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8Wina4 Tue 23-Apr-19 23:59:43

I work in an office environment, in a team of around 20. Before the Easter weekend, I was chatting in the staff room on a break about how I've recently really got into baking, and one of my colleagues jokingly said that she wouldn't mind if I bought some cake to work for her to try. I promised I'd bring some home made cakes in after Easter.

Fast forward to today. I take in four different homemade cakes. I also took in some little vegan cake bites from Tesco, as we have 2 vegans in the office and I wanted them to be able to eat something nice too (everything I baked had flour/eggs in)

One of the vegans approached me at lunch, and told me that she was really disappointed that I hadn't made the effort to home bake anything vegan, and that I had promised homemade cakes, so I should have provided that for everyone. She said she didn't like the vegan cakes I'd bought from Tesco, and that she was fed up with being left out of team lunches/treats.

I was a bit taken aback, so apologised. But the more I think about it, the more I think she was actually the unreasonable one...


whywhywhy6 Wed 24-Apr-19 00:02:08

She is rude and ungrateful. I’d keep clear of the crazy in future.

DontBuyANewMumCashmere Wed 24-Apr-19 00:03:15

What a CF! I'd just bring in normal cakes and not bother trying to accommodate her. Or make a slightly smaller one for her and smear it with beef dripping or something.
I am a cold hearted meat eating bitch though. grin

ValiaH Wed 24-Apr-19 00:03:17

She was unreasonable! You remembered vegan cakes, she wasn't left out.

GruciusMalfoy Wed 24-Apr-19 00:03:37

She was totally unreasonable. And ungrateful. Did she also expect you to have made some some gluten free, or maybe some sugar free for the diabetics... what about protein bars for people who don't eat carbs? Nonsense.

SleepingStandingUp Wed 24-Apr-19 00:05:43

yanbu, she was bloody rude. You went out of your way to provide her cake.

Can you make a really hideous vegan cake for her?

WhileLottaLottie Wed 24-Apr-19 00:05:49

But you didn't leave her out. You wen tout of your way to ensure there was a treat for her ungrateful bitch.... I eat an almost vegan diet mainly, occasional dairy.. I am not a vegan, I just like how I feel on an almost vegan diet), if that. Makes sense. And I had a similar situation in work once. I was very grateful the lady who baked whent out of her way to get me something too....she didn't have to do that she knows I am not a vegan for any other reason only I just enjoy the diet..

KateyKube Wed 24-Apr-19 00:05:51

FFS she needs to get over herself. If you have special dietary needs you won’t always be catered for. That’s just how it goes! Doubly so when you consider that she doesn’t NEED to eat vegan - it’s a CHOICE. Unlike an actual food allergy. I’m allergic to eggs so I wouldn’t be able to partake of cake that someone brought in, and I’d be grateful if they brought me anything at all because I wouldn’t expect it.

Southlonmum Wed 24-Apr-19 00:06:46

The lady has some major issues, vegan is her choice! Plus you even brought some for her so....she's the one in the wrong here

HeddaGarbled Wed 24-Apr-19 00:06:48

I think if you’d made one cake, she’d be unreasonable to be aggrieved. But to make 4 different ones but none of them suitable for your two vegan colleagues does seem a little unkind. Homemade cakes and shop bought are not really comparable, are they?

8Wina4 Wed 24-Apr-19 00:11:35

That was my thought process... I felt like I had included her, but she said I hadn't as I had said that I would bring in homemade cakes, and she was really looking forward to home made cake rather than "a shitty half-stale afterthought from Tesco"

Firstly, I don't know how to make a cake without butter and eggs, and secondly, I never promised to make vegan friendly cakes - it never crossed my mind at the time of the conversation with the other colleague. It was whilst I was buying the ingredients that I remembered the vegans, and I scoured ingredient lists for ages to find something that they could enjoy too. I felt quite insulted.

BackforGood Wed 24-Apr-19 00:13:46

She was rude.
You were incredibly thoughtful to get something for her.
It is a lifestyle choice she has made, knowing it is going to mean her missing out on treats a lot of the time. You could have (quite reasonably) "just" offered your home made goodies to those who chose to try them, but you were very generous and went out of your way, and out of your own pocket to go and get her a treat too, and she still complained.

