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To ask whether you should flush...

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pigletpie2177 Sat 20-Apr-19 23:57:37

If you find a frog in your toilet?

For now I've put the lid down as the idea of it jumping out has freaked me out more than I'd care to admit!

I'm generally one for catching spiders and letting them go outside rather than hurting them. Logic suggests that the frog has come up through the pipes but the idea of flushing feels awful!

Raspberrytruffle Sun 21-Apr-19 04:05:12

No don't flush the poor critter you may end up drowning it or injuring it. Pull your big girl pants up and be brave it won't hurt you, have you got a Tupperware box or an empty shoe box? Put some rubber gloves in if your frightened of germs and gently scoop it in the box and release it somewhere quiet

Nat6999 Sun 21-Apr-19 05:22:31

It's probably hopping round your bathroom now somewhere out of sight. Have you got a cage on the top of your soil pipe? A bird could have picked it up & dropped it down the pipe.

lljkk Sun 21-Apr-19 06:04:32

Poor fwoggie! Hope it's safe back outside now.

CasperGutman Sun 21-Apr-19 06:41:36

This reminds me - my MIL has been scared of frogs since one jumped up from the loo (outside toilet) when she was small and terrified her when she felt it touch her bum!

TheTrollFairy Sun 21-Apr-19 07:59:18

@BingandFlop2019 I have a fear of snakes appearing in my toilet. I watched something when I was in primary school about a kid finding a snake and his parents didn’t believe him for ages as he kept coming and going. Put me right off them, especially public toilets

rainbowstardrops Sun 21-Apr-19 08:06:59

grin @malpa 😂

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