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To think 10 pounds per hour is very little to receive for cleaning?

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FakeUp Wed 24-Apr-19 21:22:13

This seems to be the standard payment as far as I am aware. The work is often physically demanding, especially if someone is cleaning two or three places every day. Let's say someone cleans two places for 30 pounds each Monday to Friday, they earn around 1200 / month (pre tax). This may have been fine in the time when women had a cleaning job to supplement their husband's salary, but now when many women are single or divorced and supporting themselves, it seems like a very small amount to survive on.

pessimisticstateofperception Wed 24-Apr-19 21:23:53

I'm a cleaner and on minimum wage. A tenner an hour would be amazing grin

Redtartanshoes Wed 24-Apr-19 21:25:03

I’d reckon most don’t pay tax though. So it’s what £28k a year equivalent? For a low skill job with a good amount of flexibility. 🤷🏽‍♀️

hibbledibble Wed 24-Apr-19 21:25:37

Standard payment where?

I'm in London and my cleaner charges 13-15 an hour. Others charged 11-12 but were no good.

donajimena Wed 24-Apr-19 21:26:10

That's why I charge 14p/h or a fixed fee. Minimum wage is fine (ish) if you are employed.

chandylier Wed 24-Apr-19 21:27:40

They could also work 10 hours a day,6 days a week

AliceLutherNeeMorgan Wed 24-Apr-19 21:28:33

That’s only 30 hours a week, also - so about three quarters of full time. If they worked a standard 40 hours, or 50/60 like lots of people do, it would be significantly more!

KneelJustKneel Wed 24-Apr-19 21:28:35

How on earth do you get anywhere near 28k?!?! Minimum wage is nowhere near that.

Tunnocks34 Wed 24-Apr-19 21:30:12

We pay our cleaner £20 for two hours. But it’s £12.50 for 1 hour. Think it’s like a deal she does.

She gets cash in hand - no idea if she pays tax on it.

Ashparo12 Wed 24-Apr-19 21:31:23

Seems about right. In London I paid 13£ per hour for a cleaner through a company- after the company takes their cuts im not sure what the worker would have been paid.

FakeUp Wed 24-Apr-19 21:32:09

Redtartanshoes I agree, most cleaners will get paid in cash and can avoid tax, but still, that only makes 14,400 / year based on the OP figures. Plus they are unlikely to be paid when they or the home owner is away for any reason.

ThisMustBeMyDream Wed 24-Apr-19 21:32:46

Qualified midwives start on £12.41 ph. They hold 2 lives in their hands as autonomous practitioners. They will have completed a level standard study, and a 3 year degree.

Do I think cleaners should be on more? No.

whyohwhyowhydididoit Wed 24-Apr-19 21:33:56

It’s nearly 25% more than the minimum wage for a job you can do with little training and no qualifications, tests or exams.

It also depends where you live. In some less expensive parts of the U.K. it would be quite a lot to be earning, in others less so. I am in Greater London and pay my cleaner £13.85 an hour.

lemonjam Wed 24-Apr-19 21:35:18

I work in social care for £9.13 an hour (and I’m one of the highest paid due to qualifications and length of service). I do loads of cleaning, as well as personal care and dealing with challenging behaviour. £10 an hour is alright.

whyohwhyowhydididoit Wed 24-Apr-19 21:35:53

My cleaner also works in a care home, she has had to do various NVQs which she has to study for in her own time and she earns a lot less per hour than her cleaning jobs.

PlainSpeakingStraightTalking Wed 24-Apr-19 21:37:02

This will all be cash in hand - and in their back pocket s rather large top up to claiming welfare

FakeUp Wed 24-Apr-19 21:37:58

ThisMustBeMyDream i would argue midwives should be getting more, not that people doing cleaning should be getting less. Men's manual work is better paid than women's manual work. In fact all women's work is undervalued, and in my opinion often by women as well as by men.

BarrenFieldofFucks Wed 24-Apr-19 21:38:28

What a job is worth has nothing to do with the personal circumstances of the person doing the job. Cleaning isn't something that requires a massive level of particular skills that are in demand, so the work doesn't command a huge hourly rate. But £10 per hour seems perfectly ok for the work.

FakeUp Wed 24-Apr-19 21:41:22

lemonjam and why - exactly the same applies. People working in social care are paid appallingly and often given very little emotional or educational support for their difficult job. Everyone is comparing similarly undervalued work mainly done by women and trying to form a hierarchy.

99calmbeforethestorm Wed 24-Apr-19 21:46:39

Average newly qualified teacher is paid £12 per hour for the average working week. This calculated term timely only and does not include holiday pay or the student loan they had to take out to become qualified for the job.

I wonder how much a new police officer or nurse earns per hour.

arethereanyleftatall Wed 24-Apr-19 21:46:43

It's stress free, flexible, I disagree that it's hard, you can often take your baby with you, (I've always let my cleaners do that if required, and paid on a by the job basis), you don't take your work home with you, choose the hours you want. Ok, the money isn't great, but there are a lot of positives. Whether a man or woman does it.

NailsNeedDoing Wed 24-Apr-19 21:47:20

But it has to be compared to decide whether it's enough or not.

Considering TAs are teaching children and carers are providing a difficult and draining service for less, no, I don't think a cleaner on £10 an hour has it too bad.

WoollyMollyMonkey Wed 24-Apr-19 21:48:07

Cleaning is bloody hard physical work! I couldn’t do it for 6 or 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. I’m knackered after an hour!

BackforGood Wed 24-Apr-19 21:52:05

It’s nearly 25% more than the minimum wage for a job you can do with little training and no qualifications, tests or exams.

So yes, YABU.
Try being a care worker, or working in a day Nursery. LOT more responsibility for lot less money.
No, it shouldn't be a race to the bottom, but there isn't a reason why cleaning should be a higher paid job.

Livedandlearned Wed 24-Apr-19 21:52:05

It's really hard work and when you take into consideration the travel costs, insurance and lack of sick or holiday pay it's pretty rubbish.

I struggle nowadays to do 4 houses a day like i could a few years ago.

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