YWNBU at all.
She was incredibly unreasonable.

8Wina4 Wed 24-Apr-19 00:15:12

I made a banana loaf, Victoria sponge, French apple cake and a lemon drizzle. It wasn't deliberate that none of them are vegan, the recipes I use call for eggs and butter. I know you can get dairy free butter, but how do you substitute eggs?! I've never made a vegan friendly cake before, and knowing my luck it'd probably go horribly wrong!

Rezie Wed 24-Apr-19 00:15:43

Your colleague is a jerk. When you bring something just for fun (not something paid by work) it is nice to take everyone in consideration but not a necessity. Next them just bring a piece of cake to yourself.

EL8888 Wed 24-Apr-19 00:15:44

She was incredibly rude, after you were so thoughtful to include her. YANBU. I wouldn’t know where to start making vegan cakes or biscuits?!

Preggosaurus9 Wed 24-Apr-19 00:15:52

What a rude person! I have allergies which mean I can very rarely eat anything brought in. If someone does make the effort to bring something I can eat I'm always grateful! Otherwise I don't say anything.

She is just very very rude. You were thoughtful enough to bring something for her after all, you didn't have to do that.

gamerchick Wed 24-Apr-19 00:16:09

It sounds as if she wanted your offerings to be all vegan so she could join in with everyone else.

Fuck them, take no more in future.

I do like the way people think you were being unkind, recently got into baking doesn't mean a flair for all 'food pain in the arses immediately'. I wouldn't bother in future, there will always be one who whinges

8Wina4 Wed 24-Apr-19 00:16:35

My last post was directed towards HeddaGarbled - sorry, forgot to tag.

KateyKube Wed 24-Apr-19 00:18:25

Firstly, I don't know how to make a cake without butter and eggs
Why should you have to make the effort to learn how to bake vegan cakes? Investing time and money and chucking numerous failed cakes in the bin. Bringing something to share doesn’t mean you’re responsible for making sure it meets everyone’s dietary requirements. And I say that as someone with a food allergy who invariably gets left out when “normal” food is shared around.

Serenity45 Wed 24-Apr-19 00:18:42

YANBU and actually very calm in the face of such rudeness. I thought it was really considerate of you to cater for the vegans.

dreichuplands Wed 24-Apr-19 00:21:49

YANBU, maybe suggest that she brings in vegan cakes for everyone and shares her recipes with you? Are her cakes tasty? Or has she not bothered to bring anything in for you to eat.

mightskys Wed 24-Apr-19 00:22:48

Gosh how rude!

if it was me, and If she hadn't been so rude I may have made a vegan cake in the future but I would definitely not be ditching the eggs and flour to suit her after that comment.

How did the other vegan respond? I would be tempted to make the other vegan a mini vegan cake that couldn't be shared grin

We have a few diabetics in our office and they never complain that they can't eat the sweet treats and they even bring in sweets and cakes when it's their birthdays.

8Wina4 Wed 24-Apr-19 00:24:09

The other vegan colleague was really chuffed that I'd brought something in that she could eat. It was just the other one who was clearly very pissed off with me, making me wonder whether I was actually in the wrong.
Happy to see that the general consensus is that I wasn't.

EBearhug Wed 24-Apr-19 00:28:40

I don't know how to make a cake without butter and eggs

There's this thing called Google.

NaturatintGoldenChestnut Wed 24-Apr-19 00:28:51

That would be it for cakes I brought in. 'Would love to but tbh, X got really offended I didn't bring in specifically vegan homemade cake. My budget just doesn't extend to particular catering requirements so no more cakes, all.'

I'd have told her, 'Excuse me? I'm not running a catering company.'

Lweji Wed 24-Apr-19 00:32:33

If she wants to be included, then she can take free home baked cakes for everyone.

Lweji Wed 24-Apr-19 00:34:16

People don't eat all sort of things that we make cakes with.
I know someone who won't eat chocolate!

We try to cater for everyone, but sometimes it's just not possible to please everyone.

She got free vegan cakes. She should be thankful.

8Wina4 Wed 24-Apr-19 00:39:45

Really?! Never heard of it 😉

Just because I google a recipe, doesn't mean I can make it, or that it'll turn out well.

