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To remind you about NI

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NowforNI Thu 16-May-19 18:36:29

There’s been a lot of discussion (and condemnation) on these threads about abortion laws in Alabama.

We still don’t have safe, legal abortion in all of the UK. 28 women a week have to travel from Northern Ireland to the mainland because they do not have access to the same medical services as women in the rest of the UK, despite paying for the NHS through taxation.

Women’s reproductive rights and autonomy over their own bodies are worth fighting for - please consider emailing your MP to keep this on the agenda.

Thank you!

PS I’m not formally linked to the Now for NI campaign, I just think it’s bloody important

NowforNI Thu 16-May-19 19:34:26

@happyhillock it grates on me that they don’t have access to care without travelling.

And by “grates on me” I mean really fucks me off.

asdou Thu 16-May-19 19:35:13

What can anyone do when people keep voting the DUP into power who are vehemently opposed to abortion.

Alsohuman Thu 16-May-19 19:36:19

Totally agree that women accessing services in England and Scotland is the right thing and don’t understand why that would bother anyone. They really shouldn’t have to, though.

MaximusHeadroom Thu 16-May-19 19:37:02

Well said.

It really is disgusting that women in the UK do not have the same level of human rights.

I remember someone mentioning this after the referendum in Ireland, saying that abortion is banned in parts of the UK and everyone was scratching their heads trying to work out where it could be. Nobody realised it was NI.

The attitude towards the GFA in relation to Brexit shows that most British people don't even think about NI.

We have so much more freedom than millions of women across the world when it comes to reproductive rights in Britain.

British women are able to speak out for the women in NI and we should.

asdou Thu 16-May-19 19:40:16

Sinn Fein which is quite republican, campaigned in Ireland for both LGBT rights and for abortion rights. The DUP as far as I know stands for the Democratic Unionist Party? I think? So they're Unionists, hence more British than Irish. You guys really need to vote for who might bring in policies you agree with. If you keep voting the DUP in, knowing how opposed they are to abortion, what can anyone do?

hopeishere Thu 16-May-19 19:41:34

This is interesting research

I'm always surprised by the answer about a woman having a termination because she doesn't want to be pregnant. 43% disagree it should be legal that's a pretty high amount.

NowforNI Thu 16-May-19 19:43:38

@asdou *what can anyone do?* Great question! Things you can do:

1) lobby your MP
2) vote
3) if you’re able to, support organisations like BPAS who work to promote reproductive rights
4) talk about it, educate people, and keep it on the radar

asdou Thu 16-May-19 19:44:50

But we can't do anything for you! You're going to have to do that for yourselves!

asdou Thu 16-May-19 19:46:03

You need to be appealing to people in NI who have a vote. There is nothing we can do.

Evidencebased Thu 16-May-19 19:46:04

I think the lack of publicity/energy/concern for women in N.I., and ignorance/lack of concern over the future of the Border between N.I. and the RoI speaks volumes about the way British people have disregarded N.I.

It's shameful, as UK citizens, our ignorance of this part of our own country.
And this ignorance is part of the reason why many in UK are happy to renege on the hard won GFA.
And seem more concerned about abortion bans in US , than bans which exist in our OWN country.

So, apologies to sisters in N.I.

What can we do to help?

NowforNI Thu 16-May-19 19:48:56

@asdou that’s not actually accurate. Westminster has the power to decriminalise abortion across the UK, including NI, by revoking the 1861 Act that was put in place before women could vote. NI would then need to bring in a separate law to make it illegal there. Basically, Westminster are able to force the issue.

LindsayDentonsCat Thu 16-May-19 19:51:01

asdou you do understand how inequality works, don't you? It is perpetuated by people saying "not my issue". Was slavery abolition only for black people to fight?

There is no sitting parliament in NI, this issue falls to Westminster. And do you seriously think that people who have voted DUP for years are going to vote Sinn Fein? You have a very naive understanding of NI politics if that's the case.

asdou Thu 16-May-19 19:51:32

But Westminster is unlikely to force an issue where a people vote against abortion? It's not really their place to overrule democracy.

asdou Thu 16-May-19 19:53:04

But what can anyone do when you repeatedly vote for parties with policies you abhor? And then complain about the policies!!!

