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about after school acitivites?

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jellysmummy Mon 16-Jul-07 20:08:24

My dd1 is in Reception, she came home form school today and announced that she would like to start tennis in September. She already has swimming after school and gymnastics on a saturday morning, in September she will start Rainbows straight from school on a Friday. dd2 is nearly three and will be at pre-school three mornings a week and I childmind three days after school. This will only leave Monday free - the day of tennis. Am I being unfair to think that three out of school activities is enough? The jump from from Reception is often quite great and I don't want dd1 more exhausted (read grumpy and irritable) than necessary.

jellybeans Mon 16-Jul-07 20:18:09

No YANBU at all.. I have always limited my kids to 2-4 activities, anymore is too much. I would say if she wants to do it she will have to drop something else.

jellysmummy Mon 16-Jul-07 20:26:02

Thanks for the affirmation, that's what I thought but little devil took me on a guilt trip! Can't see her giving up any to take up tennis!

jellybeans Mon 16-Jul-07 21:03:57

Aw bless her! I do think though that it does kids good to not get what they want all the time. They also have to realise too, that although they rightly come first, we have lives too and that ferrying them about just to 2 or 3 activities a week is very hard work!

agnesnitt Tue 17-Jul-07 22:51:05

Ah, but there's always the possibility of tennis trainer totty!


<who watched Wimbledon last night and is of the opinion that every tennis court should have a Paul Bettany on it>

p.s. Not unreasonable at all

dmo Wed 18-Jul-07 10:28:49

my boys just do cubs/scouts but i find this enough
they go on a weds night and then always have something on with cubs/scouts at the weekend inc church parade, camps, litter picks, car washes etc etc
they are also into skateboarding so when we arnt busy with cubs/scouts we are skateboarding

in our house we have a rule:
mondays: are for chilling after school/work
tuesdays: are mums night out to have a brew with friends
weds: cub/scouts night
thurs: daddy nights at friends doinf pc stuff
friday: family night in the pub
sat/sun: kids activitys ie cubs/scouts, skateboarding, park, beach etc

dont think we would have time as a family for another activity

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