SummerPlace Wed 24-Apr-19 00:51:53

I wouldn't bother bringing in a stale biscuit for your workmate. Nasty entitled piece of work. However, if you ever need to make a vegan cake, some people swear by this. Sounds dead easy.

YesimstillwatchingNetflix Wed 24-Apr-19 00:56:24

She is so rude!!! I'm vegetarian and when people remember and make even a token effort to cater for me I am incredibly grateful.

Don't feel bad at all.

Singlenotsingle Wed 24-Apr-19 00:56:49

Suggest that she could make some vegan cakes herself, and bring them in for everybody to try?

Purpletigers Wed 24-Apr-19 01:00:26

Take another cake in next week . Don’t buy anything vegan . She’s a cheeky bitch !

Purpletigers Wed 24-Apr-19 01:02:54

I never feel obliged to cater for anyone who doesn’t eat certain foods through choice . My sil is vegetarian but not through choice , I’m happy to cater for her .

AestheticPerfection Wed 24-Apr-19 01:03:56

Despite being veggie most my life and repeatedly trying to do vegan and stay vegan, my baking skills have never, ever let me bake an actual cake which is vegan. Other treats, just about. But not cakes. It can be quite hard to get the mid of ingredients just right, the slightest mistake can blow the entire thing. And I'm not bad at baking (it's just the presentation of mine which sucks). I'd have been thrilled to have been thought of, it's not easy.

Purpletigers Wed 24-Apr-19 01:05:02

Can you even bake a vegan cake ? Surely it’s not cake if it doesn’t have butter and eggs . If you want to be vegan surely these are the sacrifices you make ?

c75kp0r Wed 24-Apr-19 01:05:16

Dear OP
I made a vegan banana cake that I dreamed up myself. It was a bit rubbery in texture - ( too much banana - and I didn't use cream of tartar which might have introduced some badly needled lightness). I had also mistakenly thought that bananas were full of fat, so you wouldn't need any oil. There was also a slightly bitter taste from using too much treacle and not enough sugar, I would be very happy to send it to you to make for your lovely colleague. You wouldn't want to mess with the original proportions mind.

AlexaAmbidextra Wed 24-Apr-19 01:05:45

If you are kind enough to make cakes then it’s entirely up to you what sort you make and who you make them for. Unreasonable fuckers like her are the sort that give vegans a bad name.

Smelborp Wed 24-Apr-19 01:06:12

Bloody hell, that was so rude of her!

AlexaAmbidextra Wed 24-Apr-19 01:07:15

There's this thing called Google.

Look out. The vegan’s here. 😄

BettyDuMonde Wed 24-Apr-19 01:08:35

As a dairy free person (gave it up to breastfeed allergic daughter) I am used to going without when the chocolates/biscuits/cakes go round.

I would’ve been impressed by your thoughtfulness, personally (even if you’d brought something I didn’t particularly like).

Fuck her. Next time, make cream cakes grin

FifisLovelyApron Wed 24-Apr-19 01:10:26

Does she ever bring in vegan cakes and treats for the group to try, or does she prefer to sit back and whinge that she isn't being catered to?

c75kp0r Wed 24-Apr-19 01:12:15

In one of the occasions when I wasn't channelling Letitia Cropley I made a chocolate cake which had vinegar instead of eggs and it was actually very nice. Do not cook this for your colleague though, OP.

and it isn't just me .... is a cake shop that does eggless cakes -

RightYesButNo Wed 24-Apr-19 01:15:11

Ooo, a cake CF. Not the first. I read a thread where a nurse was getting amazing at making cakes and her office was super excited for her to bring one in. She brought one in, and another nurse who was very excited didn’t get a piece before it was all gone. So the CF filed a SAFETY REPORT against the cake baker for “not overseeing cake distribution”! I found the thread if you want to feel less alone about your own cake CF, OP:

WTFisThat Wed 24-Apr-19 01:15:14

Jesus! What an utter cheeky fucker!

