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Disappointed with family

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Mumzy02 Sun 21-Apr-19 11:19:50

Name changed

So , DH and I always make an effort on family birthdays ... our siblings get cards but DH Mum, Dad and our nieces and nephews all get presents, Easter eggs , Christmas presents , presents for new baby etc. ( can I add we are not well off by any means , average jobs , no huge savings account ... we live payday to payday like many other people )
When we see our nieces we sometimes take then a sweet / take them to the shop for an ice cream etc .... all our choice but make the effort .
Anyway yet again it’s my sons birthday and nothing ! From no one !! Grandparents, aunties, uncles NOTHING !!!
I don’t expect him to be bombarded with presents at all , we are his parents.... but a card A BIRTHDAY CARD THAT SHOWS HES BEEN REMEMBERED!!!!

This happens with all 3 of my kids every birthday and I’ve just about had enough , they are good kids who always play nice with their cousins , they are polite and friendly, one of them ( teen ) regularly babysits for free , as do me a DH .

Constanstly told ... sorry didn’t have time to get a card or I have no money for a card ( you can get one for as little as 50p) when they constantly have take seats and are always in town near shops !!

Aibu to think I should do exactly the same from now on and not turn up with treats either !!

SunshineCake Sun 21-Apr-19 12:23:05

Maybe the children who are never forgotten have parents who demand things and pull them up on bad behaviour. Or they know where the bodies are buried.

Fundays12 Sun 21-Apr-19 12:26:19

Stop buying things for there kids. At the end of the day the money you spend on families kids could be spent on your own. As harsh as that sounds your children are your priority and as you said your not well off. It’s obviously not your families kids faults at all but if there parents can’t even be bothered to send a card I would just stop it. We do birthdays only for kids and a max of £10 per child. If any family don’t recripocate I don’t buy again.

NoSauce Sun 21-Apr-19 12:29:33

That’s rubbish Op. Stop buying for them, they don’t deserve your gifts.

Weezol Sun 21-Apr-19 12:30:20

Why did you go NC in the past amd wjat prompted the return to contacy? From what you've said you appear to make all the running with zero reciprocation - they are all take.

Put a stop to the all the gifts and especially the free babysitting. It might be interesting to roughly estimate how much you're spending on cards, presents and sweets in a year. I think you'll be surprised at the total and what you could do with that money for your own family.

My lovely friend did this and realised that she and her kids could have a five day seaside break on the total. They hadn't had a holiday for a few years prior, so it was quite a change!

Mumzy02 Sun 21-Apr-19 12:32:01

Thanks everyone , I thought I was going to get flamed for expecting ! But it’s only a card that I feel should be sent , or at least a phone call from grandparents!!

I am going to stop now , the reason I havn’t before is because we are nice people that care about others, like to do nice things etc... but that’s it now , I’m done with all of it , no more cards or presents, it’s never really appreciated anyway

Moomoomoomoomoo Sun 21-Apr-19 12:33:15

Just stop OP.

Save the money and spend it on your child.

AnnaMagnani Sun 21-Apr-19 12:34:52

Why have you carried on for so long?

It isn't meaningful for them to give gifts/cards to extended family members when they are on a budget.

Up until now, it has been for you. But then you have to be giving not to receive and after a while that becomes a pretty lonely place.

I am sure their children are not suffering a shortage of ice creams or Easter eggs in their lives, so you stopping buying them is not going to be a huge hardship for them. Just enjoy seeing them and having the relationships without the stuff and also enjoy saving the money

PatchworkElmer Sun 21-Apr-19 12:40:06

I’d be tempted to stop tbh- I generally think that children shouldn’t be ‘punished’ for the rudeness of their parents. BUT in this instance, sod it.

Jetstream Sun 21-Apr-19 12:51:19

Our family are like this and it’s a constant thorn in our mother’s side. No excuses are accepted and usually it’s me that gets the ranting. We now send text reminders well beforehand and it has helped a bit.

Springwalk Sun 21-Apr-19 13:11:34

Op I have had exactly this and I remember the boiling rage of yet another missed birthday and Christmas.
Stop now both birthday cards and presents. Send a text to each if you have time or can be bothered. You are investing love, time and effort into them and they could not care less and continue to accept your generosity.

I saved the money for my own children and bought them each an extra gift or two for each occasion. I never ever drew attention to the fact their family are in fact totally selfish. Only that the extra gifts were theirs for being so special to all of us.
My dc have grown up not expecting anything from anyone (so it’s absolutely fine and does not upset them) if your dc are raised thinking they should be given something, use the money saved from all the stopped presents for a ‘family’ gift for your children.

Your children should not be losing out.

No more babysitting, no more treats. Zero. Be nice but be firm. Every penny goes into your own family now.

You will almost certainly receive enquires from the selfish buggers that they haven’t a gift for their children. I would politely say that you assumed that we weren’t ‘doing presents’ anymore as your children haven’t received Christmas or birthday gifts for x amount of years, so now seems like a good time to stop.

I brought my dc extra gift each for their birthdays, and we saved up and booked a memorable family weekend away. When we got there I sat outside with the birds singing with a glass of wine and savoured the money saved and the lovely weekend it offered us. There was poetic justice as my SIL was hanging her piles removed 😂 Stop pouring money away on people that do not care for you. Stop now. Invest in your children from now on.

Springwalk Sun 21-Apr-19 13:13:16

Having not hanging!

Springwalk Sun 21-Apr-19 13:16:05

Btw you are still a nice person just one that has removed the word doormat branded on her forehead.

PrincessTiggerlily Sun 21-Apr-19 13:26:04

I would stop it all. I have DBs and they never bought a card for anyone except my DM, and probably had to be reminded about that. They just never gave to any of my DCs, unless they had a nice partner, like you, who did it all for them.

Part of the problem imv is that DCs have sooooo much, Toys are relatively cheap, so it's nothing special to receive a card or an ice cream. So perhaps your DCs dont' mind not getting one, and you won't feel so annoyed if you've stopped giving to them - what age are they.

I feel a little guilty but only give to my DCs and my GDCs.

EngagedAgain Sun 21-Apr-19 13:42:43

Another one who thinks you shouldn't do it anymore. I was in this situation years ago, whereby I got even my friends children a card at least, cannot remember about presents. I thought they obviously don't care, because I only had one daughter, and yet I was doing for their bigger families.

HDG1234 Sun 21-Apr-19 13:43:21

It’s so kind of you OP to be getting all those cards and presents but honestly I don’t want all my family members to get stuff for my children. It would just end up being too much. At Christmas I give to all my nieces and nephews though. Maybe the others in your family just don’t want presents? I do think it’s mean of them, though, when it’s clearly important to you

Streamside Sun 21-Apr-19 14:54:22

I don't do much of this anymore but have replaced it with collecting throughout the year for shoebox appeals and providing nice gifts to Christmas appeals.It's a nice thing for children to do and encourages them to give to those less fortunate than themselves.

Mumzy02 Sun 21-Apr-19 15:07:46


I always ask what child would like / need . This can be anything parents say they need like clothes etc or money for savings or an accessory to go with a toy they already have , and I always get what they request ( within reason)

And it’s not the present that I’m interested in for my children . I always make sure they have what they need and then for birthdays and Christmas they get an item that has been requested. It’s just the thought of a card from members of the family that always make sure that their request has been put in ! It’s not hard to get your 9 yr old nephew / grandson a card just to wish him a happy birthday

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