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I was on a train that hit somebody today (Distressing content)

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mindgoinground12 Sun 26-May-19 00:59:59

Im normaly posting here about one of my 5 DS's and i didnt know were to put this particular topic.
Before i start i just want to say, i dont want to make this about me, all of my thoughts have been going to the family, driver and services who dealt with the aftermath.
I had been on a day out seeing friends, rural village. Got on a busy train heading home. Suddenly heard the horn, then a horrible sound which i can only describe as branches hitting a bus window and a bump. The train came to a halt, i thought we'd hit an animal. They came on the intercom to say incedent this soon turned into a person on the line, then fatality. The police arrived quickly, we on the train tried our best to distract kids who were getting restless and try to stop them looking at the police/clean up who were going beside the train. (couldnt see anything apart from the police) after a few hours we moved. But i cant keep going over things, my eldest has server mental health problems and i dont know if thats making me think diffrently. But i kept thinking how easily accsed the track was, how that bump, was a life gone. The driver, the emergency services who dealt with the aftermath. The family who will be reciving the worst news today. I dont feel i can be upset as it wasnt me who was involved, but i can t help thinking about what happened. Its cropped up on news and all they taled about was the delays, non of us on the train thought about that. I dont know what i want to get from this post, maybe to just right it down.

freshstartnewme Sun 26-May-19 01:04:03

It is ok for this to be about you. My dad was on a train when this happened once and he was really affected by it. Please don't play down how you feel because there are others who saw and have to deal with worse. It's still ok to need some time and help to process things.

GetUpAgain Sun 26-May-19 01:04:45

What an awful thing. I am so sorry. Absolutely you can feel upset about it. You poor thing.

sandgrown Sun 26-May-19 01:06:24

It's a horrible thought that some person thought it was their only way out. Horrible for the driver and emergency services too and of course the family of the deceased person.

bananasandwicheseveryday Sun 26-May-19 01:08:38

What a terrible experience. As you say, nothing to compare with what the driver, the emergency services and the poor victim's family will be feeling eight now, but still, an awful thing for those in the train. In some ways, your imagination is probably working overtime and that would be difficult for you as well.
I'm sorry, I don't know what else to say to you. Be kind to yourself. flowers

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Sun 26-May-19 01:14:16

A similar thing happened near my parents home years ago. I could see policemen wandering along the line near our house as I walked home so I asked them if they were ok and could I help, the house was nearby etc. Could see a blanket on the side of the track. They said no and told me to go. Obviously learned later that some poor lad had jumped off the bridge and the train had carried him down and dropped him near our house. He must have been under the blanket. Felt so sick when I realised. His poor family. And the poor train driver too. Obviously nothing to do with me and nothing I could have done but felt so sad for him. It’s very shocking to be so close to such tragedy. Give yourself time, you’ve had a nasty shock.

Pieceofpurplesky Sun 26-May-19 01:24:13

What a terrible thing to go through thanksYes it is about the family, driver and services but it is also about you. Take time to process and talk to someone if you need to

OwlBeThere Sun 26-May-19 01:26:27

you are allowed to be upset, not just for the people more directly involved but also for yourself. its a trauma and you're allowed to need time to deal with it mentally.
give yourself a break and allow yourself to have your feelings without guilt x

SquishyFishy Sun 26-May-19 01:30:25

I feel nothing but sadness for the poor driver of the train. Obviously, whoever was feeling so terrible about their life needs a huge amount of sympathy, but that poor train driver has to relieve that moment for the rest of their lives.

UndertheCedartree Sun 26-May-19 01:30:38

This happened on a train that myself and my son were travelling on. I was really upset about it and felt so much for the person/family/driver. It really upset my little boy and was so hard because they kept announcing '....due to the fatality' all the time. There were also people on the train complaining about what had happened and being pretty abusive about the dead person - swearing and calling them 'selfish'. This made us both really uncomfortable too. It's normal to have some affect from a shock like that sad

BoomBoomsCousin Sun 26-May-19 01:34:09

As other's have said - it's OK to need support yourself after experiencing this. Obviously there are others even closer to the incident/deceased than you who may need more, but that doesn't negate the fact this has been difficult for you.

It's natural to be upset by it. Your experience with your sister may make you more sensitive or feel the loss as more close to home than otherwise, but even without that experience, lots of people would feel the same way you so.

The Samaritans recognise that passengers can be affected by suicides on the line and extend support to them when they're asked by rail operators to provide post-incident support. If you feel that you need additional support (and you posting here indicates that you probably could use some), perhaps you could contact the train company and ask them if there is any post-incident support available for passengers? Alternatively, you may find some resources at Support after Suicide.

