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to feel awful I've never taken my dd on holiday

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kevso Sun 21-Apr-19 01:07:48

DD is 16. After reading the thread where people were saying how they go on holiday at least once a year, some people going up to four times, I just feel awful that I've never taken my dd away. We've never been abroad, and the only holidays we have been on have been UK camping holidays when she was 5/6 - and she doesn't remember them.

She's never even had the chance to go abroad with school. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are our family holidays - cheap resorts with lots of ice cream and smiling in the sun! I feel almost as if by not giving her these memories I've failed her sad AIBU to feel this way? Should I have taken her abroad? All my friends go abroad at least every two years, with their DC.

badlydrawnperson Sun 21-Apr-19 20:29:03

To listen to some people holidays are a legal requirement. They really aren’t. Family holidays when I was a kid were shite and I was glad when they stopped.

PookieDo Sun 21-Apr-19 20:29:32

Don’t feel bad. I’ve never taken my DC abroad ever they are 16 and 14.
I’ve been on a plane with them once it was to a short break in Ireland
I really struggle to manage to prioritise a holiday especially when DC actually tell me they would rather have other things - they like going to concerts and new clothes!

To be honest taking them to concerts seems to be much more memorable for them and we just do day trips like the beach or maybe go to a caravan (less now they are older they don’t want to go)
But my DC have been abroad with their DF and also if I am honest it was just a holiday resort and they don’t really remember much about it in the sense of it being magical - it wasn’t

Usuallyinthemiddle Sun 21-Apr-19 20:47:25

Another YHA vote.

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