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To wonder what it is about Shotgun by George Ezra...

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DizzyPhillips Fri 19-Apr-19 13:42:30

...that seems to send preschoolers mental?!

Kids parties etc this song comes on and they go nuts! The girls in DDs nursery say the kids ask for it, but I have friends with kids at different nurseries who say the same thing so it can’t just be DDs pals.

I mean it’s catchy and upbeat but so are lots of songs 🤷🏻‍♀️

MrMeeseekscando Sat 20-Apr-19 11:21:25

Aww George! He drunkenly stuck his fingers up at us when our pub quiz team annihilated his team grin
Actually a lovely guy

Beamur Sat 20-Apr-19 11:11:40

Think yourselves lucky.
It was Gangnam style when my DD was this age. Guaranteed to send kids mental at parties.

LucyBabs Sat 20-Apr-19 01:52:18

tawdry brilliant!

rosablue Fri 19-Apr-19 23:35:36

Has anybody else noticed that for nearly every other George Ezra song, you can sing Shotgun along to it and it works! You have to choose your moment, usually it’s around the chorus or catchy bits, but you can sing the two together like a slightly odd ‘harmony’ or songs mixed together...

Try it - it’s a different distraction when all his songs are on. It works quite well on plenty of other songs too grin

Whitelisbon Fri 19-Apr-19 21:59:59

My 5yo twins and 3yo love George Ezra, shotgun is a particular favourite.
The 3yo has finally worked out how to say alexa, so we listen to shotgun approx every 10 minutes from morning to bedtime.
I've taken to making alexa angry (pressing the mute button) when I've had enough.

LotsToThinkOf Fri 19-Apr-19 21:49:10

My 6 and 3yo love George Ezra, as do most of their friends and I have no idea what the fascination is!

Owlettele Fri 19-Apr-19 21:46:41


Mesmeri Fri 19-Apr-19 21:45:22

I like George Ezra's version of Mungo Jerry's In The Summertime with updated lyrics. And I like the video of him singing Listen to the Man with Ian McKellen.

Hecateh Fri 19-Apr-19 21:26:00

better than Baby Shark grin grin grin

Tawdrylocalbrouhaha Fri 19-Apr-19 21:20:52

I mentioned this thread to a friend and she told me her daughter goes around singing "I'll be riding someone, underneath the hot sun". This is in Dublin too.

Andanotherthingg Fri 19-Apr-19 21:02:18

Oh wait... Never mind that isn't what you meant blush

Must remember to rtft.. grin

Andanotherthingg Fri 19-Apr-19 20:58:58

Isn't shotgun in reference to "riding shotgun" (like he says in the song) as in sitting in the front passenger seat??

Owlettele Fri 19-Apr-19 20:40:58

I don't think it's the reference to guns tbf. Dd loves this but used to sing shotco before she realised it said shotgun.

I think it's the catchy rhythm and that the words are easily identified and would be familiar to pre schoolers so they can follow it easier than some pre-school songs ?! The verses are quite simple to pick up .

Andanotherthingg Fri 19-Apr-19 20:35:22

I have an amazing video of dd (4.5) rocking out to it with a plastic guitar grin it's her favourite.. and one of mine too blush

chillpizza Fri 19-Apr-19 20:35:06

Oh and she knows hold my girl by mr Ezra too. She would be amazing at song pop as she can work out a song in 5 seconds.

chillpizza Fri 19-Apr-19 20:32:39

My toddler daughter asks for the Ezra hot sun song and marshmallows (Marshmello happier) songs. She’s obsessed.

Ellenborough Fri 19-Apr-19 20:30:46

I can't stand George Ezra and I've been trying to work out why for months, as everyone else seems to think he's great. It just hit me the other day what it is. All his songs are SO repetitive. He writes to a very consistent formula; find a catchy hook, rinse and repeat at nauseam. That's probably why small children like it.

The other group that did this was Scouting for Girls. Just keep repeating the same two lines over and over again for three minutes and bingo, you have a hit. hmm

alittleprivacy Fri 19-Apr-19 20:28:49

It’s a big hit with my 6yo and his whole class too. They can all sing the whole thing. In fairness though despite my DS’s enjoyment of it his strong preference is for 80s pop with Chain Reaction, I’m So Excited and The Riddle being our current car playlist.

AllTheUserNamesAreTaken Fri 19-Apr-19 20:25:11

Yep, five year old DS loves it!

IncyWincyGrownUp Fri 19-Apr-19 20:21:28

It’s been on heavy rotation in our house too. The entire school can sing it too, they belt it out while waiting for assembly to start.

Goneback2school Fri 19-Apr-19 20:12:29

Had a sing song on the way home from the minders this evening to this song with my 6 and 4 year olds. They love it and wouldn't get out of the car until it was over.

PortiaCastis Fri 19-Apr-19 20:05:53

Ha uptown fuck you up is very funny and the Cameron vid is hilarious

LucyBabs Fri 19-Apr-19 18:19:29

Pmsl at "uptown fuck you up" :-)

Shotgun is so popular in my dc school.. They even learnt it in Irish and sang it in assembly

ipswichwitch Fri 19-Apr-19 18:15:19

Should have added he’s 5 and doesn’t have a clue! His big brother sings “uptown funky what” which is much less embarrassing

PumpkinPie2016 Fri 19-Apr-19 18:14:30

My DS is 5 and loves that song toogrin his drama group did it in their panto and it was by far his favourite (closely followed by baby shark!).

I quite like George Ezra - his songs are quite catchy and his voice is very good, which these days, is a bit of a rarity!

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