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To get an overwhelming sense of danger from a stranger?

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ThisIsCheese Tue 07-May-19 09:57:40

The weirdest thing just happened. I’m in the supermarket and as I’m stood selected and bagging vegetables I suddenly feel very uncomfortable.
There is a man about 50 something stood with his elderly mother a few feet away to the side of me and I felt very sick and uncomfortable when I looked at him.
Absolutely no reason for it but it was overwhelming, like a sense of fear he was not a good man.

Completely clueless why I felt that way I moved along quickly but I crossed paths with him again in another aisle and knew he was there before I saw him because the sick / anxious feeling returned.

Anyone else ever had this? I don’t have anxiety or anything but this feeling was so odd, like I could sense he wasn’t a good person.

Never met him before, he could be perfectly lovely but my physical reaction to him was so strong confused

CurtainsOpen Tue 07-May-19 09:59:20

Natural. Sometimes get it walking alone - either home from work, or even if I'm taking the dog out. Something just doesn't feel "right" and you can't put your finger on it.

BellMcEnd Tue 07-May-19 10:00:45

I’m not massively woo but I do think we have instincts for a reason.......there have been loads of threads about this, very interesting (and often terrifying) reading

Famalamaringwrong Tue 07-May-19 10:01:03

I used to get this with a customer. Everyone i worked with couldn't understand it and thought he was harmless but he then went on to murder another customer. I best name change as this is very outing.

BertrandRussell Tue 07-May-19 10:01:24

He probably reminded you subconsciously of someone horrible, either in real life or in a film or something.

ThisIsCheese Tue 07-May-19 10:02:49

@Famalamaringwrong bloody hell shock

Ohyesiam Tue 07-May-19 10:03:39

Your instincts are there to protect you.

ThisIsCheese Tue 07-May-19 10:03:49

@BertrandRussell I’d be inclined to agree except I felt it before I saw him both times

Roaring30s Tue 07-May-19 10:06:17


When I moved house I had dozens of men in and out doing jobs for weeks. No problem.

But when the gasman came I was frozen with fear. Absolutely terrified of him. No idea why.

I waited in the garden pretending to be on the phone until he left.

He gave me the Willie's big time sad

JuniFora Tue 07-May-19 10:07:39

People give off vibes, what they're thinking and feeling is released even if they're hiding those thoughts/feelings with a "normal" face. There are tiny microexpressions in their body language they can't hide and they're usually unnoticeable to our conscious mind but our subconscious picks them up and alerts us to be wary.

So you'll sometimes get a "gut" feeling to avoid someone, you're not imagining it, your brain is just reading them and that's the signal it's picking up.

MyAuntyBadger Tue 07-May-19 10:10:22

I've had this before, about a middle aged guy in the village I grew up in. I was about 13/14 and if he was in his front garden when I passed his house I'd feel sick and my spine would turn to ice. No idea why - he never even looked at me.

The only other time I've had that reaction to someone is when I see a particular celebrity on TV. It's weird.

Loopytiles Tue 07-May-19 10:12:36

I think Gavin De Becker’s book from the late 90s, Gift of Fear, is really good, including on this. Says trust your instinct!

6079SmithW Tue 07-May-19 10:13:25

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horacio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy".
Some things we just can't explain yet, but being instinctively afraid of someone/something/somewhere shouldn't be ignored. If you're wrong no harm done. If you're right it could save your life.

ThatCurlyGirl Tue 07-May-19 10:14:09

I've had this before twice - where my tummy has flipped over before I've even consciously seen the person.

Just like the feeling when you're about to fall down the stairs, but the lurch doesn't stop.

One of them ended up following me on various occasions and was reported by a number of other girls for similar.

The other I never saw again but I had the exact same feeling and could kind of feel their eyes on me / terrible almost violent panic aura around me but I'm not usually woo at all so hard to explain.

Skippii Tue 07-May-19 10:15:44

I get this occasionally. The last time it happened, my friend who is a nurse noticed the man had some medical intervention hooked up (some tubing under clothes) and suspected he was undergoing treatment for some serious condition. I was picking up him seeming off/false in his conversation, but maybe it was just the effort of being in a social setting when unwell or in pain.

LondonJax Tue 07-May-19 10:19:51

I always say to DS to trust his instinct. If you turn around and walk the other way because your feelings are telling you to, no-one will know why or call you stupid. Better that than end up in danger.

