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Does anyone else get “fixated” on a celebrity?

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Crazycatlady10 Sun 12-May-19 17:01:51

Does anyone else get weirdly intense crushes on celebrities? I’m not even sure if crush is the right word but I go through phases where I watch everything an actors ever been in, read their interviews, that kind of thing. I’ve used the word fixated in the title because I can’t really think of how to describe it.

At the moment it’s Richard Armitage, it isn’t even a fancying him thing I just really really like him as a person. I’ve watched every interview, downloaded audio books, watched some utterly terrible films just because he’s in them..

Does anyone else do this? My friends never seem to (I don’t really talk about it though) and I was wondering if IABU to ask if other people do this too..? I mean obviously most celebrities have a fan base so it can’t be that unusual. I just feel a bit odd, like nobody else does this. It’s happens a few times a year with different people, I’m very fickle grin

Crazycatlady10 Thu 23-May-19 18:15:54

I only watch the same 10 shows, I find it really hard to watch new stuff. I’ve kind of made a link between my anxiety and obsessions, when things aren’t great I get a new obsession. It’s like a weird, good looking comfort blanket 😂

LennyBelardo Thu 23-May-19 18:32:34

Craztcatlady, I can totally relate to th e celebrity obsession link to anxiety. It's a way to escape and have a focus which makes you feel happy and makes the shit stuff easier to cope with. That's how it is for me anyway.

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