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To skive off work tomorrow?

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ScrambledToe Mon 22-Apr-19 19:31:06

I know I'm being massively unreasonable! So I'm hoping you'll all say yes you are but do it anyway! I need random strangers to justify it to myself.

I've had the past 2 weeks off with the kids over Easter, we all go back to work/school tomorrow.

I'm a single parent and haven't had a day to myself throughout the whole holidays, don't get me wrong, it's been fab being off with the kids and doing lots with them, but mentally I need some time to myself!

The weather is glorious tomorrow, would I be unreasonable to skive off work and go for a walk up a mountain with just the dog for company?!

ShinyThings1 Mon 22-Apr-19 19:36:56

Yes, you would. What if your boss finds out you're skiving? Though if you don't get paid for sick days I don't think it's completely terrible.

CherryPavlova Mon 22-Apr-19 19:37:22

It would be lovely but it would be wrong.

deadsexy Mon 22-Apr-19 19:37:54

Pipe dream at this end but if I could I would x

gettingtherequickly Mon 22-Apr-19 19:38:56

Of course it's wrong, why didn't you just book a holiday?

chocolatebuttonsandcheese Mon 22-Apr-19 19:39:03

I would also love to do this... but wouldn't because it's wrong really

ScrambledToe Mon 22-Apr-19 19:39:33

I don't get paid for sick days, in fact it's a temporary contract until June.

Is it a slippery slope?

It does sound lovely doesn't it?!

I've currently been sitting in front of my laptop for the past 2 hours trying to get some work done for tomorrow, but then I checked the weather and now I can't do the work as I keep telling myself not to bother going in!

MingeOnFire Mon 22-Apr-19 19:40:23

Yes you would. Book a day's annual leave for yourself as soon as you can. I totally get where you're coming from though.

ScrambledToe Mon 22-Apr-19 19:40:42

@gettingtherquickly I work in a school so can't take time off during term time.

adaline Mon 22-Apr-19 19:40:56

It'll be really suspicious after a two week holiday, sorry!

DisplayPurposesOnly Mon 22-Apr-19 19:41:00

If you have the kind of job where you can ring first thing and ask for an extra days leave, do it.

If not, sorry, you'll have to go in like the responsible adult you are smile

ZippyBungleandGeorge Mon 22-Apr-19 19:41:17

You've just had time off, go to work , book an odd day of leave for another time and don't tell the DCs, that's fine.

Invisimamma Mon 22-Apr-19 19:41:56

It depends on your role and the nature of your job.

My work would mind if I phoned in the morning and requested a last minute annual leave day, providing I had no meetings in my diary and no upcoming deadlines. I manage my own workload so it's quite easy to take last minute annual leave.

My dp on the other hand works in the NHS preparing operating theatres, it has huge consequences when he can't work, his team has to cover his work and do extra or his work need to call someone else in to cover his shift.

So if people are relying on you YABU otherwise go for it and enjoy your day.

ScrambledToe Mon 22-Apr-19 19:41:58

I totally know it's wrong, but I'm interested to know how much it actually matters to people

Lollypop701 Mon 22-Apr-19 19:44:46

You should go, everyone will know and will be pissed off. If there’s a chance the temporary contract could be extended you might scupper it

ScrambledToe Mon 22-Apr-19 19:44:49

No one is relying on me, my work can be caught up on wednesday. No one needs to cover my role.

ScrambledToe Mon 22-Apr-19 19:45:36

the contract won't be renewed

ScrambledToe Mon 22-Apr-19 19:46:49

I'm feeling guilty now, maybe this was what I was hoping for. To be talked out of it. It's working! I am a responsible adult, honest!!

CaptainBrickbeard Mon 22-Apr-19 19:48:29

If no one needs to cover and you can catch up on Wednesday without it being too stressful, go for it!

ConfCall Mon 22-Apr-19 19:50:36

If you won’t be paid and genuinely no one will be lumbered with your work, I don’t see the issue. I don’t see why you’d pretend to be sick either. You’re a contractor, just say you won’t be in but it won’t affect your meeting the deadline.

MrsCasares Mon 22-Apr-19 19:52:09

If you have to think this hard about it, it’s wrong. Don’t look at what randoms say on the internet. Just look into your conscience.

drinkygin Mon 22-Apr-19 19:52:27

Going against the grain here. From what you’ve said about your role, workload and everything else, I would go for it. Enjoy

Minkies11 Mon 22-Apr-19 19:53:20

Do it OP. The company won't care if you are a contractor and your work gets done - you don't get sick pay anyway. I'll join you I think!

Takethatandparty30 Mon 22-Apr-19 19:54:23

Do it!

ICantEvenThinkStraight Mon 22-Apr-19 19:55:03

You really do deserve a child free good weather lovely day of... but it would be unreasonable to take one. A job is a privilege ( albeit a difficult, tiring and sometimes frustrating one) - a privilege that many don't have and would like.

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