Advanced search think if you're having a day of noisy building work and you KNOW your NDN works from home...

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Saltysea2001 Thu 16-May-19 09:45:49

...and that their DS is in the middle of their A-levels, you let your neighbours know, as a matter of courtesy, so they can make alternative arrangements.


catsmother Thu 16-May-19 14:37:02

I'm still agog at the number of posters who blithely declare they'd not prewarn neighbours about building noise. As someone who's worked entirely from home for over a decade I fully accept my neighbours might want to improve or repair their homes every so often but there's a big psychological difference when you know - roughly - how long it's going to take because there's a light at the end of the tunnel and you might be able to make alternative arrangements for some of that time. Being unable to open your windows in the height of summer because you're trying to minimise noise and not having a clue when it's going to be finished is another thing entirely.

JacquesHammer Thu 16-May-19 14:37:24

Do those who work from home ever show consideration for those who do not when they have visitors and deliveries

I have no visitors in terms of work - all my meetings are done outside the home. Deliveries? No more than any other household except I'm mostly in all day so no neighbours usually are asked to take in my parcels grin

catsmother Thu 16-May-19 14:39:59

My work from home has absolutely no impact on any of my neighbours. In fact it benefits them because I'm forever taking in their parcels .... including the CFs I mentioned before.

Weepingwillow5 Thu 16-May-19 14:43:13

I would let my neighbours know if we had noisy work going on

WeepingWillowWeepingWino Thu 16-May-19 15:06:34

Just of course I'm annoyed - I have all the disruption and they have none. How the fuck is that fair or just? For months - in the case of one house on our street for 2 years.

I wonder if these people understand how much they are failing to ingratiate themselves with their community?

Back in the day you'd buy a house (not a property; a house, a home) and do it up slowly as and when it needed doing. We have had, in the 15 years we've lived here, 2 weeks spent on the kitchen, 2-3 weeks spent on the bathroom and a few days here and there on the roof. Not 6 solid months' work, involving nightmare builders doing stuff like digging a fucking great hole in our garden. And then it's sold and it gets done again, another 6 months work.

But now people don't just want a home, do they?

Di11y Thu 16-May-19 15:13:31

YANBU my ndn told me early ish one morning he was having his boiler replaced on adjoining wall. changed my plans from WFH to being in the office. simple courtesy and much appreciated.

JustTwoMoreSecs Thu 16-May-19 15:14:21

I get it @WeepingWillowWeepingWino , I habe been on the receiving end (and never been the one dog the work!) but rationally it doesn’t change a thing for them to move out or not...

WeepingWillowWeepingWino Thu 16-May-19 15:25:48

oh, sure, but it would certainly make me feel better if I knew they were suffering too!

Witchend Thu 16-May-19 15:54:19

Dd's doing Alevels this term. I don't think any of her friends have had exams yet and study leave only starts next week, so it wouldn't occur to me to consider Alevels this week.

SpecterLitt Thu 16-May-19 21:39:48

I've lived in London all my life and never have I or friends and family given notice to neighbours regarding work that would be carried out. All neighbours just get on with their things and adhere to standard times so that no one is disrupted with noise after 5/6pm.

If it's bothering you, ask them how long and make arrangements if it's so vital. Only on MN have I heard this.

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