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Child using potty in public

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Moominfan Mon 06-May-19 19:15:59

I'm pretty easy going, bordering on complacent to mumsnet standards. Went to a fair today. Kid and dad in queue. Dad whips out Potty and the kid does their business there and then. Is this what I have to look forward to? Mines not potty trained yet. Would most people atleast go hide behind a bush or something? There were loads of people around. Place was heaving.

Famalamaringwrong Mon 06-May-19 19:26:59

You were by the sea down south weren't you!! I saw the exact same thing today and thought "that's mumsnet worthy" but honestly I just felt a bit bad for the little boy in amongst a load of people just sitting there in a field having a shit in his potty! I guess it's all just part of potty training.

cocomelon23 Mon 06-May-19 19:29:18

He probably did it so they didn't lose their place in the queue

TheBigFatMermaid Mon 06-May-19 19:32:11

If the child is very new to potty training it has to happen whenever, wherever. Did you not take your children out at this stage?

If that is the case, I judge you more than that Dad!

Just re-read,, OP is not yet at this stage... says it all really.

We can all be the perfect parent to children we haven't had yet, also for the stage we are not at yet.

user1493413286 Mon 06-May-19 19:34:14

How close were the toilets? Unless they were 10 foot away without a queue then I’d say you’re unreasonable. You don’t know if the child would have wet themselves if they left to find a toilet

Cornettoninja Mon 06-May-19 19:35:02

If the child is very new to potty training it has to happen whenever, wherever

This really.

HomeMadeMadness Mon 06-May-19 19:35:27

I never did this with either of mine. In general I waited until they could at least hold it for a few minutes to dash to a toilet or secluded spot then I stayed in for a few days until they got the hang of it and we were off. What happens if you're in a restaurant? Or a school play? If your child can't wait even a minute they're not ready!

alwaysreadthelabel Mon 06-May-19 19:35:53

This could of been me today. On week 2 of training went to the high street toddler needs a wee so put her in a closed doorway on the potty. There are no public toilets around and she has to go 'now!' Would you not rather a potty than a pee or poo all over the floor?

LegoPiecesEverywhere Mon 06-May-19 19:37:14

I never brought a potty with me when I was toilet training and have never seen anyone do this in real life.

Drogosnextwife Mon 06-May-19 19:37:16

So where does it go once it's in the potty?

Moominfan Mon 06-May-19 19:37:30

It was an outdoor grassy area, plenty of more discrete places around although toilets not near by

Moominfan Mon 06-May-19 19:38:19

Yea we're not at this stage yet confused the dad picked it up and chucked it in a bush

Figgygal Mon 06-May-19 19:38:45

I saw someone whip one out in the frozen section of our local large Tesco and vowed never to use one.

Moominfan Mon 06-May-19 19:42:34

Haha yes figgy I'm wondering how to go about potty training without a potty now

JustTwoMoreSecs Mon 06-May-19 19:42:44

For a wee and with a small child so 2-3yo max then I wouldn’t mind, they can’t always wait.

Cornettoninja Mon 06-May-19 19:43:35

Potties are just part of the kit if the child is keen but not particularly getting it.

On balance I probably would have left the queue and found somewhere nearby to get it done but I can quite imagine a scenario where dp just wouldn’t think about it. I’ve had a couple of acquaintances behave similarly.

The bush disposal doesn’t really bother me either to be honest.

Shootingstar1115 Mon 06-May-19 19:45:35

It’s really hard in the early stages of potting training. I had to take a potty everywhere but I always tried to be discrete about it though

Disfordarkchocolate Mon 06-May-19 19:46:20

4 children and no one ever did that, and I don't think I'm out of the ordinary. It's gross.

DoomOnTheBroom Mon 06-May-19 19:48:03

I have never ever used a potty in public in this way and think it's pretty grim. I used to keep a pull up in my handbag for truly desperate situations (e.g., child announcing ten minutes into a 45 minute bus ride that they needed a wee) and there were one or two al fresco wees behind a reasonably secluded tree or bush but never a potty. How do you even clean it afterwards!?

TrueFriendsStabYouInTheFront Mon 06-May-19 19:48:39

I have done similar many times. I'm pretty sure I was judged, cause that's how perfect everyone else is. Especially those who have no idea what potty training entails or how difficult in can be hmm I promise you, you will be eating your words when your time comes grin

I really don't see how it's any different from a child standing next to you, pooing or weeing in a nappy. Which imo is pretty grim when you think about it, as it's not discarded immediately like the contents of a potty are.

VladmirsPoutine Mon 06-May-19 19:48:59

I'm not au fait with it but what do you do with the potty once used. Carry it or have they become a contraption of sorts which you can lock/unlock as required?

But wrt potty training I suppose it's just that - training. Oddly enough I'd find public potty training a lot more contentious than breast-feeding which some people still think is an act of treachery in 2019.

RainbowWaffles Mon 06-May-19 19:49:35

I am aware that some people consider it necessary but I find it odd. If you need to do that then they aren’t properly ready. Lots of people seem to force potty training and moving to toddler beds etc before children are ready and make it really hard work.

Tolleshunt Mon 06-May-19 19:50:03

YANBU, he should have taken him somewhere a little more discreet. One of the benefits of training later, is that the having-to-carry-a-potty-everywhere stage tends to be much shorter. Do not underestimate the benefit of this!

DoomOnTheBroom Mon 06-May-19 19:51:16

For most children, if you wait until they're ready then if doesn't take very long for them to be reliably dry/clean. They'll have a occasional accident here and there because that's small children for you but on the whole they'll be reliable enough that you can almost always get them to a toilet in time.

Ces6 Mon 06-May-19 19:51:45

If the child is very new to potty training it has to happen whenever, wherever
Not really. Plenty of people don't do it. I managed to potty train three without taking a potty out in public so don't worry OP!

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