32

at least they phoned

it looks really bad in Gloucester as well, dh has just come home from Bristol

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