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Taking a 12 day old baby on holiday ?

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Jencottage Sat 20-Apr-19 08:15:22

Desperate to get away as feel like I've been exhausted all third trimester, have a 8 year old daughter who would love a holiday, hubby coming along too. I've found an amazing deal in Sardinia, 7 nights at half term, full board and kids club for the 9 year old and golf for hubby. Me and baby could be on the beach all day chilling ! It's a 3.5 hour flight, shall I book it or is baby too young ? What would you do ?!?

Strugglingmum73 Sat 20-Apr-19 08:16:57

Would you be able to get a passport in time? What if the baby is late?

Mamimawr Sat 20-Apr-19 08:17:06

Will you be able to get a passport? Has the baby been born yet?

FindYourCentre Sat 20-Apr-19 08:18:51

What if the babys late? What if you have a c section?

Jencottage Sat 20-Apr-19 08:18:53

Baby has a planned csection date and yes I could get passport in time.

IceRebel Sat 20-Apr-19 08:19:39

Personally I think it sounds like absolute madness. Unless you're booked in for a C section baby could be younger than 12 days. If it is a C section you'll still be recovering from surgery.

Even the smoothest birth would still leave you looking and feeling like a zombie, not to mention the shock of having a newborn again for the first time in 8 or 9 (you changed your child's age) years.

I wouldn't even be making a trip to the seaside at 12 days old.

nancy75 Sat 20-Apr-19 08:20:00

Are you allowed to fly 12 days after a c section?

Poppiesway1 Sat 20-Apr-19 08:20:56

If midwife / drs give you all clear to go then go.
If not.. don’t go.
Only thing is will they take your daughter in the club if she’s only 8? Or will she be 9 by the time your there?

Amanduh Sat 20-Apr-19 08:21:25

I absolutely would!

bokkleorandoove Sat 20-Apr-19 08:21:29

Most (all?) airlines say baby has to be 14 days old - I don’t think they’d let you on the plane.

chipsandpie Sat 20-Apr-19 08:21:34

There is no way I could have done it. Sounds perfect but ok reality would be a night mare.

Smarshian Sat 20-Apr-19 08:21:50

Most airlines won’t accept babies less than 14 days old. Can you find one for a week later? It’ll also give you a bit more time to recover from your section.

VanCleefArpels Sat 20-Apr-19 08:22:20

Your insurer might have something to say about travelling so soon after major abdominal surgery.

Wheresmyvagina Sat 20-Apr-19 08:22:26

Sounds horrible but you've had a baby before so presumably you know if you would enjoy it.

LL83 Sat 20-Apr-19 08:22:30

If money isn't an issue and you could drop the holiday if you dont feel up to it or baby is in hospital then book it. But I would say there is a good chance you wont want to go.

If it were me I would focus on looking for another deal a little later in year.

PiratesTea Sat 20-Apr-19 08:23:16

No a chance on this Earth I would do this, but if it works for you do it

Candleglow7475 Sat 20-Apr-19 08:24:05

Have you had a c section before? I have and sitting on a plane for a couple of hours post c section would not be on my list of things to do. The wound is likely to still be a bit weepy and still sore, mine came open a bit at the end after 2 weeks, and needed to get medical attention / antibiotics. Coupled with a newborn - I’m afraid it sounds like madness to me.

PodgeBod Sat 20-Apr-19 08:24:33

I really wouldn't. Just thinking back to when I had my first by c section, within the first couple of weeks I had an infection that required treatment and also had to take her for scans for a condition that wasnt apparent until she was born. Have you had a c section before, do you know what to expect in terms of recovery?

BarbarianMum Sat 20-Apr-19 08:24:35

Personally I wouldnt be travelling anywhere with a baby in the first 3 weeks. Id want to be totally sure weight gain was going Ok, any jaundice cleared up etc. And also that your recovery from section was going well. Id also worry about thrombosis if flying so soon after major surgery.

If you do decide to go please make sure you have iron clad insurance and that you tell them everything regarding your and the baby's health /birth so you dont end up with a disallowed claim if there is a problem.

HonniBee Sat 20-Apr-19 08:24:39

I think I would worry about the number of germs in an aeroplane with a pre-jab baby! Sounds tempting but I fear it would not be so idyllic in reality.

bokkleorandoove Sat 20-Apr-19 08:24:48

I meant less than 14 days without medical sign off - I don’t think many doctors would sign off a baby that young to fly

EsmeeMerlin Sat 20-Apr-19 08:25:01

You have no idea how your recovery could be after your c-section or if there are any complications. I had a planned c-section with my youngest and there was complications with his breathing, all fine in the end but it did mean we were in hospital longer than expected so personally I would not.

Jencottage Sat 20-Apr-19 08:25:15

The flight is with ryan air and they have a minimum age of 8 days. PP may be right and it's utter madness but so is spending the last 4 weeks feeling absolutely knackered. I just want a bit of guaranteed sun and fun for the family for a week. Prev birth was an emergency c section and soon to be 9 year old can, and would love, going to the kids club there !

Nothininmenoggin Sat 20-Apr-19 08:25:30

You are very brave after major abdominal surgery to get on a flight with a 12 day old baby. I'm sure you would have baby well out of the sun but I noticed that you said you and baby could chill all day on the beach. Not ideal for a baby this young.

PodgeBod Sat 20-Apr-19 08:25:45

Also I wouldn't take such a small baby on a germ filled plane unless absolutely necessary

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