Lemonsquinky Tue 07-May-19 10:20:00

I used to get this with a school mum. Our dcs were friends. We went on a day trip a couple of times. But I never trusted her. There was something I felt was dangerous about her. She ended up stabbing her on and off again ex several times with a large knife.
We have instincts for a reason.

Margot33 Tue 07-May-19 10:23:29

Yes I've experienced this too. Always listen to your gut feeling.

scarbados Tue 07-May-19 10:26:45


Back in the days of the Yorkshire Ripper, I was in a pub with an upstairs bar and balcony. There was a man standing by the door downstairs, watching people come and go. He looked upstairs and caught my eye. I've never felt anything like the sense of pure evil I picked up from him. I told my then-husband and friends that I'd just seen the Ripper. They spent the next few weeks taking the piss out of me and my 'vivid imagination'.

Then he was arrested and I'd been right.

FriarTuck Tue 07-May-19 10:27:21

I get this plenty of times. I always put it down to having watched far too many US crime dramas because I really doubt that there are that many dodgy people in my little area, and particularly since none of them avail themselves of the opportunity to murder me. Sometimes your 'gut feeling' is basing itself on utter bollocks from the tv or a book.

Mayalready Tue 07-May-19 10:28:06

Not me but ddog. Always reacted negatively towards our neighbour opposite. Nobody else. Placid, lovely with dc, never met him - when she did reaction was worse.
He killed another neighbour not long after ..... Trust your ddog's instinct too!

Fishywife Tue 07-May-19 10:28:50

He probably reminded you subconsciously of someone horrible, either in real life or in a film or something.
I’d be inclined to agree except I felt it before I saw him both times

I would suggest you had already glimpsed/heard him, enough for it to register in your subconscious.

PeachesAndMayo Tue 07-May-19 10:29:17

I used to be a solo worker who had to go in to people's homes on occasion. I never, ever ignored my instinct. If I had the slightest bad feeling about someone, they were interviewed on their doorstep, not in the house. I'm not especially woo but I never ignore my gut feelings.

ThisIsCheese Tue 07-May-19 10:29:58

@FriarTuck I didn’t assume he was murderous but maybe dangerous. I’ve never had this before, it was really pertinent

TinklyLittleLaugh Tue 07-May-19 10:30:04

The last time it happened, my friend who is a nurse noticed the man had some medical intervention hooked up (some tubing under clothes) and suspected he was undergoing treatment for some serious condition

Nah, he was probably some mutant alien cyborg.

CitadelsofScience Tue 07-May-19 10:34:03

I've had it, felt very nauseous and uncomfortable with this man in our old village. My dog confirmed it when out walking with just my husband, dog's heckles went up and she started snarling. My husband told me when they came home and I realised it was the same man.

Callywalls Tue 07-May-19 10:35:22

I read in one of Paul O'Grady's autobiographies that, when he was younger, he worked in a hospital (as a Porter, I think) and that he was asked to take something into a female patient's room (I can't remember what it was). When he entered the room she was laid in bed with someone sat at the side of her. He said she smiled at him and was very friendly but he said he had never known a feeling like it - he felt as if he had just encountered pure evil. He later found out it was Myra Hindley who had been brought to hospital for treatment from prison and the person sat with her was a prison guard.

chaosisaladder Tue 07-May-19 10:35:54

I work in a job where instincts are v important (a lot of lone working)

We pick up on body language and all sorts without even realising. I’ve been in danger and felt it from the minute I’ve met the person. You just know. I’ve had the heeby jeebies off randomers - act first, apologise later. Fuck politeness.

Hoppinggreen Tue 07-May-19 10:38:40

I sometimes get bad vibes off people, maybe I’m wrong or maybe I’m right but I won’t risk it. I move away and avoid from then on
I’ve told DD the same, if somebody makes you feel uncomfortable don’t ignore your instincts just to be polite

DoneLikeAKipper Tue 07-May-19 10:48:33

I had a case of this the other week. Last in line to use a cash machine by the local shop when suddenly two blokes turned up next to me. Not even in the line, stood far too close for personal comfort. It might have just been my brain working overtime, but I suddenly had a sense of dread that these guys were going to rob me at the cash point (we would have been completely alone after the next person used the machine). I decided to just go into the busy shop instead. They came in as well, not sure if they bought anything but I made sure they had long gone before I left.

