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AIBU to ask what happened to you in your life that you never thought would?

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Flyinga Thu 18-Apr-19 20:04:34

Good, bad, ugly etc.

AnnieMay100 Thu 18-Apr-19 20:16:50

Interesting question
Divorced thought I’d be married til death never imagined being alone it was just a given as a young girl I’d eventually be married and in love which seems unlikely to happen now
Always dreamed of a big family had 2 then as a single mum had to stop when I didn’t want to
Didn’t expect to be trapped in a dead end low paid job that depresses me just to keep my mortgage going
Yet.. Didn’t expect to handle it all as well as I am or be as strong which I never would have found out if that stuff hadn’t happened
Sounds depressing but I’m happy with my life in general

TwistedBiscuit Thu 18-Apr-19 20:17:42

Learning a second language fluently smile

Meandwinealone Thu 18-Apr-19 20:17:57

Never having children.

Sorry depressing but it’s true. I just thought I would be normal like everyone else.

AppleCiderVinegar Thu 18-Apr-19 20:18:42

I was always a city girl; never expected I'd end up living in a village.

Moltenpink Thu 18-Apr-19 20:21:43

Never thought I would fall in love, but I did.

megrichardson Thu 18-Apr-19 20:21:56

Depression and cancer are the worst things to happen to me that I never saw coming.
But loads of good things that I never saw coming, like my amazing children.

Paddingtonthebear Thu 18-Apr-19 20:23:28

Bad: Lost a sibling.

Good: Had children. Didn’t have the urge for them for a long time

MsVestibule Thu 18-Apr-19 20:24:23

I never expected to go from having a proper career (client portfolio, travel, swishy hair and a briefcase) to becoming an unwilling SAHM (circumstances, not a real choice) on Prozac, followed by the dead end not-much-above NMW job I'm doing now.

However, I'm very happily married, mentally & physically healthy, have two lovely children, and, thanks to my previous career, financially secure, so it's not all bad.

KateyKube Thu 18-Apr-19 20:24:32

Ended up being unemployed for a very long time despite having postgraduate level qualifications and an insane work ethic. Turns out that qualifications are irrelevant if you’re socially awkward. You can have a dozen degrees but employers don’t want to hire you if you’re introverted, quiet and not a people person. I’ve lost count of the amount of interviewers who’ve said I’m too shy, not inquisitive enough, won’t fit in to the office, or simply that I make them feel uncomfortable. Wish I knew that before I wasted several years and £££££ on my education.

ellesbellesxxx Thu 18-Apr-19 20:25:57


At one point having one baby seemed impossible.... we were so so lucky that ivf worked

SirBobblyofSock Thu 18-Apr-19 20:26:54

Never thought I'd get pregnant. Took seven years and a fucktonne of IVF

DeadZed Thu 18-Apr-19 20:27:09

I always thought I would be married until death do us part - just never expected to be widowed at 41 with four dc. Sounds scary written down but we are coping...

I always thought I would live by the sea all my life, I have actually spent half of my life living as far inland as possible!

ElloBrian Thu 18-Apr-19 20:28:11

Never thought I wouldn’t fall in love, but I didn’t.

MrsPinkCup Thu 18-Apr-19 20:28:16

Bad -
Baby daughter died from an infection.

My sister who was my best friend cut us all including her ten year old son (went to live with his dad) when she got together with a very abusive man. She knows the door is always open for her but she's choosing no contact at the moment and I miss her.


Married my best friend who I've known since I was 7 and we have a lovely family together.

ElloBrian Thu 18-Apr-19 20:28:41

Deadzed - flowers

AntiHop Thu 18-Apr-19 20:29:33

I never thought I'd be in a happy, stable relationship. I'd had so many terrible boyfriends so I'd assumed I'd never meet a decent guy.

I assumed I'd be well off but I'm not! I thought I'd marry a high flying guy with a well paid job. But I wouldn't change my partner for the world.

kaitlinktm Thu 18-Apr-19 20:31:32

Divorce for me too - never thought I'd end up alone in my 60s. sad

Jemimapuddleduk Thu 18-Apr-19 20:32:01

Having a child diagnosed with cancer at 16 months old
Having a child with autism and learning difficulties
On a positive note it’s made me tougher and thicker skinned.

justjuggling Thu 18-Apr-19 20:34:59

Divorced. Never imagined myself ticking the divorced box on various forms. However no-one else seemed very surprised when he waltzed off with his secretary and subsequently voiced their true opinions of him. I just wish someone had spoken up BEFORE we got married! 🙄😂

BloomsButtons Thu 18-Apr-19 20:35:17

Having my first child at 19.

Losing my Dad to suicide when I was 23.

After always, always wanting to be a nurse, going to back to Uni at 41 and graduating as...a teacher grin.

RosieposiePuddingandPi Thu 18-Apr-19 20:35:47

My mum dying when I was young and not getting to see her lovely grandchildren.

Suffering from depression.

Falling in love with and marrying my first real boyfriend after years of being single and still being happily married now.

SnowWhitesRestingBitchFace Thu 18-Apr-19 20:36:11

Bad: Having 3 children with 3 different men (not that it'd a terrible crime, I just didn't ever thing my judgment could be so bad) and getting a divorce (always thought I would be married for life).

Good: Being genuinely floored by the amount of love I feel for my DH (I honestly didn't think this type of massive movie style love was real). And having 3 gorgeous but very different sons who I adore.

MondeoFan Thu 18-Apr-19 20:37:11

Bad - Brother had a very serious accident at work and now has a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and lives in a care home

Me - Skin Cancer, had 2 lots of surgery so far

Good- 2 beautiful daughters just as I always imagined I'd have

EggysMom Thu 18-Apr-19 20:37:17

Having a child - I wasn't maternal, couldn't see myself having a baby. Life changed at 39 and we had our son when I was 40.

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