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to think that baby birthday parties are a big bore!

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chevre Thu 19-Jul-07 11:58:51

eager to please parents shuffling their babies around softplay and doing pass the parcel when all the babies want to do is gnaw shoes and admire their own hands.

yogimum Thu 19-Jul-07 12:13:04

ds is one next week, having a few mums over for a cream tea and cutting of the cake only. I didn't intend to do anything but was bullied my MIL, that I should mark the occasion.

chevre Thu 19-Jul-07 12:16:17

i know i sound like a right curmudgeon. i did the cake thing with a few mums for dd's 1st which was really nice. but some of the horror shows i went to in the first 2 years ....

Tortington Thu 19-Jul-07 12:17:35

whats the point i ask? surely the party is for the child - and if the kid wants to gnaw shoes then clearly its a wasted effort only done for the parents to go "awww"

wanky bollocks if you ask me

Tigana Thu 19-Jul-07 12:20:50

I'm with you chevre.
DS invited to (and attended) a 1st birthday when he was about 21 months.
He enjoyed playing with the other childrens toys and had a very, very vague concept that pass the parcel was a game, but after him the next eldest was the birthday boy then lots of little babies who couldn't focus past their own elbows, let alone appreciate the finer points of a Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday cake

Mrsronweasley Thu 19-Jul-07 12:21:39

Utterly wanky bollocks. Have been to several 1st birthday parties where the babies have been given partybags <<rolls eyes>>

FoeGlassSlipper Thu 19-Jul-07 12:22:12

DD1 didnt get a party untuil she was 3, and that was because she asked her one having been to all of her friends. I had planned to wait until 4...

chevre Thu 19-Jul-07 12:24:13

yep 4 sounds about right. did one for dd when she was 3 but she wasn't v. well and i don't think she was that bothered by the experience but she has been talking about her next party for months and it is not until january.

meandmy Thu 19-Jul-07 12:24:58

we didnt have party spent the day together just the three of us she wasnt old enough to understand what was going on was asked so many times certain ppl thought i would have party so they could get pissed told them they could forget that!
we havent been to another childs party yet either! she was too young last time

WinnieThePooh Thu 19-Jul-07 12:26:29

For DD1's 1st Birthday (4 yars ago) we just had family round. I don't see the point in having a party for friends until 2nd birthda at least.

But that is just my opinion. It would be a dull world if we all thought the same way.

chevre Thu 19-Jul-07 12:26:59

no winniethepooh, everyone MUST agree with me!

Ceebee74 Thu 19-Jul-07 12:28:30

My Ds was 1 on Saturday and we just had a family party (plus one set of friends with an 11 month old) - does that count as a party? There was no pass the parcel or musical bumps - but there were balloons, decorations and a Thomas the Tank Engine cake - which I have to say tasted fantastic!

FirenzeandZooey Thu 19-Jul-07 12:28:45

Aw, it is fun for the family and friends

I don't think parties ARE mostly for the birthday person, I think they are for the guests. I tend to go by this rule and feel that if I enjoy myself at a party I am hosting then that is a bonus. Generally I have more fun at other people's parties where I don't have to do any of the work, and I assume it is the same for other people.

chevre Thu 19-Jul-07 12:29:28

i am obviously a miserable git as i never enjoy children's parties!

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Thu 19-Jul-07 12:29:31

i did a huge party for dd when she turned one and it was a disaster, i was stressed, she couldnt have given 2 flying hoots and the whole lot of guests were bored stiff!

on her 2nd birthday we had a few friends to play and cut cake.

now a year on dh wants to throw a big party for ds's 1st birthday as his mum thinks we cant do for one and not the other.

1. i dont have the money
2. it was a waste of time
3. they dont even realise its happening at the time let alone remember it!!!

Budababe Thu 19-Jul-07 12:33:00

DS's 1st birthday was on a Monday which was the day of baby group anyway so I just hosted babygroup and did the normal stuff plus a cake.

So - photos for album but not much effort!

I do think 1st parties are mainly for parents not the child.

Tigana Thu 19-Jul-07 12:45:24

There is a difference between getting family/friends over for a drink/cake and throwing a 'proper' children's party with games etc.

Othersideofthechannel Thu 19-Jul-07 13:00:28

I had no idea that people did cake and games parties for babies but am with you on this one chèvre.
We have always spent the day with extended family and done gifts and cake. That's it. The baby just scrunches up the wrapping paper that has been ripped off his toys by the 'helpful' older cousins while they play with the baby's new toys.

FirenzeandZooey Thu 19-Jul-07 13:10:53

Maybe your friends just do shit parties chevre?

newgirl Thu 19-Jul-07 13:22:22

for my dd2 i invited mates round for coffee and cake - it lasted 1.5 hours and filled a boring morning for us all - just a general chat really rather than party. I said no presents. I took one photo of all the kids and i think that is a good momento for my dd2.

bozza Thu 19-Jul-07 13:27:56

For both my children's first birthdays I invited family and friends around and did party food and a chocolate hedgehog birthday cake. For DD's I hired a bouncy castle. But that was more for DS and the other older children although DD did hold hands and have a bounce. I would never have got away without a third birthday party for her. Because she goes to nursery and as an older sibling she totally equates birthdays with parties.

spina Thu 19-Jul-07 13:47:04

yep. they are boring...especially if you're three and all mummy and daddy's friends have waited a bit longer to have their kids so the room is full of babies and mummy's not looking that interested in the fact that everyone thinks they've invented the wheel about their kids.


LoveAngel Thu 19-Jul-07 13:53:17

I find the classic, middle class one yr olds birthday party dull as fuck. I remember my parties as a child and they were an excuse for all the family and our friens (adults and kids) to get together and have a party. There was none of this 'lets all sit around in a circle staring at a bunch of babies' malarkey.
I have to boast here, though, and say that our baby's first birthday was great fun. We have definitely tried to keep the 'family party' tradition going, We invited about 40 people - not all of them had kids - did the whole birthday tea and pass the parcel thing but also had a adult food, music, booze. It wasnt a really boozy one, but it was something all generations could enjoy, not to mention people without kids. My son adored all the attention - lets face it, very amall children are more interested in the action around them than other babies.

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