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To think the UK media silence on the Prince William rumours is odd

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Absofuckinglutely Thu 25-Apr-19 14:27:10

Just that really. No idea if there's anything more than rumour and speculation, but it's all over social media that Prince William allegedly had an affair with one of Kate's friends, but there is a total media silence on it.
Pretty bizarre considering that Meghan Markle barely has to breathe and the media are covering it.

LittleAndOften Thu 25-Apr-19 14:55:12

I can't help but think back to that old Prince Charles interview before Diana, where he discussed how difficult it was to find someone who will make a suitable queen, and also a loving wife.

I can't help but wonder if the queen-material criteria won out for Wills, over romantic love. Kate certainly seems well-trained, demure and proper. Having said that, the couple do appear to have a joyful family life with their little ones. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors. Infidelity sounds unlikely, but none of us know his true personality any more than we do of the Queen herself. They show us what they want to show.

PortiaCastis Thu 25-Apr-19 14:55:42

That gnome has a lot to answer for grin

Absofuckinglutely Thu 25-Apr-19 14:55:53

@bethy15 that is my point entirely. The media always speculate on rifts with Megan
and Kate, and report on rumour all the time.
So why the silence on this?

Quintella Thu 25-Apr-19 14:55:59

after the pain and damage infidelity has caused in his life do you really think hes off fucking other women

Makes it more likely tbh.

ChocChocButtons Thu 25-Apr-19 14:56:14

I’ve no idea what your on about tbh? This American magazines make up utter rubbish.

DogInATent Thu 25-Apr-19 14:56:15

Social media is full of people inventing rumours and living other people's lives rather than their own.

Who gives a shit? - other than some author who's lining up a book on how broken marriages are hereditary and needs a famous example to help pitch it to a publisher.

recrudescence Thu 25-Apr-19 14:57:07

This is one of those situations where I wouldn’t be surprised and don’t care in equal measure.

BertrandRussell Thu 25-Apr-19 14:57:18

I can’t wait for the Monarchy to implode but until then I want my money’s worth of scandal and frocks and tiaras and babies carriages drawn by matched white horses and speculation......I feel it’s the least they can do.

PlatypusPie Thu 25-Apr-19 14:57:42

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Badtasteflump Thu 25-Apr-19 14:58:56

So why the silence on this?

Because lawyers for PW have threatened legal action against any UK papers reporting on the story - which is why they've done it in a roundabout way, hinting about the Rose woman being Kate's 'rural rival' and them falling out, etc...

Badtasteflump Thu 25-Apr-19 15:00:26

I can’t wait for the Monarchy to implode but until then I want my money’s worth of scandal and frocks and tiaras and babies carriages drawn by matched white horses and speculation......I feel it’s the least they can do

Ha, I have to agree. The world's most expensive soap opera...

Quintella Thu 25-Apr-19 15:00:34

The British press love a good old disingenuous hint when clearer paths are off bounds.

LaurieMarlow Thu 25-Apr-19 15:00:39

I haven't a clue obviously, but it wouldn't be surprising if he did. The family have lots of form, with his father and grandfather leading the way.

I don't blame them for keeping it out of the press, I just wish they'd try a bit harder to keep a lid on the Meghan bashing. It's very unpalatable.

Quartz2208 Thu 25-Apr-19 15:01:57

50 years ago it would have been expected - he if hasnt he would be the first potential Prince of Wales who hasnt!

That said today the Daily Mail is making it very clear the fallout (for whatever reason) is between the brothers and no one else

NoYo Thu 25-Apr-19 15:03:04

The Royals still have a great deal of power and influence. It would be easy for them to cover up an awful lot of things with a complicit media.

bethy15 Thu 25-Apr-19 15:03:36

People get really het up about they royals, hey?

I wonder if they respond the same way if a thread is made about a celeb marriage rumours?

Like this....

You have started this thread, OP, just to push the story further. Your faux innocence ‘ just wondering’ is fooling nobody . That is why you are an unpleasant gossip.

A bit much. I also wondered why our press are not covering it when other countries are and it was a top trend on twitter. They've clearly been silenced and if that doesn't bother you then it should.

Sarcelle Thu 25-Apr-19 15:03:59

If it is true it could be why Harry is being distant with William. He seems fine with Kate.

Quintella Thu 25-Apr-19 15:04:27

I wonder if when marrying into a royal family (any royal family, not just the British one) whether the future bride is given a crash course on things to expect. Infidelity: expect it and handle it.

CuriousaboutSamphire Thu 25-Apr-19 15:05:13

The press are silenced. The royal family have more power than you think. Huh? I could get the same injunction if I had the same grounds. Anyone could. Many Someone's have! Often!

Hate the royals if you like, but at least do it from an informed perspective!

caughtinanet Thu 25-Apr-19 15:06:53

WHy do you care?

It's OK, you know, to be interested in stuff, why shoudln't someone be, the question is more why you would bother to post that.

CuriousaboutSamphire Thu 25-Apr-19 15:07:11

Arrgh! Meant to add... if they had as much power as they are supposed to have the NO OTHER media outlet would be carrying anything at all about it!

Butterymuffin Thu 25-Apr-19 15:08:29

given the hell his mother put them both through with her dalliances

Ahem. His father went down that road first.

Quintella Thu 25-Apr-19 15:08:44

It's like when an actor or footballer gets a superinjunction out over some extra marital shenanigans, the press goes into overdrive with trivial piss-taking articles about them.

BertrandRussell Thu 25-Apr-19 15:10:03

My mother was in Australia during the abdication crisis and used to send her sisters in England all the Australian papers because they had the gossip in them not printed in the U.K. It’s nothing new!

Pengrin Thu 25-Apr-19 15:10:18

bethy15 it’s so bizarre.

Certain posters are all over any thread about royals with the same old:

‘Why Do YoU CaRe?’
‘Leave them alone’
‘They’re just normal people, get a life’
‘You’re clearly a racist’

So odd.

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