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To remind you about NI

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NowforNI Thu 16-May-19 18:36:29

There’s been a lot of discussion (and condemnation) on these threads about abortion laws in Alabama.

We still don’t have safe, legal abortion in all of the UK. 28 women a week have to travel from Northern Ireland to the mainland because they do not have access to the same medical services as women in the rest of the UK, despite paying for the NHS through taxation.

Women’s reproductive rights and autonomy over their own bodies are worth fighting for - please consider emailing your MP to keep this on the agenda.

Thank you!

PS I’m not formally linked to the Now for NI campaign, I just think it’s bloody important

Irulez Sun 19-May-19 22:45:36

I think the politics of NI is peculiar and there's nothing anyone can do.

FinallyHere Mon 20-May-19 09:10:18

One thing anyone can do, is to support this charity, who provide very practical help

FinallyHere Mon 20-May-19 09:13:46


* And this woman is still in politics? *

No only still in politics, in a confidence and supply agreement which props up the current government in Westminster, so could be described as holding the balance of power in the UK.

It's not only in NI that politics is peculiar

Irulez Mon 20-May-19 10:48:36

And she's the reason (or part of it) that they can't get the Brexit withdrawal agreement through too if I'm not mistaken?

It all beggars belief really!

It must have been a little tough for the women of NI watching their friends across the border finally be allowed the freedom to choose in the Republic. Can they travel across the border into Ireland to have it? I know legislation is only a few months in place in Ireland, so still in its teething stages there, but would it work out cheaper for NI women if there is an agreement in place or the option for them? I have no idea whether that's even possible yet.

FinallyHere Mon 20-May-19 11:46:19

Sorry to high jack the thread,

I feel it is at least tangentially relevant to 'let's not forget NI'

@Irulez There is lots to read on the site if you would like to inform yourself of how these things work in practice.

Irulez Mon 20-May-19 12:53:18

Thanks @FinallyHere

Website doesn't seem up to date from a cursory glance as they mention still giving assistance to people in Ireland.

From reading how to access abortion in Ireland, I think you need to be resident there from what I could gather as it's at GP up to 9 weeks and at a clinic from 9-12 weeks. Outside of 12 weeks in the cases of foetal abnormalities and some other cases, again I presume it's through a clinic. So I doubt NI residents could access abortion in Ireland (yet anyway - we're barely there ourselves!).

FinallyHere Mon 20-May-19 12:55:31

Which is why help is still extended to women living in Ireland ...

Irulez Mon 20-May-19 14:01:17

Well if Irish women wish to access outside the Irish parameters, maybe they still go to England, but I do agree with the parameters set.

I actually had to debate this with my sister at the time as she was going to vote No (she had a vote, I don't), as she didn't agree with abortion up to 12 weeks. I explained to her you could be two missed periods if you're irregular (I am) before you copped. For e.g. I had no period for 2 years so thought I was infertile.

So you could be maybe 8 weeks before you knew or did a pregnancy test. Then it might take you a week to make a decision, maybe another week to make an appointment, then a 3 day period before it could be actioned, so you could well be 10-11 weeks before you could even access it. She wanted it to be limited to before 8 weeks or something. She eventually voted Yes, but it took a lot of explaining the practicalities, the timelines, the emotions involved etc., before she agreed to vote Yes. As far as I know, she's never had a crisis pregnancy. I have though. What did my mother advise? Take a hot bath and you'll miscarry. What did my mother vote? No. Lol.

Irulez Mon 20-May-19 14:10:22

You need to bear in mind that Irish people have been exposed to extreme Pro-life graphic propaganda for decades. I remember I was about 12, and my mother gave me an article (printed) called The Silent Scream. That article haunts me to this day. Thank God I've never had to have an abortion, as in the end, I had my baby, but you need to be removed from a society with all that shame and guilt and 'murder' sentiment that is out there. I feel calmer somehow now that it's allowed in Ireland. It feels that it's not such a bad sin. I actually went off sex for years out of fear of pregnancy, as I felt abortion wouldn't be an option for me. Now I feel relieved somehow, that it is actually an option. I can't take oral contraceptives due to history of PE.

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