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to want to go slap the local library bookings person [angry]

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NotQuiteCockney Sat 21-Jul-07 11:48:26

I organise local NCT classes. For some time, these have taken place at the local library, who haven't been charging us for the room.

I would send in my request for dates and times, they didn't always answer, but the room was always set up.

I recently sent in a request, and got sent an email saying 'please fill in this form'.

I mentioned that I'd not filled it in before, and got something about finance purposes.

I said we hadn't been paying, and how much was it now, and when had this changed, and was just told, 'the rate is £21.50 per hour'. This means the branch will lose money on the classes, to put it mildly.

I don't mind them charging. I would like something like advance notice. I have a class running next Saturday and the Friday after. Our old venue can't do Saturdays. I think I may end up hosting the bloody thing at my house at this rate.

The local library's website isn't working. They don't seem to be answering their phone. I have tried escalating the issue to the next person up, but of course have had no answer yet. I am just really fucked off. I don't even bloody well like organising antenatal classes, and there was meant to have been a professional taking this over by now. I am going on holiday in two weeks, and I wish this would all just go away.

CristinaTheAstonishing Sat 21-Jul-07 11:56:47

I'm surprised you weren't charged anything until now or, frankly, that it was allowed at all as I imagine some mums have young children too which could be disruptive for other library users. However, that's not the issue here, rather them starting to charge w/o more notice. TBH I'd just cancel the next two classes and concentrate on the holiday. (Heartless as this may sound.)

NotQuiteCockney Sat 21-Jul-07 11:58:01

Well, the classes are not for profit, and get people into the library. There were no kids in the classes, it was pregnant mums only.

I can't cancel the classes, that would be really unfair on the couples. I will probably end up hosting the first class and having the second in another venue. Unless I can maybe get a different venue ... I do know of a cheap one, but it's not that nice, tbh ...

goldenoldie Fri 27-Jul-07 17:22:37

hello NQC, irritating, all so last minute.

I agree with Cristina, if (a) it's not your job, and (b) you don't even like doing it, then don't.

yes, unfair on couples and you can tell them who they should complain to at the library.

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