BoomBoomsCousin Wed 24-Apr-19 01:16:42

Next time (assuming you want to make cakes for your lovely colleagues again) bring in one Tesco vegan cake for lovely vegan and make up a small cupcake with a flour, sugar and water “cake” CF colleague. Keep asking her if it’s any good as “it’s the first time I’ve tried anything vegan”. If she asks where you got the recipe tell her it was recommended by a mum on a parenting website.

ThumbWitchesAbroad Wed 24-Apr-19 01:19:17

I have a gluten free cake mix for chocolate mudcake that I use, that CAN be made vegan by using oil and either egg-replacer or (amazingly) golden syrup instead of eggs. It's not the same - it does't rise properly - but it is still chocolate mud cake, I suppose!

But if you've never made vegan cakes before then it's not something I would do as a general thing either. She's ungrateful and rude - and quite honestly if she's THAT fussy she could have volunteered to bring in a vegan cake that SHE had made to show everyone how good they COULD be.

You're not a master baker, you're doing a nice thing and she's just pissed all over it with her "whataboutme" shiz.

WhereYouLeftIt Wed 24-Apr-19 01:23:31

"she was really looking forward to home made cake rather than "a shitty half-stale afterthought from Tesco" "
Then I suggest she makes a home-made cake and brings it in to show everyone how it's done. Alternatively, she could say 'thank you' and STFU with her entitled complaints.

StillCoughingandLaughing Wed 24-Apr-19 01:24:44

If you’d agreed to make the food for an event, for example, I’d think maybe you should have made a separate vegan dish. But this was just you doing a nice thing because you like baking. You were kind enough to get them something they could eat with your own money; I’m glad at least one of them appreciated the effort!

mushroomsandtoadstools Wed 24-Apr-19 01:38:18

YANBU. You didn’t need to cater to her silly vegan fad, but you did because you thought about them and brought something in for them.

In future just deliberately leave her out. Continue making normal cakes, buy something for the nice vegan and just ignore the other one. She’s incredibly rude.

NameChange92 Wed 24-Apr-19 01:53:55

See if you can find a vegan recipe with terrible reviews and make it. Take it in and make a big, public fuss about presenting it to her and how much effort you went to to make it especially for her because you know how upset she was that she didn’t get to try your last batch. Then keep putting pressure on her to eat more of it because it makes you so happy to see her getting to eat it. grin
If she’s honest about how terrible it is act like she’s really upset you after you went to so much effort.

llewellyn25 Wed 24-Apr-19 01:58:33

I'm vegan and I don't expect anyone to cater for me so I think she was being ridiculous.

Humpy84 Wed 24-Apr-19 02:11:20

You sound like a really lovely person. I can’t imagine being a working Mum with the time to bake for colleagues but you’ve gone above and beyond. Not only that but it takes time to shop, and you’ve made a special purchase for her.

Unlike your good self, this woman lacks breeding.

Buy her a cucumber instead and tell her to shove it up her bum.

Inniu Wed 24-Apr-19 02:15:10

How very rude.

Egg free cakes invariably contain banana, to which I have an allergy. In the 8 years of my mother making egg free bananaful cakes to accommodate my nephew I have never once, and she is my mother so she does know, reminded her of my banana allergy

CallItLoneliness Wed 24-Apr-19 02:15:23

Wow. That person is the kind of vegan that gives the rest of us veggies a bad name. I might have chosen not to eat anything I wasn't sure didn't have gelatine in it, but I wouldn't have quizzed you on the ingredients and I'd've told you they looked lovely!

DeRigueurMortis Wed 24-Apr-19 02:15:39

Of course you were unreasonable.

I only like chocolate cake and you wouldn't have catered for me with your home baked cakes.

You are anti-chocolate and thoughtless with it - you didn't even bother to get us chocolaterians a proletariat Tesco cake (Waitrose may have been acceptable).

You pandered to the fruitarians - banana, lemon, apple and bloody jam in a Victoria sponge. No I don't care if was strawberry or raspberry - those bloody fruit lovers get all the good stuff.

Sod the vegans - you've bloody alienated all us Chocolaterians.

I'm fuming angryangryangryangry

p.s. the coffee cake contingent are coming for you shortly - they are really bloody annoyed 😠 and nasty without their coffee cake fix.

MidniteScribbler Wed 24-Apr-19 02:17:53

But to make 4 different ones but none of them suitable for your two vegan colleagues does seem a little unkind. Homemade cakes and shop bought are not really comparable, are they?

