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8Wina4 Tue 23-Apr-19 23:59:43

I work in an office environment, in a team of around 20. Before the Easter weekend, I was chatting in the staff room on a break about how I've recently really got into baking, and one of my colleagues jokingly said that she wouldn't mind if I bought some cake to work for her to try. I promised I'd bring some home made cakes in after Easter.

Fast forward to today. I take in four different homemade cakes. I also took in some little vegan cake bites from Tesco, as we have 2 vegans in the office and I wanted them to be able to eat something nice too (everything I baked had flour/eggs in)

One of the vegans approached me at lunch, and told me that she was really disappointed that I hadn't made the effort to home bake anything vegan, and that I had promised homemade cakes, so I should have provided that for everyone. She said she didn't like the vegan cakes I'd bought from Tesco, and that she was fed up with being left out of team lunches/treats.

I was a bit taken aback, so apologised. But the more I think about it, the more I think she was actually the unreasonable one...


Lweji Wed 24-Apr-19 00:32:33

If she wants to be included, then she can take free home baked cakes for everyone.

Lweji Wed 24-Apr-19 00:34:16

People don't eat all sort of things that we make cakes with.
I know someone who won't eat chocolate!

We try to cater for everyone, but sometimes it's just not possible to please everyone.

She got free vegan cakes. She should be thankful.

8Wina4 Wed 24-Apr-19 00:39:45

Really?! Never heard of it 😉

Just because I google a recipe, doesn't mean I can make it, or that it'll turn out well.

SummerPlace Wed 24-Apr-19 00:51:53

I wouldn't bother bringing in a stale biscuit for your workmate. Nasty entitled piece of work. However, if you ever need to make a vegan cake, some people swear by this. Sounds dead easy.

YesimstillwatchingNetflix Wed 24-Apr-19 00:56:24

She is so rude!!! I'm vegetarian and when people remember and make even a token effort to cater for me I am incredibly grateful.

Don't feel bad at all.

Singlenotsingle Wed 24-Apr-19 00:56:49

Suggest that she could make some vegan cakes herself, and bring them in for everybody to try?

Purpletigers Wed 24-Apr-19 01:00:26

Take another cake in next week . Don’t buy anything vegan . She’s a cheeky bitch !

Purpletigers Wed 24-Apr-19 01:02:54

I never feel obliged to cater for anyone who doesn’t eat certain foods through choice . My sil is vegetarian but not through choice , I’m happy to cater for her .

AestheticPerfection Wed 24-Apr-19 01:03:56

Despite being veggie most my life and repeatedly trying to do vegan and stay vegan, my baking skills have never, ever let me bake an actual cake which is vegan. Other treats, just about. But not cakes. It can be quite hard to get the mid of ingredients just right, the slightest mistake can blow the entire thing. And I'm not bad at baking (it's just the presentation of mine which sucks). I'd have been thrilled to have been thought of, it's not easy.

Purpletigers Wed 24-Apr-19 01:05:02

Can you even bake a vegan cake ? Surely it’s not cake if it doesn’t have butter and eggs . If you want to be vegan surely these are the sacrifices you make ?

c75kp0r Wed 24-Apr-19 01:05:16

Dear OP
I made a vegan banana cake that I dreamed up myself. It was a bit rubbery in texture - ( too much banana - and I didn't use cream of tartar which might have introduced some badly needled lightness). I had also mistakenly thought that bananas were full of fat, so you wouldn't need any oil. There was also a slightly bitter taste from using too much treacle and not enough sugar, I would be very happy to send it to you to make for your lovely colleague. You wouldn't want to mess with the original proportions mind.

AlexaAmbidextra Wed 24-Apr-19 01:05:45

If you are kind enough to make cakes then it’s entirely up to you what sort you make and who you make them for. Unreasonable fuckers like her are the sort that give vegans a bad name.

Smelborp Wed 24-Apr-19 01:06:12

Bloody hell, that was so rude of her!