As I said, could well have just been a moment of silly anxiety on my part. I’ve lived in pretty rough areas before though (live in an ok one now) and never had that sense of danger before.

Dvg Tue 07-May-19 10:53:58

I've had this before, was in Sainsburys and nearly burst out crying, i had to leave because i felt really faintish and he wasn't even looking at me but every time i felt him near me i got this sense of doom or danger.

Saw his picture a few months later in the paper that he was arrested for kidnapping among other things and always thought it was strange that my body was telling me.

ALittleBitofVitriol Tue 07-May-19 10:56:31

Yep. Glimpsed a guy on the street as I was walking to the train station. Immediate fear so I walked really fast to put distance between us.
He caught up and assaulted me.

princessTiasmum Tue 07-May-19 11:03:09

This happened to e when i was about 22, my friend and i went into our local pub and a young man came and sat with us, he asked me if he could take me out,i said no,i had this awfu feeling about him, and he never stopped smiling strangely,
He then asked my friend,she said she would meet him the following night, i begged her not to go, because of that feeling of danger, she went, and he tried to rape her ,we found out later that his mother had told the police he had just been released from a mental hospital
Makes me shudder even now to think about it,
My friend was battered and covered in bruises

outvoid Tue 07-May-19 11:06:08

I get this a lot more when I’m out with my DC. I feel the need to pull them closer when certain people are around. I’m sure those people are perfectly harmless and I’m just riddled with anxiety but there you go!

Ratonastick Tue 07-May-19 11:07:18

famalam. Jesus. I went to school with that guy and knew him pretty well. I’ve moved away from the area so had completely missed this. That’s given me a jolt this morning.

HollowTalk Tue 07-May-19 11:09:26

Re Paul O'Grady, it would be such a big deal that Myra Hindley was in the hospital that there's no way he wouldn't have known who she was.

I used to live in a top floor flat with my boyfriend and the TV needed to be fixed. We got someone through the local paper and I was alone when he got there. He fiddled around a bit with the TV - I don't think he knew any more than I did - and then he stood up to go. He stood blocking the doorway and just stared at me - in that moment I thought he was really dangerous and was going to rape me. And then my boyfriend arrived home and the guy just clicked back into normal mode. It was absolutely terrifying.

HollowTalk Tue 07-May-19 11:11:14

famalam I don't know how that guy wasn't jailed for murder. Stabbing someone and chopping up their body doesn't sound like manslaughter.

chaosisaladder Tue 07-May-19 11:13:26

alittlebit flowers

HollowTalk Tue 07-May-19 11:19:31

@ALittleBitOfVitriol, that sounds terrifying. Did they catch the guy?

Callywalls Tue 07-May-19 11:21:58

@HollowTalk - I'm only repeating what I read in Paul's book. I think he was very young at the time so it must have been many years ago (no offence Paul) Maybe for security reasons it was not openly discussed in the hospital that she was a patient - I hardly think they would make a big announcement!! but, obviously, people knew and someone told him when he came out of the room. His description of the chills he felt when he looked at her struck me - much like many other posters have said they felt something "off" about someone.

recklessgran Tue 07-May-19 11:23:57

I feel like this about our window cleaner - no idea why but he just gives me the creeps. Odd really because I'm not an anxious person at all and generally friendly and confident. I can't even answer the door to him so get DH to deal with him. It's weird I do agree.

HollowTalk Tue 07-May-19 11:31:35

Better to do your windows yourself, @recklessgran, or get someone else to do them. I wouldn't take the risk.

recklessgran Tue 07-May-19 11:36:32

@Hollowtalk you might be right actually!

BlueberrySkies Tue 07-May-19 11:40:21

@recklessgran Indropped a window cleaner because he made me uneasy! I wonder where you are (roughly)!!

recklessgran Tue 07-May-19 11:45:09

@Blueberry I'm very rural Northamptonshire.

onalongsabbatical Tue 07-May-19 11:50:43

Yes if I felt like this about my window cleaner I'd get another one. And let's face it window cleaning is one of those jobs where you could choose to do it in order to be up to no good (not casting aspersions on the vast majority of window cleaners!). Trust your instincts.

