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to feel that this topic breeds a load of small-minded carping misery?

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Enid Sun 22-Jul-07 17:14:14

heifer Sun 22-Jul-07 17:14:53

is this something to do with sad fishing?

nomdeplume Sun 22-Jul-07 17:27:31

lol heifer

tigermoth Sun 22-Jul-07 17:28:54

I feel your pain Enid, but think AIBU is like the Chat topic - a corner of mumsnet that attracts utter trivia as well as the not so trivial. If you don't like AIBU, you'd have to be brutal about Chat as well IMO.

EscapeFrom Sun 22-Jul-07 17:30:10

yes that's what it's for - to try to minimise the carping small minded misery from other areas.

NeverTickleASleepingSoupDragon Sun 22-Jul-07 17:31:20

No, because the same things would have been posted about anyway,phrased slightly differently, in a different topic heading

NeverTickleASleepingSoupDragon Sun 22-Jul-07 17:31:56

When I say "no" I mean "yes, you are being unreasonable"...

wheresthehamster Sun 22-Jul-07 17:38:42

It's for a bunch of silly soles whose main porpoise in life is to skate over R-eel issues but need a brill plaice to carp about a load of pollacks.

AbRoller Sun 22-Jul-07 17:40:10


Very witty.

wheresthehamster Sun 22-Jul-07 17:41:07

Thank you.
It was 20 minutes late - thread had moved on

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