AlexaAmbidextra Wed 24-Apr-19 01:07:15

There's this thing called Google.

Look out. The vegan’s here. 😄

BettyDuMonde Wed 24-Apr-19 01:08:35

As a dairy free person (gave it up to breastfeed allergic daughter) I am used to going without when the chocolates/biscuits/cakes go round.

I would’ve been impressed by your thoughtfulness, personally (even if you’d brought something I didn’t particularly like).

Fuck her. Next time, make cream cakes grin

FifisLovelyApron Wed 24-Apr-19 01:10:26

Does she ever bring in vegan cakes and treats for the group to try, or does she prefer to sit back and whinge that she isn't being catered to?

c75kp0r Wed 24-Apr-19 01:12:15

In one of the occasions when I wasn't channelling Letitia Cropley I made a chocolate cake which had vinegar instead of eggs and it was actually very nice. Do not cook this for your colleague though, OP.

and it isn't just me .... is a cake shop that does eggless cakes -

RightYesButNo Wed 24-Apr-19 01:15:11

Ooo, a cake CF. Not the first. I read a thread where a nurse was getting amazing at making cakes and her office was super excited for her to bring one in. She brought one in, and another nurse who was very excited didn’t get a piece before it was all gone. So the CF filed a SAFETY REPORT against the cake baker for “not overseeing cake distribution”! I found the thread if you want to feel less alone about your own cake CF, OP:

WTFisThat Wed 24-Apr-19 01:15:14

Jesus! What an utter cheeky fucker!

BoomBoomsCousin Wed 24-Apr-19 01:16:42

Next time (assuming you want to make cakes for your lovely colleagues again) bring in one Tesco vegan cake for lovely vegan and make up a small cupcake with a flour, sugar and water “cake” CF colleague. Keep asking her if it’s any good as “it’s the first time I’ve tried anything vegan”. If she asks where you got the recipe tell her it was recommended by a mum on a parenting website.

ThumbWitchesAbroad Wed 24-Apr-19 01:19:17

I have a gluten free cake mix for chocolate mudcake that I use, that CAN be made vegan by using oil and either egg-replacer or (amazingly) golden syrup instead of eggs. It's not the same - it does't rise properly - but it is still chocolate mud cake, I suppose!

But if you've never made vegan cakes before then it's not something I would do as a general thing either. She's ungrateful and rude - and quite honestly if she's THAT fussy she could have volunteered to bring in a vegan cake that SHE had made to show everyone how good they COULD be.

You're not a master baker, you're doing a nice thing and she's just pissed all over it with her "whataboutme" shiz.

WhereYouLeftIt Wed 24-Apr-19 01:23:31

"she was really looking forward to home made cake rather than "a shitty half-stale afterthought from Tesco" "
Then I suggest she makes a home-made cake and brings it in to show everyone how it's done. Alternatively, she could say 'thank you' and STFU with her entitled complaints.

StillCoughingandLaughing Wed 24-Apr-19 01:24:44

If you’d agreed to make the food for an event, for example, I’d think maybe you should have made a separate vegan dish. But this was just you doing a nice thing because you like baking. You were kind enough to get them something they could eat with your own money; I’m glad at least one of them appreciated the effort!

mushroomsandtoadstools Wed 24-Apr-19 01:38:18

YANBU. You didn’t need to cater to her silly vegan fad, but you did because you thought about them and brought something in for them.

In future just deliberately leave her out. Continue making normal cakes, buy something for the nice vegan and just ignore the other one. She’s incredibly rude.

NameChange92 Wed 24-Apr-19 01:53:55

See if you can find a vegan recipe with terrible reviews and make it. Take it in and make a big, public fuss about presenting it to her and how much effort you went to to make it especially for her because you know how upset she was that she didn’t get to try your last batch. Then keep putting pressure on her to eat more of it because it makes you so happy to see her getting to eat it. grin
If she’s honest about how terrible it is act like she’s really upset you after you went to so much effort.

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