Then feel free to bake your own (after you fuck off, of course).

StoppinBy Wed 24-Apr-19 02:33:47

If you did want a vegan cake there is a cake called 'wacky chocolate cake', it bakes up ok BUT honestly I would not be altering my usual recipes to pacify this kind of person.

YANBU to not make a scratch vegan cake, she WBU to be so darn rude, unless you specifically said you would bring in a vegan cake then you actually went out of your way to accommodate her by buying in special stuff for her.

mrbob Wed 24-Apr-19 02:49:34

I am vegan (mostly) I love cake and would be touched that you brought any vegan cakes in for me. Or even a pack of Oreos tbh. If I want home made vegan cakes I will bake them! She was rude

Margot33 Wed 24-Apr-19 02:59:17

Sorry, she was rude.

Margot33 Wed 24-Apr-19 03:01:32

Suggests she bakes one for the office!

MrsMozartMkII Wed 24-Apr-19 03:03:48

Bloody rude CF!

Some excellent responses on here though grin

1forAll74 Wed 24-Apr-19 03:12:35

This person was very impolite and rude to you.Her veganism has gone to far,as surely she could have savoured a small taste of those lovely sounding cakes that you baked.There is always someone in the workplace,who has to be difficult at times.!

shiveringtimber Wed 24-Apr-19 03:12:36

It's not a vegan thing but a CF thing. Ignore.

lunar1 Wed 24-Apr-19 03:13:20

What a bitch!

DS1 has a horrible reaction to dairy. He's happy to politely decline, he'd be thrilled if someone brought him something from a shop as he is rarely able to join in.

I'll be honest, we'd both rather shop bought than home made unless we are sure the baker really understands dairy free. Bitter experience has proven it's not as easy as it sounds and he'd only realise after he's broken out in hives and has looks 20 months pregnant.

Unless you have to avoid a food, it can easily make its way into baking!

EleanorLavish Wed 24-Apr-19 03:20:04

Could I have your recipe for French Apple Cake, please?
(Misses point of thread)

mathanxiety Wed 24-Apr-19 03:41:54

Tell her next time she can provide cakes for the whole office and it will be your turn to whine at the quality and make up slights.

BritWifeinUSA Wed 24-Apr-19 03:45:38

You were very kind to bake not one but 4 different cakes. I assume she is vegan by choice?

FishCanFly Wed 24-Apr-19 04:16:52

What a silly moo

Ferii Wed 24-Apr-19 04:29:44

YANBU. What an utter cow! I can't believe someone would have the cheek to say that! I'm a home baker and my old office had several vegetarians, two dairy-free, a soy-free and a garlic/onion free. It was a bloody nightmare. We'd all bring in bits and bobs from time to time and noone got offended if they couldn't eat it. You brought 4 homemade cakes and went out of your way to ensure the vegans had something too. I'd continue baking as usual, pile on all the cream you can find and make a small individual vegan desert for the one nice vegan in your office and make sure the bitch vegan gets nothing.

Sashkin Wed 24-Apr-19 04:35:01

c75kp0r grin

OP, don’t let the fact you have never cooked a vegan cake put you off! Bring all of your experiments in for CFCakeVegan to try. The more the better, I’d be aiming for a couple of rank over-oily cakes every day, just for her. I remember eating a particularly disgusting sugar-free lemon and olive oil effort from our local farmers market last summer (tasted almost entirely of olive oil). Google that, and maybe substitute grapefruit or something else weird and non-cakey for the lemon.

randomsabreuse Wed 24-Apr-19 04:35:55

Vegan cakes are quite fiddly to get right, half the recipes are totally inedible (kids' allergies meant I needed to find an egg free recipe to avoid toddler strops --and now my own strops as well, thank you dc2--). I have now found a recipe that works (all recipes egg free banana bread subbing in vegan spread and adding cocoa to the flour) and have not tried any more options since I found something I liked!

