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To say no to DDs sixth form choice?

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TheStirrer Mon 22-Apr-19 11:04:54

Daughter has decided she wants to study the International Baccalaureate as couldn’t pick 3 a levels. In particular she wanted to do maths, physics, chemistry & geography & a language. All fine as she’s a good all rounder and she wanted to keep options open as interested in Urban design and sustainability.

IB choices limited nearby but found a day school with an 1 hr / 1.15 hour bus commute / walk offering the choices.

Also applied to United World Colleges and offered a boarding place overseas but have since discovered they can’t offer geography. DD has decided to do global politics instead. I just don’t feel comfortable and am worried she will regret not doing geography. She will be going half way round the world and it will be a huge culture shock/change as it is and am worried how she’ll cope if she hates the subject. Limited other humanities choices - economics, anthropology or history.

I have mentioned this and she is really upset as really wants to go and I suspect will resent being sent to other school which also won’t be a good start.

I am really conflicted as to what to do ....

bevelino Mon 22-Apr-19 12:47:36

I agree entirely with @DPotter and if any of my dds wanted to attend boarding school overseas it would largely depend on whether we could afford it.

TatianaLarina Mon 22-Apr-19 12:53:25

Sevenoaks do IB but it’s 40 grand a year for boarding.

MrsChollySawcutt Mon 22-Apr-19 13:03:34

Getting a place at UWC is a huge achievement.Has she secured the funding to cover her place (UWC fees are huge) and can you afford the flights etc?

If the answer to both of those is yes the. I think you are being incredibly unreasonable not to let her go.

Surely you discussed all this when she applied, I know I did with my DD. In the end we didn't apply as we wouldn't meet the criteria for funding and I couldn't afford the £80k+ for fees for the 2 year programme.

Piggywaspushed Mon 22-Apr-19 13:08:36

There's a UWC in South Wales? Can she not go there?

maddy68 Mon 22-Apr-19 13:12:45

The overseas opportunity is not to be missed she will love it

cellibabies Mon 22-Apr-19 13:14:02

It sounds amazing! Definitely let her go, it's an opportunity that she will really regret missing out on otherwise. If she doesn't like it then she can come home and go somewhere local.

SnowyAlpsandPeaks Mon 22-Apr-19 13:18:23

If you can afford it- let her go, what an opportunity! Mine had to do with their 6th form which sounds boring in comparison.

TildaTurnip Mon 22-Apr-19 13:28:21

It is tricky now that she has applied and been accepted to say no. However, I’d definitely talk about options for uni abroad rather than 6th form.

RomanyQueen1 Mon 22-Apr-19 13:33:18

You don't do anything, it's her decision to make, and has absolutely nothing to do with you, sorry.

SandyY2K Mon 22-Apr-19 13:41:28

Let her decide. You've pointed out your concerns and if she still wishes to proceed let her. She'll only blame you if she's not happy.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Mon 22-Apr-19 13:45:08

You know, I still resent my parents for making me do GCSE Computer Studies which i failed, instead of Home Economics, where I would likely have got an A, and then refusing to let me change to a sixth form college instead of staying where I was. Let her make her own mind up, and be gracious if she decides she doesn't like it. She's only a teenager, she's got the rest of her life to study geography if she wants to.

RollaCola84 Mon 22-Apr-19 13:50:01

SandyY2K a 2yr IB at UWC USA is $78,000 which is about 60k. That doesn't include flights, pocket money etc. As OP said the place isn't fully funded and pretty sure she has a big say in the matter.

Inniu Mon 22-Apr-19 13:54:21

It is a huge financial commitment. Has she tried summer courses at all to see how she would find the reality of studying abroad.

DD1 has similar ideas but for uni not school so is studying in Georgetown in Washington for the month of June.

ColdTattyWaitingForSummer Mon 22-Apr-19 14:11:04

I think if the financial side of it is possible then you should let her go. And I say that as a mum of a 16 year old. It sounds like a fantastic opportunity, something that will really stand out when she does UCAS, and it seems like she really wants it. If you can’t afford it then that’s completely different though. I also don’t think the logistics of the local option, 2-3 hours commuting daily, sound great either to be honest.

yoursworried Mon 22-Apr-19 16:20:06

UWC is amazing! If you think she has the maturity to go abroad and be fine then I would encourage this with bells on. Global Politics sounds really interesting and although this isn't my field it sounds like something that would have crossovers with geography in any case. Which UWC? X

TheStirrer Mon 22-Apr-19 17:18:02

Yours worried - she will be nominated to go to USA. Do you have experience of uwc as if so it would be great to hear about it especially as we don’t know any other uwc ers.... also can’t seem to find any info on in results - appreciate it is a varied cohort!

applesarerroundandshiny Mon 22-Apr-19 20:21:54

I would have no issue whatsoever about my DC not being able to study Geography, however, moving abroad to study would be a big issue to discuss, and the financial implications would be an even bigger issue. For us this would make this an impossible choice.

britnay Mon 22-Apr-19 20:28:00

I went to a UWC, it was amazing! She'll do great smile

TatianaLarina Mon 22-Apr-19 20:43:17

Can you afford flights to the US? Does she know how ghastly and conformist US high schools can be?

ForalltheSaints Mon 22-Apr-19 20:47:33

No local options?

user1471590586 Mon 22-Apr-19 21:03:46

Maybe just me but I've never heard of UWC.

GoldenRuby Mon 22-Apr-19 21:05:50

If she studies abroad for her IB, will she be classed as an overseas student if she then want to go to a U.K. university, and have to pay even higher fees?

stucknoue Mon 22-Apr-19 21:10:52

If you can afford it, let her go overseas it's an amazing opportunity. Dd has boarded for sixth form (in U.K. on scholarship) and it's been such a good transition to university.

MariaNovella Mon 22-Apr-19 21:13:39

UWC is a fantastic opportunity and GloPo a great and very popular IB subject.

MariaNovella Mon 22-Apr-19 21:14:40

Can you afford flights to the US? Does she know how ghastly and conformist US high schools can be?

But she isn’t going to attend a US high school...

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