Inertia Tue 07-May-19 11:53:35

Not quite the same as it doesn't really involve a sense of danger as such, but I once had to visit someone who was supervising one of my students for work experience. The visit involved asking general questions about his organisation/ role, and the activities that my student was taking part in. I've never sensed such outright hostility and 'warning off' from somebody who was superficially polite ( we obviously spoke to the students individually too, so they had the opportunity to voice concerns, and this particular student had a parent working within the same organisation which reassured me). Soon after, the man was convicted of embezzling huge sums from the organisation he worked for.

Famalamaringwrong Tue 07-May-19 11:54:07

@HollowTalk they said he had some kind of learning difficulties/memory loss around the incident so they couldn't get a murder charge - my experience was he does not he was just a very sly man. At least he got put away for a long time - I hope he never gets released.

@Ratonastick do you mean Hilder or Guy? Sorry to give you a shock!

TeaForTheWin Tue 07-May-19 11:55:25

Sure. I mean there are plenty of people you notice walking down a street and instantly think 'that person is a sociopath' lol.

But I think on occasion it can be heightened when people are having bad thoughts/intentions towards you too. That would explain the anxiety. Maybe something like a facial cue. Maybe you detected malice or hate.

I don't think its some psychic warning about how they are awful people, I think we are just good at reading body language/feeling people looking at us hatefully or just sensing danger in general.

Reminds me of that clip there was of a woman being followed by a man (unbeknown to her) and a dog nearby noticed and was up watching him closely before he even went to attack her. Maybe it's some sort of thermone change people who are more aggressive or want to cause harm give off and dogs sometimes notice it better.

ALittleBitofVitriol Tue 07-May-19 11:58:47

Thanks chaosisaladder

No, the police never caught up with him. They were nice enough but after taking my statement I never heard anything.
It was more surreal than terrifying in the moment. I'm not a small person and was a decent match for him so I was able to get away after a minimal assault and scream.

janeybumtum Tue 07-May-19 12:05:36

I never liked my mum's friend and got a very bad vibe around her. My mum was insistent that she was lovely, caring and completely harmless. I'd been saying I thought something was off about her for about 3 years. A couple of days ago I found out that she goes round funerals of people she's never met, befriends vulnerable/elderly widows and uses this as a ploy to extract money from them or commit identity theft. My mum is absolutely stunned, I'm not.

MollysLips Tue 07-May-19 12:07:29


* The only other time I've had that reaction to someone is when I see a particular celebrity on TV. It's weird.*

Who? I'd love to know who it is. I get a weird vibe off one particular person.

Ratonastick Tue 07-May-19 12:14:12

famalam Hilder.
If I remember rightly, he had a slightly younger sister and a bit of an odd family set up as their parents were together but lived separately. I can’t remember why, may have been work. I always thought his mum was v cool and glamorous as she had loads of records. Never got any funny vibes from him at all though.

I just called my Mum, who blithely announced that she’d seen it all in the news when it happened but didn’t think to mention it!

winecigsandchoc Tue 07-May-19 12:14:12

@BlueberrySkies @recklessgran I also told a window cleaner I no longer required his services. He was very very creepy- used to make me feel utter dread and panic.

You're not based in the south are you?!

ruralliving19 Tue 07-May-19 12:14:56

I've had the same thing a few times but the only time I can verify I was right was when I went on one date with a guy I met online several years ago. He made my skin crawl and I couldn't figure out why but I wouldn't see him again though he was persistent. I later met a new friend and discovered he was an ex of hers who'd since been sent to prison for raping a young child. I had 2 young girls at the time of a similar age. Very lucky escape....

The strongest sense of 'evil' I've ever felt was in a shop in Glastonbury. The man behind the till was dangerous, I'm sure of it.

wheresmymojo Tue 07-May-19 12:14:55

I think trusting your gut instincts and not going along with what someone who gives you the creeps asks you to do just to be polite is a really important thing to teach DC.

Women who have survived stranger murder attempts often say the person have them the creeps....these kind of people often rely on our need to be polite to get close enough to attack.

Ted Bundy for example lured a number of women to their death by putting on a cast and asking for help carrying his shopping, help finding his car, etc.

Mitzicoco Tue 07-May-19 12:16:05

This happened to me once. I was walking on the common with dh and dd and ds on our backs in those toddler sling things. A man walked passed us and without even looking at each other my husband I started walking quickly back to the car. Once we were safely in the car my dd said, without any of us saying anything about it. 'Away from bad man.'

