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To be slightly concerned for DH's health as our dog keeps sniffing him?

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thethirdmrsdewinter Thu 23-May-19 16:44:09

DH is outwardly healthy. Late-forties, fit and strong, no known current health issues. No recent changes, except that for the last month or so, our dog keeps sniffing/pawing one specific area of his abdomen.

DH first pointed this out to me - I think he thinks it's odd but unconcerning. A few times each day (and that's just when I'm there) she stands up against him and really sniffs this spot, a few inches to the left of his navel, occasionally gently pawing at it. There is nothing to be seen on the skin.

Last night when he took a shower I watched dog retrieve the t-shirt he'd just taken off, put it on the floor and sniff/paw the part of it that'd been on the bit of skin she sniffs. It made me feel uneasy, to be honest - she's never even taken a smelly gym sock from the laundry basket before now, and it seems strange to me that she's taking an interest in such a seemingly boring patch of skin.

So, am I being really stupid giving this any headspace whatsoever? Genuine question, and would actually be quite happy to be told yes, as I can worry a bit obsessively sometimes.

lipslovelylips Thu 23-May-19 16:45:16

I would go to the doctor to put my mind at rest.

doggydoodoo1 Thu 23-May-19 16:46:01

Please tell your husband to see his GP. Dogs have a fantastic sense of smell.

Otisandolive Thu 23-May-19 16:47:21

Omg that is bizarre. Please tell him to see GP and report back!

Myusernameismud Thu 23-May-19 16:48:35

This would worry me too, but then I know that I can smell when DH or kiddos are coming down with something (ie an everyday illness) and people tell me I'm crackers. It's not unpleasant or anything like that, just very different.

All over 40s are entitled to an NHS health MOT type thing, so I'd book in for that. It sounds a bit less delusional than 'I'm here because my dog keeps sniffing me'.

Prtf1345 Thu 23-May-19 16:49:09

Definitely see a doctor / have a scan or something. Hopefully it’s nothing but better to be safe

WiddlinDiddlin Thu 23-May-19 16:49:22

Yep, I would speak to a Dr about that.

As a dog professional, I've come across many cases like this and always recommend the person sees a medical bod, every single time there has been 'something' going on.

Qweenbee Thu 23-May-19 16:49:34

What can you lose by checking it out? What can you lose by ignoring it?

No brainer.

Dogparty Thu 23-May-19 16:50:44

There’s nothing to lose by checking it out!

thethirdmrsdewinter Thu 23-May-19 16:51:32

Fuck, it is weird, isn't it? I don't know how willing DH will be to see GP as he feels fine and would probably be a bit embarrassed to say it was at the dog's request... but I'm not going to be able to stop thinking about it now.

I was hoping you'd tell me I'm being ridiculous.

chemenger Thu 23-May-19 16:52:01

I had a patch of eczema-type dry/weepy skin on my leg which every dog I met would sniff, through jeans or whatever I was wearing, they can detect things that are different. Since the patch of dodgy skin has cleared up they've gone back to sniffing my crotch like a normal person.

SignOnTheWindow Thu 23-May-19 16:52:05

What does your husband do as a job?

Could he be leaning against something e.g. in the work kitchen that has had food prepared on it?

I could never work out why I kept getting a mark on the hem of my top until I realised that I'd lean with one hip against the worktop when waiting for the kettle to boil. Worktop was grubby from coffee being spilt and not wiped up very thoroughly.

chemenger Thu 23-May-19 16:52:33

And my cats were always the first to know I was pregnant.

user87382294757 Thu 23-May-19 16:52:44

Does he have any pain / symptoms in the area?

Annabk Thu 23-May-19 16:54:57

He needs to see the GP. It would not be classed as time wasting, if that’s what he’s worried about.

homemadecookie Thu 23-May-19 16:56:08

How old is your husband? Practice nurses will be able to do an MOT with routine bloods, BP etc. So no need to actually see a GP. Get him to book a well man check.

recrudescence Thu 23-May-19 16:58:04

Since the patch of dodgy skin has cleared up they've gone back to sniffing my crotch like a normal person.

Do you mean like a normal dog? grin

homemadecookie Thu 23-May-19 16:58:35

Oops sorry, just noticed you said late 40's. I'd still recommend MOT with nurse then he can book GP a week later to discuss results and any concerns. Any significant family history?

Slicedpineapple Thu 23-May-19 17:00:06

Dogs have incredible senses of smell, I would go to the GP just in case. I have heard of dogs doing things like this, and my dog knew I was pregnant before I did.

MitziK Thu 23-May-19 17:02:10

My GP, when I'd found a lump, actually asked because he could see the liberal coating of cat fluff on my jacket whether the cat had been particularly interested in that side.

It's fine to go in and say 'I know this sounds ridiculous, but the dog won't leave this part of me alone'.

SerenDippitty Thu 23-May-19 17:02:12

I would definitely get it checked out.

DHhasahobbyanditsnotcycling Thu 23-May-19 17:02:18

It really won't hurt to go to see a doctor, I would.

Tighnabruaich Thu 23-May-19 17:03:17

Don't Google it if you don't want to worry yourself, but there are plenty of news items about dogs sniffing and sniffing and then the owner finding something wrong.

MollyHuaCha Thu 23-May-19 17:04:54


chemenger Thu 23-May-19 17:08:54

recrudescence I did realise there was a double meaning, I meant, they sniff me like they sniff a normal person with no dodgy skin. I am not normally sniffed by people, normal or not grin. I think the dogs sniffing my yucky leg were pretty normal.

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