NowforNI Thu 16-May-19 19:58:02

@asdou - I don’t know if that was aimed at me, but at the last election I voted labour. Stella Creasy has been doing fantastic work on this.

I live in England. I don’t see woman in NI as “not my issue” when it’s a law made in Westminster that makes abortion illegal. And agree with the pp about how inequalities are perpetuated.

asdou Thu 16-May-19 20:02:02

But it's the people themselves who need to vote for what they want.

hereiam19 Thu 16-May-19 20:02:04

Every time there’s an election I do really wonder is something going to change and I know this year alliance seen a good increase in seats but the DUP seem to have a big hold on people and until that changes nothing else will,unfortunately. I live in a predominantly catholic area (I do have Protestant friends/colleagues) yet I don’t know anyone who admits to voting DUP - yet they always have the most seats! Infuriating!

FlaviaAlbia Thu 16-May-19 20:09:12

I've mostly stopped talking about it on here because it's really fucking depressing.

MNHQ asked if they should campaign on it a few years ago and the survey response was pitiful in number and I was mansplained to by a male poster who patted me on the head figuratively and told me we had to sort it out ourselves and not involve the rest of the UK. That and the other posters and FB acquaintances who don't believe NHS money should be spent on women from NI.

As for voting in the DUP, I live in an area with high unemployment, low educational prospects, ripe for their divisive politics. NI's economy needs to improve before the politics will but with Brexit on the cards it's getting worse not better.

And as for talking about it to people I don't know who don't live here and think we should just be a bit louder and make it all ok, no...

NowforNI Thu 16-May-19 20:10:10

@evidencebased well said. I wonder if sometimes it’s because it’s easier to get enraged about something that feels distant and abstract - “look at those awful Americans; we’d never let anything like that happen here because we’re too liberal and enlightened!” than to actually try and make a difference about issues on our doorstep.

Alsohuman Thu 16-May-19 20:10:13

Nothing’s going to happen in Westminster while a minority government is dependent on the DUP to get legislation through.

TheVandalsTookTheHandles Thu 16-May-19 20:14:37

I've started a monthly donation to the Abortion Support Network today. It helps women in NI, Malta, Gibralta and the Isle of Man access abortions safely.

implantsandaDyson Thu 16-May-19 20:18:11

FlaviaAlbia that's why I dont bother with MN and abortion rights for women in NI anymore either. Its painful to watch posters tie themselves up in knots in order to blame people and I'm not in form to "educate" anymore. I've been on several threads (not this one) over the many years I've been on MN where I've been patted on the head and told to budge up.

NowforNI Thu 16-May-19 20:25:06

@implantsandadyson @flaviaalbia
I hope my suggestion to talk/educate didn’t come across as flippant - but it always annoys me how many people don’t appreciate it’s a huge issue. I hope more awareness, and more people across the UK, standing in solidarity with women in NI, will eventually lead to change.

RedForShort Thu 16-May-19 20:25:20

I don't think you were 'shouted down' badlydrawnperson. Honestly it would seem mad for any person angered about Alabama would be coola boola about NI. The outrage is just different as it's horror and fear that its a backward movement. A removal of women's rights that had been fought for.

The day the 8th was appealed was emotional. I'm unlikely to ever have an abortion due to age or circumstance but the fact that women in Ireland. The idea this could revert is horrifying. But don't forget almost immediately after the Yes vote was revealed to have won #thenorthisnext began.

It does need to start being made loud in NI, the rest of the UK will support. You honesly think millions of women care more about alabama? The whole chip on the shoulder that no one cares will just hinder. If people don't know it's just ignorance so loudness will inform. (I hope
happyhillock's attitide isnt standard in Scotland)

It sickens me there's still women a short drive from me who still have to travel.

RedForShort Thu 16-May-19 20:31:53

The DUP bleating on about not wanting to be treated different with Brexit was galling. Perfectly happy to be different with women's rights and marriage equality. Disgusted me, wanted someone in westminister to tell them to fuck off with their bollocks.

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