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To have ordered a tracker to find this loon?!

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Crazycatlady99 Sun 21-Apr-19 23:58:43

Hammering at the door this evening. DH answers to a random woman who immediately starts shouting at him.
Saying how we don't look after our cat and how shes now losing fur from her back.
Goes on about how our cat is obviously not fed enough cause shes round hers all the time.

DH is obviously shocked and does explain that she was shaved by the VET 2 weeks ago, due to oil stuck in her fur.
Shes not underweight at all, very healthy, just looks a bit daft atm with patches of short fluff on her back.

Shouty woman doesn't stop shouting or acknowledge DHs answer, shouts some more stuff about coming back and storms off.
I had literally popped out for 5 minutes. DH was at the door with our 7 month old and our 4 year old was at the door with him.
I'm furious.

Call me crazy, but I want to find this person and talk to them.

Knocked round a few houses with no luck.
Ordered a tracker for the cat so we know where shes sneaking off too 😂

Aibu? What would you do?

RavenLG Mon 22-Apr-19 00:07:58

If she comes around again tell her that if she doesn’t stop harassing you you will take it further and to stop encouraging the cat to come around (presuming she is feeding it). She doesn’t have a clue how cats work if she thinks an appropriately fed cat wouldn’t just eat more food grin

She sounds a bit mental.

Gingerkittykat Mon 22-Apr-19 00:11:11

A tracker sounds like a good investment, but don't know if it is sensitive enough to give you exact location.

Make sure kitty is chipped and has a tagged collar in case she decides to pick her up and take to a vet or rescue.

I would also possibly post on local cat groups pics of your cat with an explanation they are healthy and cared for.

People who feed strange cats and then claim they must be starved because they eat it drive me crazy.

HoppityChicken Mon 22-Apr-19 00:19:13

Oh god, that's literally the kind of thing my mother would do.

If she's not chipped then chip her, get a magnetic cat flap if you can so you can control her coming in and out if you need to and if you see the ranty cat lady again tell her the cat is on a prescription diet and if she feeds your cat anything at all you'll be expecting her to pay the vets bills.

S1naidSucks Mon 22-Apr-19 00:22:02

Lol. I’m so impressed by your thinking, OP. Using a tracker on a cat to find a random woman is genius.

StillMedusa Mon 22-Apr-19 00:39:30

LOL at the woman thinking the cat must be starving! One of mine eats at 3 houses... and I know his 'other women' ..they know he's mine, and we all know he's an unfaithful git grin (he's also a Maine Coon and weighs 25 pounds (!) so it's pretty obvious he isn't underfed..he's just a greedy cat!
He also has to be shaved under sedation twice a year (as he refuses to let any of us groom him), and reappears bald as a baby... pretty sure those who don't know must thing he's being tortured.

I'd just ignore... as long as she is chipped (the cat..not the women ) then she can't claim your cat easily.

There is a mad cat woman in every street ... (I'm ours...)

LongTermHold Mon 22-Apr-19 01:00:56

Let it go unless it happens again.

INeedToGetHealthy Mon 22-Apr-19 01:04:07

We have collars for our cat that state "please do not feed me" yet we still get photos of the stupid tart cat posted on our local Facebook group as "he looks worried". No he's just a greedy git that will try and get food from anyone else too. He's on collar number 4 now as they suspiciously go missing. We had him microchipped when he was neutered too.

Greeborising Mon 22-Apr-19 01:06:33

Hey StillMedusa !
Can’t go wrong with a Maine Coon!

RubberTreePlant Mon 22-Apr-19 01:17:52

She won't be back.

She obviously felt silly when told the vet had shaved the cat. But she didn't back down because she was embarrassed.

Let it go. Don't start tracking her around the place.

No further response needed unless she comes back.

justarandomtricycle Mon 22-Apr-19 01:20:05

Animal loonies. There are a lot of them about at the moment. Seems like it's a nice easy moral high ground for nasty people to adopt, to make their antisocial behaviour "righteous".

Hearthside Mon 22-Apr-19 01:29:12

INeedToGetHealthyyeap i had the same with my cat .Someone posted pic on our local neighbour group page ."Is this someone's cat , don't think he is a stray but just checking as he looks to well fed but i see him regularly " Nope i messaged them back he just greedy well fed devilwho loves to try and surf bins grin.

