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What can I eat that takes virtually no prep but is delicious?

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SleepingIsOverrated Mon 20-May-19 20:38:33

I have a DP free evening and the different routine means I've forgotten to feed myself... despite being the person who usually thinks about food constantly.

I need something now, but don't want to spend more than 5 mins preparing it and i want it to be utterly delicious. AIBU to think that this isn't possible? Help me, wise MNetters grin

SongToTheSiren1 Mon 20-May-19 20:39:45

Chocolate. No preparation!

Sumsuch Mon 20-May-19 20:39:51

Apple and cheese

Sirzy Mon 20-May-19 20:40:21

Jacket potato?

DerrenBrownings Mon 20-May-19 20:40:22

Pick up the phone. Order Chinese.

lostfrequencies Mon 20-May-19 20:40:32

Ooh yum yes second apple and cheese.

CatSmize Mon 20-May-19 20:40:38

I'd do something on toast. Maybe avocado, feta, tomato and turkey...

LeukaeLucky Mon 20-May-19 20:40:53

A nice omelette
Tomatoes and mozzarella
Greek salad?

Singlenotsingle Mon 20-May-19 20:41:05

Mashed avocado on toast

redbedheadd Mon 20-May-19 20:41:06

Baked Camembert with nice bread ?

pilates Mon 20-May-19 20:41:09

Scrambled egg on toast with bacon

Watchingthetelly Mon 20-May-19 20:41:09

Pasta with butter, grated cheddar and parmesan, oregano and black pepper? It was a store cupboard favourite in my youth when dying of a hangover. Alternatively, treat yourself to a good takeaway!

buckeejit Mon 20-May-19 20:41:19

Boiled egg & toast-nice salt & butter. Mmmmmm

LtGreggs Mon 20-May-19 20:41:39

Cereal with ice cold milk

Sexnotgender Mon 20-May-19 20:42:10

Halloumi, avocado and bacon wrap.

With wine.

Sarahlou63 Mon 20-May-19 20:42:20

Pancake stuffed with cheese, ham and spinach. Yum.

mabelmylove Mon 20-May-19 20:42:40


FurryTurnipHead Mon 20-May-19 20:42:56

Beans on toast with loads of butter and grated cheese. Best meal ever.

Strawberrypancakes Mon 20-May-19 20:43:26


Ilikeyourbeard Mon 20-May-19 20:43:30

I just had a quick 5 minuter too! Apple and cheese, Asda protein pot herb chicken and Mexican slaw. Fucking delightful

SleepingIsOverrated Mon 20-May-19 20:43:49

Camembert is an all time fave but I don't have one.... currently a toss up between Apple and cheese and calling the Chinese (and pretending it wasn't me that called them with a particularly similar order 2 days ago...)

SinglePringle Mon 20-May-19 20:43:55

Ham, cheese, spinach and chive omelette. Would take around 10 mins from start to finish. Big dollop of mustard.

Houseonahill Mon 20-May-19 20:44:04


DarthLipgloss Mon 20-May-19 20:44:18

Cheese on toast, wine

SleepingIsOverrated Mon 20-May-19 20:44:34

@Strawberrypancakes I already have the wine, I think this is why I'm so desperate to eat but so reluctant to cook hmm

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