Osquito Tue 07-May-19 12:19:43

I have had it. Once but I will never forget the sickening sense of threat. It was the taxi driver, who did nothing more than glance at us in the rear view mirror, but I was terrified. And my then-bf felt it too, and asked us to be dropped off long before our destination.

wheresmymojo Tue 07-May-19 12:21:42

@ruralliving19 Apparently it's quite common to feel a sense of dread in Glastonbury - something to do with vibrations/electro-magnetic fields from ley lines

wheresmymojo Tue 07-May-19 12:24:00

Where were you @Osquito?

Taxi driving is another occupation liked by rapists (obviously most taxi drivers are not, including my Grandad)...but obviously gives them opportunities with lone females.

ReanimatedSGB Tue 07-May-19 12:26:15

I think it's an instinct: we are subconsciously picking up some kind of signal from a predatory person. As PP said, if you get those vibes an just walk away, you may save yourself a nasty experience - and if the person was actually harmless, then no harm was done.
The only time it might be a problem is if you get the creeps from someone you eg work with or see regularly; there is no evidence of this person ever having done anything wrong but you tell friends about it and suddenly everyone is scared of the person because of the rumours... this may cause trouble for someone who isn't predatory but who was just in a bad mood one day.

Artbum Tue 07-May-19 12:27:54

Years ago I worked on the cash desk at a museum in London. There was a customer who asked me a question and I looked into his face/made eye contact for the 30 seconds or so as I answered his question. For a few of those seconds something else entirely seemed to look out of his eyes and then disappear again. It was weird like he was possessed by an entity. Never seen anything like it before or since and I had a number of customer facing roles.

I also had a few occasions when it felt like certain customers were emitting cold - a genuine physical sensation, even though they behaved normally.

HoumiLoomi Tue 07-May-19 12:32:45

I’ve also had this once in a taxi. I was coming home from a hospital appointment. I got in and the driver asked me where I wanted to go. Something about the way he looked at me completely freaked me out. I mumbled something about having changed my mind and got out of the car. It was bizarre.

strawberrisc Tue 07-May-19 12:40:57

When I was a child, every time I saw Rolf Harris I went sick inside. My Mum and Dad could tolerate not watching 'Rolf's Cartoon Club' but I had to leave the room when they insisted on watching 'Pet Rescue'.

OrangeSunsets Tue 07-May-19 12:41:55

I’ve had it a few times.

I used to be a police officer and once was called to an address to take a report for something simple such as a wheely bin being stolen or such. The victim absolutely freaked me out. I felt sick and panicked and couldn’t get out of there quick enough. She was perfectly polite and nothing unusual about her appearance or speech.

Once out of there I ran a check on her and found out she was a convicted paedophile!

DistanceCall Tue 07-May-19 12:46:54

Erm, I mean this kindly, ThisIsCheese. I think what is going on in your life may tinging your perception a bit - it sounds like you are projecting the badness you have so close to you onto another man.

HollowTalk Tue 07-May-19 12:53:51

I suppose a lot of people who are dodgy are going to be self-employed. I imagine they struggle with social situations at work and with someone telling them what to do.

Often on here, too, an OP will talk about her partner who is absolutely fucking useless and who insists on working for himself, and you know damn well no employer would put up with his behaviour.

Osquito Tue 07-May-19 12:54:03

@wheresmymojo Athens, Greece
I stood out as looking foreign there so was really used to being stared at - with either curiosity or suspicion, and bf was Greek... But I can only explain my sense of the driver as evil, not mere hostility or nosiness etc.

EerieSilence Tue 07-May-19 12:54:59

@Callywalls I think it was also Paul Britton who was talking about meeting Myra Hindley. I vaguely remember (read the book about 10 years ago) that he wasn't at first spooked by her but he felt that her dog, a cocker spaniard I think, reacted very strangely to her, it was like it was on constant alert regarding her reactions and was afraid to move. I think he also described the atmosphere in the room and the house as very strange before the full scale of her involvement was known.

