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Mortified - should we leave?

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TreaclePumpkin Sat 20-Apr-19 11:13:30

My 2.5 year old was invited to his first party buba boy at nursery who has turned 3. I was so excited for him to go, but we are there right now. An hour in and an still hour to go. He is behaving terribly!

Won't play with anyone, won't sit at the table to eat, won't talk, won't engage at all. Won't even take his cardigan off and it's boiling. He can be quite a shy child, and takes time to warm up. But this is more than shyness, he is being rude with it.

WIBU to just pretend he is feeling unwell, make our excuses and leave?

There are only 10 kids, including him. So can't even hide in the crowd. I so wanted him to have a good time and I feel he is spoiling it for everyone.

LaraLondon1 Mon 22-Apr-19 21:24:54

If it’s causing you stress you could make an exit. Your child isn’t being rude however it’s just his age . He won’t even remember it in a few hours . My child threw a strop at her own 7th birthday party so I think u can cut ur baba some slack !!

LovelyIssues Thu 25-Apr-19 10:22:55

Lol he's 2 and a half and was probably overwhelmed. Really don't worry

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