Vegan spread isn't always easy to find. I tend to need to visit big shops for things...

floribunda18 Wed 24-Apr-19 04:37:10

What ferii said. I'd make sure she is specifically left out next time.

floribunda18 Wed 24-Apr-19 04:39:26

If you make her a lovely vegan banana bread, she'd probably say I DON'T LIKE BANANAS or something anyway. She sounds like a toddler.

ittakes2 Wed 24-Apr-19 04:47:33

I have coeliac's disease so I can't eat gluten and it would never cross my mind to even think someone would provide for me in this situation - I think you were being very kind going to the shop and buying them something. Vegan is a choice - she's a nutter and I agree with others - ignore her. 4 cakes and a trip to the shop for vegan sound very kind and thoughtful to me.

amandacarnet Wed 24-Apr-19 05:16:41

Just don't make anymore cakes. If anyone asks after them, just say you can do without the hassle for not bringing in cakes that all colleagues wanted.

RhiWrites Wed 24-Apr-19 05:40:35

She was rude and graceless. But it’s not that hard to make vegan cake, I’ve done it. Banana bread would have been a good choice since banana is an egg substitute. You can also substitute with chickpea starch (saved from rehydrating chickpeas).

amandacarnet Wed 24-Apr-19 05:44:15

It doesn't matter whether it is hard to make. I don't like chocolate cake, but I would not complain if a colleague kept bringing in homemade chocolate cake. She is doing everyone a favour. It is basically a gift. You don't say to the gift giver, well I don't like that, so bring something different.

NewPapaGuinea Wed 24-Apr-19 06:00:31

Classic vegan

AJPTaylor Wed 24-Apr-19 06:02:20

Hilarious. Tell her it's her turn next and you are looking forward to trying the delicious vegan fare she is bringing in.

Purplecatshopaholic Wed 24-Apr-19 06:12:58

Golly, she's a CF! Not sure when the Vegan Police became a 'thing' but people like that do no one any favours. I am gluten free but I would not dream of giving a colleague a hard time for providing cake I could not eat. Dear God!

Mummyoflittledragon Wed 24-Apr-19 06:14:06

Well she’s clearly superior as she’s vegan so of course you are rude for merely existing. 🙄

WindsweptEgret Wed 24-Apr-19 06:15:36

The vegan thing is irreverent. No allergy, no intolerance? Then she just didn't like the cakes you baked. Don't like it, don't eat it, don't complain, simple.

jasmine1971 Wed 24-Apr-19 06:22:29

You can't win, OP.
You were extremely generous to all your colleagues.
I remember baking for a class once - I had a gluten and dairy free student so I made the whole cake gluten/dairy free and then about six students complained because they weren't gluten/dairy free!
Grrr. Rudeness and lack of gratitude really get my goat.

GuineaPiglet345 Wed 24-Apr-19 06:22:41

I’ve got a nut allergy so sometimes I can’t eat homemade stuff people have brought in, no big deal. If I want a homemade cake that badly then I’ll make one myself.

Your colleague is an ungrateful, entitled, rude CF of the highest order. Ignore her and give her the hmm face every time she starts banging on about being vegan (which I’m assuming is a daily occurrence)

Thepacksurvives Wed 24-Apr-19 06:23:02

She was being massively unreasonable. You're being kind you don't have to cater to everyone. It was very generous of you to take in the tesco ones.

I always dreamed of running a little tea room, my mum asked me the other day if this was still an ambition of mine but I said no, I couldn't be bothered with negative trip advisor reviews because I wouldn't cater to vegans. I'm a good baker and make lovely cakes but I like doing it my way and wouldn't stop using eggs and butter. Shame I wasn't born 40yrs earlier

longwayoff Wed 24-Apr-19 06:29:11

You APOLOGISED???? You are an admirable person OP and your entitled colleague has rendered me speechless. CF doesnt begin to cover it

YourEggnogIsBetterThanMine Wed 24-Apr-19 06:29:44


If she asks where you got the recipe tell her it was recommended by a mum on a parenting website


I wouldn't have been able to bite my tongue OP. What a CF! If I bake anything for DD's school I make it dairyfree because 1) it's an easy sub 2) DD has a good friend with a dairy allergy. Child with an allergy, I'll make an effort for. Ridiculously entitled adult who has made a dietary choice? Nah, fuck off.