PentreBachCymraeg Sun 26-May-19 01:40:52

Allow your thoughts to process.This must have been distressing to all who were there,that includes you too. X

Sparklesocks Sun 26-May-19 01:48:43

This is an awful thing to experience - you can certainly be distressed and upset to have gone through it, it doesn’t take away from the feelings of the victim’s loved ones flowers

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sun 26-May-19 01:51:53

Oh no. You must be knocked absolutely sick. What you're feeling is perfectly normal. It'd be odd if you weren't disturb by such a traumatic and tragic event.

@cedartree. What cunts they are and have the audicity to call the person selfish.

Breastfeedingworries Sun 26-May-19 01:58:26

It happened often when I used to catch train to visit my first bf. I had to change 3 times and one day it happened on every change so instead of 4 hours it took me close to 7 to get there. I was changing at Birmingham, Bristol temple meads and then oxford or cheltenham to gets to Chippenham. It became so normal and I mostly didn’t dwell on it. Sounds horrible but the choice to end a life sit differently with me. I’d just think what a waste and awful for their families, but it happened so often I’d be fed up of the increased time. Feel bad now thinking about it, I was young and in love just wanted to get to the man I loved. One day I said Ioudly I wish people would stop killing themselves on my route, and selfishly holding everyone up to end their lives, and upset and traumatise staff who have to clean it up.

DaftHannah Sun 26-May-19 02:00:26

Awful for you OP and also very much for the family of the person involved and the train driver, passengers and other railway staff, police and emergency services involved.

We live near the North East railway. A few years ago my DD who was around 18 at the time was due to meet her friend at the station to go to college. Her friend had arrived at the station early and was waiting on the platform, DD was about to set off when friend texted to say she had just seen a man go onto the railway track to stand in front of a high speed train passing through the station. It didn't end well and her friend was an eye witness, she saw the whole thing at close hand, so lots of Police interviews followed.

I felt so sorry for everyone involved, but was so pleased that my DD did not have to witness what happened. If she had been earlier she would have seen everything at close quarters. Her friend coped with the aftermath of the experience extremely well, but not easy for any person to see this.

Purpleartichoke Sun 26-May-19 03:22:35

When I was a child, I was in a large vehicle that struck someone. It stays with you, forever. I still know several of the kids who were present and we all still think about the person who died from time to time. Normally on the anniversary.

Notquiteagandt Sun 26-May-19 03:26:43

I have been on a train that hit someone. I had had such a bad weekend. And it was just the final straw. I just burst out crying. As I didnt know how to react. Its a horrible feeling. Be easy on yourself. Shock can do strange things flowers

EmeraldShamrock Sun 26-May-19 03:36:53

How awful. I know you don't want to make this about you.
You witnessed the end of someone's life the devastation, the emergency services, it really hits home about MH issues.
My DD has HFA with other issues although she is only 10, I know her MH is fragile, when I hear of a young girl committing suicide it hurts me terrifies me. flowers

cantfindname Sun 26-May-19 05:00:45

My Great Grandad was a train driver back in the days of steam. A young girl fell down a steep embankment and under the wheels of his train. He never recovered from the shock and, sadly, committed suicide a couple of years later. I really feel for the drivers and crew involved in these sad incidents.

whoisthisisthis Sun 26-May-19 05:15:19

I'm glad this thread hasn't descended into nastiness the way the last thread about train deaths did. Thank you all for being compassionate and kind.

My father was killed by a train when I was a child. I think about what it would have been like for the train driver. I wish I knew who he was so I could speak to him and know that it didn't destroy his life. It was accidental and not a suicide, but sometimes train deaths are difficult to figure out and people assume it was suicide and get very angry about the 'selfishness' of it.
I really feel for the people who are so low that dying by train seems like their only choice. It must be horrific to feel like that.

YouJustDoYou Sun 26-May-19 05:17:53

Someone I used to work with was part of the clean up for these specific incidents. It was always pretty horrific, for everyone involved.

ValleyoftheHorses Sun 26-May-19 05:19:22

I was on a train where this happened once too.
The driver was so upset they couldn’t carry on, they had to get someone else to take us to the next station. It must be awful for train drivers to have this happen.

Jenasaurus Sun 26-May-19 06:02:36

I used to work in an office that directly overlooked Three Bridges Station. This was a regular occurrence there, sadly.

I am so sorry you went through this. I would definitely be upset in your shoes. The impact of this is far reaching and it would affect more than its those directly involved so be kind to yourself Op xx

Elderflower14 Sun 26-May-19 06:05:30

A man from near here drove his car onto tracks last year died when the train hit his car. He did it once and drove off. Then went to a different crossing. It took a like for the train to stop. He had schizophrenia... 😔 😔 😔

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