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8Wina4 Tue 23-Apr-19 23:59:43

I work in an office environment, in a team of around 20. Before the Easter weekend, I was chatting in the staff room on a break about how I've recently really got into baking, and one of my colleagues jokingly said that she wouldn't mind if I bought some cake to work for her to try. I promised I'd bring some home made cakes in after Easter.

Fast forward to today. I take in four different homemade cakes. I also took in some little vegan cake bites from Tesco, as we have 2 vegans in the office and I wanted them to be able to eat something nice too (everything I baked had flour/eggs in)

One of the vegans approached me at lunch, and told me that she was really disappointed that I hadn't made the effort to home bake anything vegan, and that I had promised homemade cakes, so I should have provided that for everyone. She said she didn't like the vegan cakes I'd bought from Tesco, and that she was fed up with being left out of team lunches/treats.

I was a bit taken aback, so apologised. But the more I think about it, the more I think she was actually the unreasonable one...


BertrandRussell Sat 27-Apr-19 10:58:28

“Yes, I get that it was poorly phrased, Bertrand, but I think it was mostly about this particular vegan going through the trouble of baking and catering for different options, as she expected from the OP.”
So you would expect a vegan to provide non vegan cakes if she was baking cakes for work?

Veterinari Sat 27-Apr-19 13:04:34

She is entitled. As are most millennials.

Ooh! Vegan and millennial!
This thread is like superiority bingo! Now just tell us she has a hyphenated name...

Lweji Sat 27-Apr-19 13:43:09

Do we know the CFV's age?

Lweji Sat 27-Apr-19 13:44:51

So you would expect a vegan to provide non vegan cakes if she was baking cakes for work?

As it's clear from mine and the other pp's posts, we would expect THIS CFV to also provide the same non vegan cakes.

GreatestShowUnicorn Sat 27-Apr-19 14:26:13

I'd never bring anything for the rude twat ever again but if you ever need to make a vegan cake try little miss cupcakes naughtiest vegan cakes in town. I've never made anything bad out of it and the ebook is only 99p.

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