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To hate the Clangers, In the Night Garden and Bing with a passion?

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Justanyrh1 Thu 23-May-19 18:33:03

The Clangers: they look like knitted penises and sound creepy as fuck.

In the Night Garden: headache-inducing relentless gibberish (is there scientific evidence that this kind of thing is good for young brains or are they just aiming to torture us?!)

Bing: I keep expecting Flop to suddenly snap and murder the whiny little shit.

Hey Duggee and Sarah & Duck, however, are brilliant. Why can’t we have more like this??

ememem84 Sat 25-May-19 20:45:41

Bing can fuck right off my tv. As can the night garden. And moon and me.

We are currently into fireman Sam (channel 5 new version), postman pat (special delivery service) and Andys dinosaur adventures.

All annoying in their own way but not half as much as bing.

GentleBen Sat 25-May-19 20:35:25

Why must Pando strip to his pants in the opening credits of Bing? Inexplicable.

BiBiBirdie Sat 25-May-19 20:20:21

Yep we hated In the Night Garden so much we used to call it In the Shite Garden.
Mine are 12 as 10 now but the worst by far back then was Third and Bird. God that was awful

Mimbizz Sat 25-May-19 20:13:29

Haha I second that....50 shades of tumble??

Justanyrh1 Sat 25-May-19 19:16:44

What is 50 Shades of Tumble?!

itscallednickingbentcoppers Fri 24-May-19 23:41:44

@Mimbizz no one dares mention Justin Fletcher in case that 50 Shades of Tumble thread appears again wink

Alicesweewonders Fri 24-May-19 23:15:55

And I hate, hate Nanny Plum. She's moans more than the kids.

Alicesweewonders Fri 24-May-19 23:14:56

I love Moon & Me and the Twirlywoos, there a bit creepyish like the kids shows from the 80's

Can't stand Waffle the dog & his 'voice'.

ReaderofMinds Fri 24-May-19 22:46:10

The little kid in My Petsaurus is Welsh, and the narrator (Ruth Jones).

WeBuiltThisBuffetOnSausageRoll Fri 24-May-19 13:40:46

Thanks for that, info, Sashkin - very interesting.

Nanny0gg Fri 24-May-19 13:30:51

Ben and Holly is also fab, purely because of Nanny Plum (nowhere near as irritating as Miss Rabbit)

Nanny0gg Fri 24-May-19 13:28:18

Also, from the already small budget, I'm guessing that quite a tidy amount of it had already been spent on 'herbs'.

grin grin grin

I love Duggee! I love the fact that when he teaches the Squirrels science stuff it's accurate and factual.

Unlike stupid Peppa Pig. Can't remember the episode but it was just plain wrong.

Mimbizz Fri 24-May-19 13:12:36

Nobody seems to have mentioned giggle bizz 🤮

Nofilter101 Fri 24-May-19 08:57:02

Waffle dog is the worst.
Closely followed by
Moon and me
Peppa pig

Sashkin Fri 24-May-19 03:30:21

Webuilt weirdly Sodor is based on the Tallyllyn railway:

which is also Ivor the Engine's branch line (Llantisili and Merioneth Rail Traction company, near Tywyn beach, all fits). So they are literally alternate visions of the same railway.

SparklesandFlowers Fri 24-May-19 01:58:53

I find Bing's expressions, especially when his ears droop, so annoying.

I can't believe no-one has mentioned Tee and Mo. That's my DS's favourite.

agirlhasnonameX Fri 24-May-19 01:02:05

I can't stand Peppa pig and irrationally hate Daddy Pig with a passion.

Used to love Charlie and Lola but doesn't seem to be popular anymore and don't mind Ben and Holly either.

Goldenbear Fri 24-May-19 00:47:53

ITNG is Iggle Piggle's dream hence the illogical sizing.

SarahAndQuack Fri 24-May-19 00:32:23

I love Sarah and Duck so much. Perfect in every way.

Bing is an annoying little sod and Mark Rylance is clearly on the most enormous quantities of valium. I eagerly await the day he goes all Thomas Cromwell and has Bing brutally murdered in a Harrowing of the North.

WeBuiltThisBuffetOnSausageRoll Fri 24-May-19 00:18:40

The “Scottish hour” has got me thinking - does CBeebies have any Welsh shows?

None that I can think of. Melody is played by a girl from Cardiff or thereabouts (called Angharad, so no ambiguity there!), but the programme is made in Watford.

It's a backward step from the good old days of Super Ted, Fireman Sam and Ivor the Engine!

Grasping at straws here, but isn't Sodor in Thomas (not on the BBC, granted) supposed to be located in Gwynedd (or possibly Anglesey)?

Dollylolly123 Thu 23-May-19 23:18:25

I just love Mr onion, I find myself saying ‘onions’ to myself in that funny voice throughout the day. Bing is a brat though.

OwlinaTree Thu 23-May-19 23:09:57

I don't mind Bing, I find Flop's voice very soothing. We all love duggee in our house. I quite generally hate shouty cartoons and adverts so the longer the kids are happy with beebies the better for me.

floraloctopus Thu 23-May-19 23:00:44

The original Clangers were great, not seen the new version.

PaulHollywoodsSexGut Thu 23-May-19 22:59:38

if Flop can cope with that whiny little shit with such infinite kindness and patience, we can definitely cope with our toddlers

It takes a lot to make me feel mum guilt but Flop manages on a frequent basis.

There are many times I’ve found myself on the 0833 to Vauxhall after a shit morning of bellowing at the children to hurry up thinking

“How can I be more like Flop?”

fblake Thu 23-May-19 21:43:52

@m4rdybum she! Colly Wobble is a she! I know far too much about Moon and Me blush

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