JollyAndBright Wed 24-Apr-19 06:32:23

As a lifelong vegan I find her CF behaviour repugnant.
The fact that you went to the extra effort to buy something so the vegans wouldn’t be left out was very kind and she should have said thank you.

I think it’s less about her being a vegan and more about her being an obnoxious CF.

I’d also hazard a guess that she’s only recently become a vegan and is very preachy and judgy.

I could give you tips to veganise any baking recipe but I won’t because I don’t want you to make anything for that ungrateful cow.

I would be tempted to make another cake for the office and a little something for the nice college but nothing for the CF as ‘she was so upset by your offering last time you didn’t want to offend her again.’

JollyAndBright Wed 24-Apr-19 06:35:36


Vegan spread isn't always easy to find. I tend to need to visit big shops for things...

Vitalite and all flora spreads and vegan, most are stocked in even little shops.

MsTSwift Wed 24-Apr-19 06:37:04

Wow op no good deed unpunished!

There is something repellent about people doing others favours (for no pay) and the recipient instead of being grateful criticises the giver. Applied on another thread where the friend providing free childcare to the op wasn’t deemed cheery enough. Jaw dropping entitlement.

MsTSwift Wed 24-Apr-19 06:39:08

Lucky that I don’t work in an office anymore as I get older my sappy “niceness” is draining away and I fear I would have been rather rude to this moaner.

ContessaIsOnADietDammit Wed 24-Apr-19 06:46:28

Can you even bake a vegan cake ?

Fucking hell, that's dim grin yes of course you can!

OP, Vegan #1 in your office was terribly rude; Vegan #2 was far more in the run of normal.

In the normal way of things I'd send you an easy tried and tested vegan sponge recipe, but not sure I want you to indulge the cheeky fucker!!

ContessaIsOnADietDammit Wed 24-Apr-19 06:54:02

Actually... given how many on the thread seem to think it's incredibly difficult, I will provide a recipe anyway grin I assure you it is super easy and only requires you to not over-mix; may also need a little more liquid than stated for proper sponge mix consistency (aim for the same as an eggy mix). The mix itself will taste a little vinegary but the cake itself will not.

This is my standard birthday cake for my DC and for the past 3 years the parents of party kids have been actively asking for their own piece as it was nice last time smile must be alright then!

This is NOT carte blanche to cook for cheeky fuckers, please note!!

Navy123 Wed 24-Apr-19 06:55:58

Next time, buy a vegan 'treat' from the shop and put it on one of your plates - simple! Maybe scuff it up a bit if it looks too pro.

BalloonSlayer Wed 24-Apr-19 06:56:29

I can make a good vegan cake (not vegan, have allergic DC) but it took years before I got it right. All the people saying "It's simple" - mmm not necessarily!

I can tell you CF Vegan would have preferred a Tesco cake to one of my early efforts! grin

RhiWrites Wed 24-Apr-19 06:57:18

The more I think about this the more surprised I am that you didn’t even try, OP.

You brought in four specially made home made cakes for the office. Four cakes. But in a team with two vegans you didn’t even try to make one vegan cake. You didn’t even google how!

I still think the colleague was rude but I can see why she might have felt disappointed. It’s a bit egregious to bring in that much cake and not even attempt to try a vegan one.

But maybe that’s not the point. Maybe the point is a billionth vegan bashing thread. People love to hate vegans.

SillyMoomin Wed 24-Apr-19 06:59:15

Tell her you’ll do a swap. She can bake enough cakes for 20+ people in the office and you’ll bake her a little mini vegan one

“No........?? Oh you don’t want to bake non vegan stuff? Oh funny that ;) “

Keep an innocent sweet smile on your face the whole time. She’s a rude CF

PussGirl Wed 24-Apr-19 07:03:24

Your colleague was rude & ungrateful.

FWIW I made vegan Anzac biscuits using vegan margarine instead of butter for a cake event in my son's class. I knew his teacher was vegan so decided to try.

They were okay but nothing like as nice as the flapjacks & chocolate brownies grin

Petalflowers Wed 24-Apr-19 07:05:41

She was rude!

stucknoue Wed 24-Apr-19 07:14:51

How rude, she decided to have the restrictive diet, tough I would say - bringing in cake for the vegans was very thoughtful

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