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To have this many gripes...?

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HannieP Sat 21-Jul-07 23:41:30

1) People who drive around Richmond (Upon Thames) are so snooty they think it's they're god given right to just drive at you and for you to give way no matter what. They never stop, they never say thankyou and they certainly never give way to you and if you've got a child on board then you're an even lower piece of scum and you're there to be shouted at for being in the way... unless of course you drive a Chelsea Tractor. Then you're in the club!

2) They should make a parent and child badge for people who are parents and have children that allows them to park in the parent and child spaces in supermarkets. People who are just blatantly lazy and park diagonally in these spaces should be have their cars clamped, fined, towed, impounded, crushed and handed back to them the size of a satsuma.

3) Clothes shops should have a minimum amount of space between their clothes stands to allow buggies to maneuver through. I don't even have a particularly large buggy so goodness knows what happens to people with more than one child. Are you supposed to just give up shopping???

4) Clothes shops should also have a changing room that is big enough to fit Mum and buggy in, so that the buggy doesn't have to stay outside or be tutted at.

5) The baby section - in particular the nappy section in supermarkets should never be allowed to run out of stock. Ever.

6) Nappy changing stations should have their own room and not be in the disabled toilets or in any toilet for that matter. Toilets are stinky places usually. Plus there's usually an able bodied person in there with no child avoiding the queues for the loo... while having parked diagonally in the parent and child space outside.

7) Breast/bottle feeding rooms should not be anywhere near a nappy changing station or the toilet either. To sit for half an hour or more smelling whiffy nappies aint great! For mother or baby.

8) Cyclists who run red lights at pedestrian crossings should expect to nearly get knocked off their bikes if they screech scarily around a mother with a baby in a buggy.

There. Am I being unreasonable? Retail therapy did not work for me today.

Humph with the world today!

Sidge Sat 21-Jul-07 23:45:33

LOL you having a bad day??!

And no YANBU.

UnquietDad Sat 21-Jul-07 23:46:46

But, y'know, should peer-ents give theer kids gripes in the supermarket, loike?

Malfoynomore Sat 21-Jul-07 23:47:23

aww sounds like you have had a bad must admit. I could not imgaine living in or around london with children, I would hate it....not my cup of tea and far to stressful....

cylonbabe Sat 21-Jul-07 23:53:48

hmm, i dont think you are being ureasonable

any shop that would not allow me to move round freely with my double buggy did not deserve my custom.
any shop that enforce mothers to breastfeed in toilets does not deserve my custom.
any shop with smelly toilets, which equals dirty toilets, does not deserve my custom.
any shop not happy to help me out with pushchair in changing room does not deserve my custom.
as a cyclist, i stay far far far away from pushchairs if ican. they are scarier than cars. completly unpredictable.
chelsea tractor type driving? well, i'm no pushover and will give as good as i get. fortunatly dont drive round chelsea however, and have always driven nicish cars, so my attitude coupled with my cars, havent had to worry too much about snooty people. i can outsnoot anyone.
nappies, that's what was invented for.

cylonbabe Sat 21-Jul-07 23:55:27

i spent a lot of time in m&s as they have space between clothes rails. helpful salespeople, and clean toilets.

Malfoynomore Sat 21-Jul-07 23:57:34

lol at the car we don't drive a posh car, we drive a family car, a fiat multipla and I don't think I look chavtastic or offensive in anyway, but for work I have to drive a really battered rover, destroyed by the Kids that are in care....or other battered cars depedning of the home...anyway, it is funny how different people react to your driving...I drive speedlimit anyway, if I do it with my familycar, fgenerally people are fine, if I do it in a battered car...I get swearing , fingers up and all sorts...what is that all about...

HannieP Sun 22-Jul-07 00:02:31

cylonbabe - all very true. I have come to the conclusion that they did not deserve my custom... but can take ages to do a delivery slot and when you're a stupid cotton wool brained flapping around new Mum who's suddenly realised she had one less bag of nappies than she thought she did, ages is too long... unless wrapping baby's bottom in a tea towel is a good solution!

Also, I'm a bit new to this posting malarky... what is YANBU? Clearly it's now someone's posting name like I thought.