I personally believe in trusting my instincts, they're something that evolved over millions of years and served us well as species. If something seems strange, dangerous or your gut feeling is telling you to be wary, listen to it, in my opinion.

andthebandmarchedon Tue 07-May-19 12:57:27

Yes, this has happened to me twice. The first time was with a man who was a parent of my child's friend. There was something about him that made me extremely uncomfortable and he always showed a peculiar interest in one of my children. No one else seemed to feel this but I was always vigilant.
The other was my husband's boss, a very senior and decorated official. The first time I met him I got a very strange feeling about him. He turned out to be a cold sociopathic bully who was eventually investigated and prosecuted for his behaviour towards subordinates.
Listen to your instincts as others say.

lolaflores Tue 07-May-19 13:03:23

Man came to do a gas inspection. Young. Just an eerie feeling that he was watching me out of the corner of his eye.
He asked to use the loo which made me feel even more threatened and when he was out I slid a pair of scissors up the sleeve of my jumper.
Didn't wait for a goodbye or all of that,
I led him straight out the door and felt very unsettled for a day or so after and it still stand south in my mind.

Callywalls Tue 07-May-19 13:04:18

@EerieSilence - how interesting, its amazing how sensitive animals are. Who knows what her poor dog had been witness to and how the poor thing had been treated. I am Northern and the horror of what those two evil monsters did haunted all our childhoods and no-one will ever forget it. The moors where they carried out their evil actions have a very eerie and haunted atmosphere about them.

Sosososotired Tue 07-May-19 13:09:39

I’ve only had his once, quite recently from DC’s friends dad. He literally makes my skin crawl and I want to be nowhere near him. Not sure how I’m going to work that one with the DC. The mum is lovely however.

BeenHereForAges Tue 07-May-19 13:11:53

I had this with a plumber once. He came around to give us a quote but I had this over whelming feeling that he was a very bad person, I cant even explain it properly but I just wanted to get away from him. I kept catching him staring at my big pregnant belly. A few weeks later my husband was stood behind him in a pub and he was drunkenly slurring to his mate about being attracted to his 13 year old step daughter.

KaliforniaDreamz Tue 07-May-19 13:22:16

@ruralliving19 Apparently it's quite common to feel a sense of dread in Glastonbury - something to do with vibrations/electro-magnetic fields from ley lines

i love Glastonbury but i have to say i often get this feeling.

wheresmymojo Tue 07-May-19 13:39:16

Beenhere...fucking hell, that is grim sad

Omzlas Tue 07-May-19 13:52:03

I've had this before and though I wouldn't describe myself as 'woo', I think our instincts have been honed over millennia for a reason

There's a dad at school and he literally makes my skin crawl. His wife is lovely and always makes an effort to speak to me but I can't even bring myself to look at him, he makes me shudder. I cannot tell you what it is about him though, it's just something

I refused to watch Jim'll Fix It when I was young because JS made me feel the same way. Easy to say now, but him being on the screen would make me feel physically ill

FudgeBrownie2019 Tue 07-May-19 13:52:08

One of the DC went to a playdate years ago at a close friends house; we'd spent lots of time with them through his childhood, and the Mum had a new DP who'd been around for a few months (I'd met the partner, all seemed totally above board).

DS came home and asked if it was ok not to like an adult, and said that the new partner had made him get a horrible feeling in his stomach, and that he never wanted to be near them again. He broke his heart crying to us that evening, something entirely out of character for him. We listened and supported him in his feelings, thinking how odd it was for him to say such a thing. The friend asked a few weeks later how things were and I mentioned how upset DS had been coming back from their house, she lost her temper and the friendship sort of fizzled out from that point with no more contact.

A couple of years on it was entirely by chance I had to run into our local court to drop off a document for my parents. There was security everywhere and a 'buzz' in the air that someone quite high-profile was about to be remanded, and a day or two later the partner appeared in the national press, having been caught sexually abusing the DC of the friend. It was absolutely hideous, realising that it was solely the DS' terror that stopped us from remaining friends with them. DS doesn't remember the person or the event, but it puts the fear of God into me when I think about it.

TinklyLittleLaugh Tue 07-May-19 13:53:23

I've posted on here before about DS's orthodontist giving me bad vibes. He was a very personable older man too. I always made sure I didn't leave DS alone with him.

Once while we were waiting, I had to nip out and put some money in a parking metre and when I came back DS was gone. The receptionist was dealing with another patient and I'm afraid I interrupted her very rudely to ask what room he was in. She asked me to wait my turn in no uncertain terms and I remember feeling an absolute panic.

When I finally raced to the room there was a dental nurse there too, much to my relief. But I felt he knew why I was so flustered. Just the grin he gave me.

hazell42 Tue 07-May-19 13:54:20

Getting 'the creeps' is, apparently a well documented phenomenon when meeting a psychopath.

