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To fancy a teacher at my sons school?

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askingforamate Sun 19-May-19 18:45:38

Any teachers out there? What's the deal?

Said teacher is single, I feel like it's a mutual thing, I really don't know.

Is there a policy on teacher/parent dating?

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 19-May-19 18:52:10

Don't shit where you eat. Or in this case where your child eats.

askingforamate Sun 19-May-19 18:53:12

Really? Just no?

LemonRedwood Sun 19-May-19 18:54:48

When I was single I would never have considered a parent at the school I taught at to be potential dating material. Just blurs too many lines.

PhilanthropistBycyclist Sun 19-May-19 18:55:13

Christ, I'd've been mortified if my mum or dad had done this. 😱

sirmione16 Sun 19-May-19 18:56:17

My school was rife with teachers with teachers, sometimes affairs, sometimes parents/teachers. Plus students go to schools where their parents teach etc so honestly I wouldn't see it as a big deal if a parent dated a teacher, personally.

SushiGo Sun 19-May-19 18:56:39

I'm in the just no camp.

askingforamate Sun 19-May-19 18:59:56

Hmmm. Guess it's a bad idea. I'm just really attracted to him. I'm not the type of person that would gob off about it. I've got a good job I'm respectful, I'm quite a private person actually. There's just something about him.

He seems so lovely. I've been separated from my child's dad a year and haven't really been attracted to anyone else.

But yeah... guess ill just have make myself not fancy him somehow!

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 19-May-19 19:00:52

You can fancy him. You just can't do anything about it. grin

askingforamate Sun 19-May-19 19:02:01

@MrsTerryPratchett - that's torture though! 😩

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 19-May-19 19:06:43

No it's nice to have someone idly think about while recognizing it's impractical.

He's your safe crush. The one that gets you ready for an actual relationship when you meet someone suitable. Sometimes we do this to 'practice' feeling attracted before we are ready.

Just don't get it confused.

askingforamate Sun 19-May-19 19:11:03

@MrsTerryPratchett - ooh do you think that could be it? maybe I'm getting to the point where I am ready to get back out there and maybe and like you say, he's a safe bet. He's just so lovely and handsome though. I fancied him for ages. I respect his job though and would never want to make the situation awkward.

Pieceofpurplesky Sun 19-May-19 19:12:12

How much time do you spend with him if you think the feeling is mutual?
It's a no.

crimsonlake Sun 19-May-19 19:13:11

Just no.

askingforamate Sun 19-May-19 19:15:24

@Pieceofpurplesky - oh my god you're going to think I'm a freak. He's there were my son is let out of class at home time. Just get a few looks, smiles. You know? I feel like I sound like a freak now! That's what I mean, I don't actually know! Maybe I've just got carried away with the fantasy of it all. I've not said anything to my divinity is in tact. That's why I'm asking for advice here.

Icandothisallday Sun 19-May-19 19:15:41

I just couldnt do it.

Ds would be horrified and that is enough for me. School is hard enough as it is.

askingforamate Sun 19-May-19 19:15:59

But yes I take it all on board. It's a no! Maybe I needed to hear it.

Icandothisallday Sun 19-May-19 19:16:22

Yeah you are building this up in your head.

A few smiles a drop off time?

Kezzamo Sun 19-May-19 19:16:54

One of my friends married his kids headteacher! They met because his kids went to the school. Life is too short!

LeekMunchingSheepShagger Sun 19-May-19 19:17:19

Does he actually teach your child?

askingforamate Sun 19-May-19 19:17:53

@Icandothisallday - I know it sounds mad. Maybe I have built it all up in my head. Got carried away with the idea of it. Well there's nothing like Mumsnet for a cold dose of reality!

VirginiaWolfHall Sun 19-May-19 19:18:07

I know a parent who is getting married to one of her son’s teachers later this year... it happens!

askingforamate Sun 19-May-19 19:18:18

Doesn't teach my child.

askingforamate Sun 19-May-19 19:19:16

Oh @Kezzamo I love this! And the headteacher as well. That what I think. Life is short! Why not!

Postmissposte Sun 19-May-19 19:19:30

My friend met his wife this way, he taught her child and she asked him out one parents' evening.

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