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to ignore the costco rules

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peachesandclean Tue 16-Apr-19 01:28:49

My friends and I decided to all go to costco cause they've never been before, I just checked the rules and it says you're only allowed to bring two guests in? There would be 5 of us going so 4 guests

I told them and they still want to go but it's sending my anxiety through the roof

what if we get turned away? what if they revoke my membership? I can't deal with confrontation and I don't want to make a scene and it's worrying me so much

has anyone else ever been with multiple guests?? If so, what happened? Were there any problems?

englishdictionary Tue 16-Apr-19 01:33:14

Costco? As in Costco the cash and carry?

Haha. It's hardly an event for bringing guests to is it?

rottiemum88 Tue 16-Apr-19 01:33:38

My experience has been that they're quite strict about the number of guests, so chances of being turned away quite high I'm afraid...

Azitii Tue 16-Apr-19 01:36:54

They're probably going to get turned away, as pp said they're quite strict.

Loopylou6 Tue 16-Apr-19 01:36:58

Just try it, it's not like they're gonna arrest you or anything

SpaceCadet4000 Tue 16-Apr-19 01:53:17

Yeh, they won't let you in with 4 guests. The only thing I can think of is encouraging one of them to join if they're with an eligible employer.

I'm in the US where they aren't as strict, you can get in without members if someone buys you a gift card and there are no restrictions on who can become a member.

thenightsky Tue 16-Apr-19 02:02:04

They won't let in more than 2 guests. Get extras to sit in the car, then take them round when 1st 2 have finished

AmICrazyorWhat2 Tue 16-Apr-19 02:05:36

They're not going to take your membership away, they want you to be a member! I've also gone in with a gift card as my in-laws are obsessed with Costco and give them to us for Christmas...'cos I really want to stock up on toilet paper SO much. grin

You can give it a try with the group but I'd warn them that they might not all get in and will have to wait in the car. Or, you could take 2 people in for abit and then do a second shop with the other 2. Costco won't mind if you spend money twice!

Hadjab Tue 16-Apr-19 02:10:28

When I go, I usually go with my mum, at least one of my sisters, and at least two of my kids - haven’t been turned away yet.

WoogleCone Tue 16-Apr-19 02:17:28

Yeah, they'll just turn you away at the door. They won't revoke your membership though!

OVAgroundWOMBlingfree Tue 16-Apr-19 02:29:07

They’ll turn you away, like others have said, they are quite strict.

Someoneonlyyouknow Tue 16-Apr-19 02:38:46

I think they'll not let extra guests in (unless some shops are more lax), although children would be OK. They won't revoke your membership or make a big fuss though. Perhaps one of your friends might qualify for her own membership? Otherwise, I think you'll have to go round twice - Costco won't have a problem with this. So try not to be anxious but warn your friends (it would be nice if they acknowledged your anxiety) that you are unlikely to all get in together.

Halija Tue 16-Apr-19 03:08:41

Just go in with two of them while the other two sit in the car, and then after a while they can swap and the other pair can have a go.

user1471558750 Tue 16-Apr-19 04:33:57

Why don't you go in with two friends, leave them browsing for a few minutes while you exit the store and go back in with the other two friends?

Azitii Tue 16-Apr-19 04:41:22

When I go, I usually go with my mum, at least one of my sisters, and at least two of my kids - haven’t been turned away yet.

Children aren't included in the two guest rule, so you can have 2 guests plus your kids.

HBStowe Tue 16-Apr-19 05:49:42

They aren’t going to revoke your membership, they probably just won’t let you all in.

Text your friends and tell them it won’t work. They can tag along with you in pairs another time.

Moorfields Tue 16-Apr-19 06:11:13

Simple solution is to take two guests with you this visit and another two with you on the next visit. There's no need for confrontations or anxiety, you need to be firm with your boundaries with your friends. If they don't comply then you don't take them, simple really. It's not a trip to the races.

iMatter Tue 16-Apr-19 06:15:00

They will turn you away

I've seen it at my local Costco.

BikeRunSki Tue 16-Apr-19 06:17:10

As others have said, they just won’t let you in.

MaybeitsMaybelline Tue 16-Apr-19 06:23:33

We went once myself, DH, DS and his GF. So four of us at the Leeds one, I never gave it a thought and no one stopped us. They may have let us all in though as the GF was 17 at the time.

Or they may have been generous or negligent that day.

As others have said, you will just have to do two shifts, which will be boring for you, I mean how long can you potter round Cosco looking at the mammoth packs of batteries, 80 inch TVs and catering trays of sandwiches?

speakout Tue 16-Apr-19 06:25:18

I agree with others- but you could put an addittional card holder on to your account.

Yes you will be turned away with 4 guests, and children don't count as guests.

SnuggyBuggy Tue 16-Apr-19 06:25:57

Couldn't the others just give a shopping list for 2 of you to buy and sort it later

fluorescentorange Tue 16-Apr-19 06:29:37

Haha. It's hardly an event for bringing guests to is it?

You have clearly never been😂

You will get turned away, I have been before!

Seahorseshoe Tue 16-Apr-19 06:37:32

I've never been but their cakes are amazing. I'd be tempted to phone up and be totally honest - and anonymous! Then you can tell your friends what the answer is.

Hadjab Tue 16-Apr-19 07:57:08

Children aren't included in the two guest rule, so you can have 2 guests plus your kids.

My kids are adults....

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