Self defense mechanism against predators

ItsalmostSummer Tue 07-May-19 14:11:28

These are good but yuck. Recently we had someone workmen come to the house and the dog met them. One totally was fine the other made her turn into a snaling beast (she’s generally placid and so friendly) that gave me the fear. I was on high alert the whole time and believe the dog had spotted something.

Iwantacookie Tue 07-May-19 14:20:39

I used to have to go to people's homes alone. Entered one place and I never wanted to leave somewhere so much in my life. The man seemed nice enough we had a nice chat but there was something that made my skin crawl.
I got sent back a few times (couldn't really say I can't go back because he gives off creepy vibes) and hated every minute of it. He then sexually assaulted me. I ran like crazy locked myself in my car cried and handed my notice in.
I wish I had refused to go back after the first time.

Barbie222 Tue 07-May-19 14:22:27

Agree with the pp who said Jimmy Saville - he was awful, really creepy to watch. I remember a bus driver who used to drive a smallish minibus home from my secondary school (I lived rurally). We all made damn sure we didn't leave anyone on the bus alone at the end of the route. Later on he did end up doing time for a sexual assault on a teenage girl.

MollysLips Tue 07-May-19 14:34:18


For a few of those seconds something else entirely seemed to look out of his eyes and then disappear again. It was weird like he was possessed by an entity.

This is chilling! Yikes, how strange. Like a demon, or he was an alien wearing a human suit like in Men In Black...

wheresmymojo Tue 07-May-19 15:24:53

@Barbie222 I had a similar experience with the driver of the school minibus. I was always the last to get out on my own and he eventually tried to trap me on the bus with him. I managed to get out of the situation and then walked the several miles home each day after that until the end of term (luckily he wasn't around the next term)

WillowKnicks Tue 07-May-19 15:43:40

Many years ago, when I was a young girl, my Dad would occasionally take me into work with him if he was popping in.

This one particular day, a lady he worked with was there & make a real fuss of me & gave me chocolate but I had a strong feeling that it was all show & that she disliked me intensely.

A couple of years later, it came out that my Dad had been having an affair with someone he worked with.

When I was a bit older I asked my Mum, what job role she'd had & it was the same lady...I'd obviously picked up feelings of resentment from her...bitch!!

Itsnotmesothere Tue 07-May-19 15:51:47

All these stories are so chilling but I'm envious; I worry that I don't have this ability. Aside from crossing or changing my path to avoid lone men sometimes, I don't think I've ever met someone who has made me feel intense fear. I was friends with someone that had been sexually assaulting teenagers and I never once had an inkling!

TooManyPaws Tue 07-May-19 15:59:31

Re Paul O'Grady, it would be such a big deal that Myra Hindley was in the hospital that there's no way he wouldn't have known who she was.

In photos taken of her in prison she looks very different from her mug shot, no bleached hair or heavy make up. I doubt that it was heavily publicised as she was such a hated character that trips out of prison, even to hospital, would have been kept quiet. I wouldn't have thought that a hospital would make a big deal of any patient for confidentiality which she was still entitled to.

Fairylea Tue 07-May-19 16:04:28

I have lots of these types of stories. One of the people I had very bad vibes about on the train went on to follow me home and mug me - and he had literally done nothing other than sit in the same carriage as me with his back to me but I felt desperately uncomfortable.

Troels Tue 07-May-19 16:10:13

This happened to Dd (age 14) and I yesterday.
She is very friendly will chat to just about anyone who speaks to her in the line at the shop. But we went to lunch, fast food, not overly full as it was getting late for lunch. Dd sat I went to get food. As I walked back, a youngish man (20's?) went to sit next to her. I was right there and asked if he would mind moving so I could eat with my daughter. He had what looked like food for two or three people. no drinks, smiled and moved over one seat. Dd ate in silence, head down. Then he left right before us. She looked horrified, she said he gave her the ceepiest feeling as soon as she saw him standing next to her.
He gave me a creep vibe, I feel he was going to strike up a convo with Dd offering food or something.
It's still got her a bit shaken up today. I keep telling her to remember how he felt that she should follow her gut. This has only happened to her twice in her life. Last time she was 3 and tried to climb over me to get away from a man in line and refused to look up till he left.

PositiveVibez Tue 07-May-19 16:13:06

Yes. Someone who used to sit on our board. He repulsed me. Others thought I was mad, but he literally made my flesh crawl.