Youngdumbandfullofrum Mon 22-Apr-19 01:29:16

This thread has me weeing myself a little bit 😂 'the other woman' ??? 'stupid tart cat' ????? I'm crying 😂😂😂😂 x

RosinaAlmaviva Mon 22-Apr-19 01:48:57

Seems like it's a nice easy moral high ground for nasty people to adopt, to make their antisocial behaviour "righteous".

This. We had similar a few years back. Some random woman literally leaned on the doorbell until I answered the door and then started ranting about a local cat not being fed by its owners (she didn't know who it belonged to). I tried explaining calmly that the cat belonged to a NDN, had lost weight due to illness/old age despite eating for Britain normally and was on medication prescribed by a vet to help her gain weight. This woman wasn't having it, continued to scream and shout and finally stormed off threatening to call the RSPCA. Thankfully we never saw her again but it was a very unpleasant incident.

My advice is DON'T seek this person out, as she sounds slightly unhinged, but if she confronts you again report her to the police for harassment.

Crazycatlady99 Mon 22-Apr-19 07:06:19

So I've spoken to some neighbours... apparently she has form for this. She wont let it go.
The last neighbours to have a run in with her had police and RSPCA turning up on their doorstep..

user1465335180 Mon 22-Apr-19 07:24:49

Damn, "Crazycatlady", I was going to say at least she's concerned for your cat's welfare but sadly, you've got yourself one of "those" neighbours...

Balooo123 Mon 22-Apr-19 07:35:46

My cat is the same, his bloody greedy and after his fed at home, off he goes to someone else's house for his next fix, I've had pictures in Facebook asking who's cat it is as his always eating at their house 🙄 he comes strolling back in meowing for more food, I would rather he took the mice and birds he catches to his other women's 😂

SaskiaRembrandt Mon 22-Apr-19 08:13:27

I used to have a neighbour like this, she actually kidnapped my friends cat. When we went to rescue her, Weird Cat Lady denied having the cat even though we could see the poor thing crying at the window. Friend had to threaten to call the police to get herr cat back. She had a whole gang of cats she claimed to have rescued, but I suspect they all came from perfectly nice homes.

A few months later, WCL approached me to tell me there was something very wrong with my cat - apparently every time she went near him he, ran off.

Make sure your cat is microchipped in case she decides to 'rescue' it.

Crazycatlady99 Mon 22-Apr-19 09:55:29

The scary thing is, this has happened before.
When I was little, we were on a family holiday and had a neighbour looking after and feeding our elderly cat. She was on a lot of daily medication.
We were only gone for 3 days, during that time our lovely neighbour looking after the cat answered her door to some shouty woman with OUR cat in a cat cage, the woman screamed at our neighbour about how shed seen how poorly this cat was and she was "rescuing" it. She stole our cat. We never saw her again, never managed to find the woman.
Poorly cat wouldn't have made it more than 3 days without her meds.

Crazycatlady99 Mon 22-Apr-19 09:56:30

Cat is microchipped, as was the old cat... didnt make a difference for her though sad

Serin Mon 22-Apr-19 10:31:46

Uh oh. There was a mad woman like this in our street who accused a neighbour of not looking after a cat properly.
She sent the RSPCA (who found nothing wrong) and then it escalated and she sent social services to an allegation of child abuse.
Finally she sent the police to an elderly widow, who she accused of being a prostitute. She got reprimanded after that one.

Crazycatlady99 Mon 22-Apr-19 10:39:00

Well, tracker should be arriving today so I'm hoping I'll be able to find her, get her house number, and report her! She has previous so hopefully the police will listen!

Ginkythefangedhellpigofdoom Mon 22-Apr-19 10:50:36

I'm obviously being stupid what is the tracker for?

Is it to put on the cat so you can see when it goes into her house?

Crazycatlady99 Mon 22-Apr-19 10:58:53

Yup! Tracker collar for the cat with live GPS tracking, so I'll hopefully be able to tell which house shes in

PregnantSea Mon 22-Apr-19 11:37:39

I think you're doing the right thing. Don't just ignore this behaviour, this woman is unhinged and overstepped boundaries. At the very least it will be useful to figure out where this woman lives and also have a way of tracking your cat if she gets stolen

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