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(light-hearted) inspired by another thread .. do you like your given name?

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rabbitheadlights Thu 16-May-19 17:39:47

Does it cause you any problems?
If you could pick a name what would it be?

Bluesheep8 Sun 19-May-19 07:36:38

I'm not especially fond of mine and very few people call me by it. Just one of my parents (I have 4 parents as both re married when I was a child) plus people at new workplaces until I tell them to shorten it. I'm known by the shortened version.

CremeEggThief Sat 18-May-19 23:55:42

Yes, I love it and feel very lucky to have it. It has become very popular in this century, but was unusual when I was born.

Nutkin123 Sat 18-May-19 23:53:36

I really like mine now (Hazel) - growing up no one had my name and I wanted to be a Phoebe or a Sophia. I love it now! A girl at work tried to tell me it was "common" the other day and it irrationally pissed me off. I've only ever met one other Hazel but about 10,000 what her name is (not bitter at all 😂)

PaddingtonMare Sat 18-May-19 23:51:02

@maudebegone I’m the same, but a plastic paddy so can’t pronounce less well known Irish names as people expect me to @EmeraldShamrock - I bet that was a right giggle. I find Gaelic names quite an ice breaker.

feistymumma Sat 18-May-19 23:43:40

@rabbitheadlights thank you

Threeandabit Sat 18-May-19 22:05:47

I like mine. It is very similar to another name that was popular for girls of my age. It would often get misheard as the popular name when I was growing up. I think my less popular name is far prettier though. smile And it's aged better.

PlainVanilla Sat 18-May-19 20:36:13

I love my name, although I am slightly jealous that my younger siblings each have 3 names and I only have two.

Number3or4 Sat 18-May-19 20:24:37

It's very nice and as far as I can remember I have always loved it.

TillyTheTiger Sat 18-May-19 20:22:51

I love mine - it's pretty, timeless, simple, only one spelling and pronunciation so I never have to spell it. I used to hate my surname but fortunately DH has a gorgeous quite posh sounding surname so I took that.

rabbitheadlights Sat 18-May-19 19:49:02

@feistymumma .... I love Winnie I wanted to call my daughter Winnie but dp said no ... I use it as a nick name now tho more people use it than her actual name ... Hallé

vampirethriller Sat 18-May-19 10:05:27

No but we had a cat called Fifi!

Mammyloveswine Sat 18-May-19 09:39:52

Mine is a proper old fashioned style name but not in a trendy way... i dont love it..

Think "Pauline"... im in my late twenties.. but it is what it is!

Apparently i was going to be called Tammy... which i like but cannot imagine being called!

feistymumma Sat 18-May-19 09:21:09

Eleanor is a lovely name

feistymumma Sat 18-May-19 09:18:22

Nope, definitely not a fan of my name - Winnie smile. I am always asked if it's short for Winnifred, Winnet and don't get me started on hi Winn are we winning aaarrrgghh!

TroysMammy Sat 18-May-19 08:35:06

vampirethriller please say they didn't name you Fifi.

Treaclepie19 Sat 18-May-19 06:06:12

@Justkeeprollingalong ohh good try! Nope, begins with a K.

TooManyPaws Sat 18-May-19 01:13:43

I've never really forgiven my parents for saddling me with three names I have to spell every time, including my surname. Even my boring, simple middle name has a choice of two spellings.

My first name is very 1960s popular though still used and with several weird and wonderful spellings though I got the 'correct' version. My parents never corrected their friends mispronouncing it which was nails on a blackboard to me.

Eventually, I changed it officially to a short version when I left uni by writing to all official agencies to notify them of the change of name so the short version is on my passport and driving licence, and was also on my military ID rather than what's on my birth certificate. I still have to spell it though.

Now I get an even shorter version which is also my initials, which is useful at work as there are two of us in a team of six.

puppylovebaby Sat 18-May-19 01:02:37

I absolutely love my first name. It is really a nick name but for me it's my given name. I have also had an usual Devon surname and was desperate as a child to have a
More common surname. I took my husbands surname when I married which is also rare but I love it!!

I ended up securing 2 amazing jobs as employers told me I was memorable....

Papergirl1968 Sat 18-May-19 00:41:44

Bonnie, Vampire?

BeenThereDone Sat 18-May-19 00:33:01

Really hated mine when I was younger. Really ordinary plain first name with an unusual surname. Spend most of the time correcting people or constantly having to spell it out..... Love it now

louderthan Sat 18-May-19 00:26:50

It's Eleanor. Pretty timeless really.

gluteustothemaximus Sat 18-May-19 00:25:11

I hated my name so I changed it via deed poll. Happy now.

louderthan Sat 18-May-19 00:23:08

Yes. It's not that common but also not particularly 'out there'. My first name, middle name and surname all have three syllables, which pleases me.

ilovepixie Sat 18-May-19 00:20:26

My name is susan. It's blah! I would love to be called Charlie.

Weedsnseeds1 Sat 18-May-19 00:12:03

@vampirethriller , if my parents had called me Shep or Rover I'd never forgive then!

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