Also again... giving kids grapes in the supermarket bad. I once saw a woman sneeze into her hand then handle some grapes and eat a few before choosing her bunch and walking off. I decided no grapes that day and always wash your veggies before you eat them! Eeeeeeeeugh.

UnquietDad Sun 22-Jul-07 00:03:38


grapes/gripes thing was my poor humouir.Sorry.

YANBU is You! Are! NOT! Being! Unreasonable!!

HannieP Sun 22-Jul-07 00:03:43

Oops. I mean clearly it's NOT someone's posting name like I thought. Typing in the dark. Sorry.

HannieP Sun 22-Jul-07 00:04:42

Heh heh. Yeah, I got it, but I just thought I'd share my icky grapes story.

mm22bys Sun 22-Jul-07 00:08:38

Wow, you have had a tough day! So to answer:

1) Live on the other side of London, so can say nothing about Richmond, but I do know that drivers of "posher" cars, like BMWs, Mercedes, etc, think they are better than every other driver on the road and it does p*ss me off too!
2) Don't know about this, in my local supermarket the M&T spaces are very inconvenient so it's easier to park in a normal spot and walk!
3) Don't know about this (don't do a lot of clothes shopping with children in tow) but it does anny me no end when clothes shops allow their clothes to be left on the floor under the racks! (if they don't care about their merchandise why should I?)
4) Agree, same with toilets too!
5) Agree
6) Do you only have one child? Every parents room should also have a toilet! How inconvenient to have to spend time in a change station, and THEN go somewhere else for my "business".
7) Disagree - the shops should keep their change rooms clean and non-smelly! How unhygienic otherwise!
8) Agree. Cyclists NEED to follow the same road rules as the rest of us!

All the best, and good night (morning),

cylonbabe Sun 22-Jul-07 00:09:38

hannie, i had nappies for four years straight. for two of those i had two kids in nappies. during that time i always ordered the largest boxes of them. big massive cardboard box sizes. whether i needed them or not, they were orderd everysingle shop.
when dd was six days old, and ds was 18 months old, i ordered huggies newborn, which they didnt deliver, and no substitution. i phone dthem up and had a right go at them. pointed out that with a six day old i could not physically get out of thehouse. so could they please send me anything, pampers, owen brand, organic, anything at all. a couple of hours later, a nice delivery man walked up the driveway carrying a pack of newborn nappies.
demand service, and you will get it. always be extremely polite, but no nonsense. and if standards arent being met, then complain. if people hadnt done so decades ago, we would still be forced to leave our babies outside shops.

mm22bys Sun 22-Jul-07 00:16:45

Good idea, I ordered I think size 4 one time, and only got size 3. As if a baby is going to shrink! (at least with the bigger ones he would have eventually grown into them!).

Put me off Tesco for a LONG time!

cylonbabe Sun 22-Jul-07 00:19:52

complain complain complain.
the wrong size nappies really really really gets me. would you allow a clothes shop to send you a 10 when you wanted a fourteen? complain to the supervisor incharge of the person picking the groceries. not just to the call centre.

HannieP Sun 22-Jul-07 00:20:24

Again, good answer and very true. I shall be stocking up on nappies big time in the future. A bumper box full. But, like I say, I got caught with my pants down... or rather with my baby's nappy down as I thought I had one bag of nappies left and didn't. It's all a learning process isn't it. Shopping is very very different with a little one in tow.

Clothes left on the floor make it even more impossible to maneuver around the already tight clothing aisles. But, agreed M&S are much more friendly and helpful, and the one round here actually has quite a nice baby room. I should go there more often.

cylonbabe Sun 22-Jul-07 00:26:07

hannie, do as much of your shopping online as you can. less hassle, and a lot of places do free returns. so you save on things like car parking as well.
mand s do free delviery over 30 pounds, but even with delivery, it is usually simpler to shop online as you only get what you need. iyswim.
plus, on mn, i have found out all about promotional codes etc. much cheaper.and more fun

HannieP Sun 22-Jul-07 00:34:43

Cool... Fanks for the advice... but... I may never leave the house again.

I will have to leave the house for fun reasons and on foot and only in the direction of the park and local duck pond.

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