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A&E? Help! (This is truly disgusting)

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BastardMozzies Mon 22-Apr-19 03:25:16

I came back from somewhere tropical just over a week ago.
Had some mosquito bites that got infected and turned into cellulitis. That’s clearing up with antibiotics.

But now I can see what’s in there and I have actual maggot things.

Fucking help me!

It’s 3am. It is excruciatingly painful and I can feel them move.

I had much Prosecco yesterday as did H. I could wake DD up or could waiti til morning. But i am freaking out badly.

unicornsandwine Mon 22-Apr-19 03:27:07

Ring a taxi and go to A and E

Aimily Mon 22-Apr-19 03:30:13

Get a taxi and get yourself to A&E!! Hope they clear them out quickly for you.

Alicewond Mon 22-Apr-19 03:30:41

You know the maggots are eating you now? Definitely yet a lift or call a taxi!

BastardMozzies Mon 22-Apr-19 03:30:45

Talking to 111.

Will wake dad up if necessary

Can feel them moving

BastardMozzies Mon 22-Apr-19 03:30:55

DD not dad

ThatIsNachoCheese Mon 22-Apr-19 03:31:20

Dear god! I'd be calling a taxi and going straight in.

BastardMozzies Mon 22-Apr-19 03:32:22

Dr google suggests Mango fly?sweet Jesus this is beyond disgusting

Regressionconfession Mon 22-Apr-19 03:35:00

Jesus!!! Sounds grim! Surely it warrants an A&E trip!!

sashh Mon 22-Apr-19 03:36:38

Talk to NHS direct.

You may have to live with them until they are big enough to be squeezed out. Sorry.

If you are in or near London think about going to the walk in at the hospital for tropical diseases.

SinkGirl Mon 22-Apr-19 03:41:13

Oh bless you, how absolutely awful. Definitely get yourself down there ASAP in a cab. Do you need to wake DD if DH is there to deal with her?

runsmidgeOMG Mon 22-Apr-19 03:42:26

Please go to a and e !! Taxi !!!

MrsElijahMikaelson1 Mon 22-Apr-19 03:47:59

Fucking hell, get thee gone woman!
And take photos

golddustwomen Mon 22-Apr-19 03:54:54

Taxi right now!

BastardMozzies Mon 22-Apr-19 03:58:03

At A&E. So gross

Alicewond Mon 22-Apr-19 04:04:29

We do need pics, out of concern....

MyOtherProfile Mon 22-Apr-19 04:11:39

Glad you're at a&e. Horrific!

SleepWarrior Mon 22-Apr-19 04:13:11

How horrible for you. Hope a&e can help and that you're not going to have to wait until they grow bigger shock

Pppppppp1234 Mon 22-Apr-19 04:15:32

Which country did you go to OP)

Babynamess Mon 22-Apr-19 04:17:29

Good luck OP envy

Smotheroffive Mon 22-Apr-19 04:18:21

Take pics and post while you're on your way...need to see maggots wriggling under horrific

Ruru8thestars Mon 22-Apr-19 04:19:01

How did it go?

ABC1234DEF Mon 22-Apr-19 04:22:14

This is going to make some junior doctors night week year career!

DannyWallace Mon 22-Apr-19 04:23:16

Good luck op. Glad you're there!!

Faceicle Mon 22-Apr-19 04:24:52

Ok. If they are putzi flies then you can get them out yourself with dh's help. You cover the site with vaseline. The maggot will need to break through to be able to breath. You - or dh - then wrap your fingers in tissue paper (to stop slipping on the grease) and squeeze it out. Repeat for each site. They live cleanly so once they're out then you won't need any further treatment. Good luck OP!

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