He got caught a few years after I left the company downloading images of child abuse and was sent to prison.

cleanasawhistle Tue 07-May-19 16:26:44

I had a very uneasy feeling when I went to work for a couple as a babysitter.I usually just saw the mother of the children before and after her work.

Her and her husband changed jobs,both doing shifts at the local factory.
It meant I had to sleep over one night while the woman was at work and the husband would be up very early for the day shift....he flung me on the bed and went to dive on top of me,I punched him in the face and managed to move out of his way. I didnt work for them again.

My son invited a friend home from secondry school quite a few years ago. I just didnt like the boy,there was something very odd about him.
Now as a young adult he has been locked up for sexual offences to underage girls.

A neighbours son I have taken a dislike too. I have actually hated that kid since he was about 4 years old. Not like me because I love kids but I really cant stand that boy,he is 18 now and just a horrible peron,real nasty streak.I wouldnt be surprised if he were to be jailed for something nasty.

chaosisaladder Tue 07-May-19 16:43:53

One of these stories reminded me of when DD2 went into complete shutdown mode when we were out for dinner.

She was almost 2 and this older gentleman was staring at her from the next table (not unusual, lots of people who like babies). I acknowledged him, smiled and that was kind of his cue to turn back away. But he kept staring at her, and she literally hung her head so low into her lap I was worried she’d struggle to breathe. She would not respond to me and it was getting really awkward, so I picked her up and as soon as he was out of sight, she was normal again. May just be that she was particularly shy that day, but I’ve never seen her like that before or since and he clearly knew she was uncomfortable and didn’t stop anyway. Weird.

Marilynmansonsthermos Tue 07-May-19 16:53:05

Had this on a mundane trip to the go surgery. Walked into the waiting room with 3 kids aged from 1-9, and this man's eyes just lit up in a horrific way as the kids walked in. I never normally think about paedophiles but this guy had such a foul leering stare. He looked as if he was undressing the children with his eyes. I stared at him and just had this overwhelming feeling that he had a sick soul and that he had black thoughts in his head. Never felt that way, I felt physically sick and moved the kids away. It was such a strange feeling.

Buffymum Tue 07-May-19 16:53:15

recklessgran - your window cleaner doesn’t drive a van that isn’t a window cleaning van ? My friend has one and he also has a shoe fetish !!

pumpastrotter Tue 07-May-19 16:57:30

I literally had this last week, I don't like a lot of people anyway and can read people well but this man...I've never experienced such a visceral reaction. He works at one of our suppliers, I've seen him a few times before and even though he's odd I put it down to awkwardness - but this time he wasn't even serving me and I felt like I'd swallowed a brick, I couldn't bring myself to even look at him and the hairs on my arms were standing up. I didn't have my lunch that day because I had a such a nervy tummy, it was really unsettling, even thinking about him now churns my stomach and I've refused to go back.

pumpastrotter Tue 07-May-19 17:03:43

lots of window cleaners, I think it might be because they have to intrude on your personal space so much and sometimes surprise you but my friend used to date one, he was one of the most deviant people I've ever known. I'm talking weird animal stuff, using dangerous inanimate objects and so on...I always warned her to not have him around her kids.

CherryBlossom23 Tue 07-May-19 17:09:55

I had this once with the manager of a travel lodge type hotel. Young guy but just got the weirdest vibe from him. I was assigned a room on the ground floor pretty near to reception and he had mentioned he was on the night shift that night. I ended up being so freaked out by him that I stayed on my friends couch (whose city I was visiting) that night and went back to collect my stuff the next morning. No idea if my fear was justified or not but I'd never had such a strong feeling before or since.

N2986 Tue 07-May-19 17:31:50

Yep I'm quite good at reading people, even from being a child. Recently was with my dd at the doctors and noticed an older man smiling at her. Not unusual she's very pretty (not that I'm biased) and always singing dancing etc. But I got such a strong reaction from him it was unnerving. There was definitely something off about him.

BertrandRussell Tue 07-May-19 17:34:42

A couple of things to think about. We’re all programmed to read body language, and some of it are better at it than others-and we all give off micro signals all the time.

Another thing- we tend only to remember things that fit- we won’t remember the 20 people we got bad vibes from who turned out to be innocent- we will remember the one who didn’t. And there are always people who say the knew any criminal was a wrong ‘un -remember that chef who was murdered’s landlord? I seem to remember some mumsnetters condemning him on appearance alone.

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