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Consultant wants to see me in the morning

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itsgoodtobehome Mon 15-Apr-19 19:47:50

I had my appendix out last week. They said it was quite infected and blocked. They said they would be sending it off for tests. Just got a call this evening to say the Consultant wants to see me tomorrow morning to discuss the results.

I am besides myself with worry. Would they want to see me so quickly if it wasn’t bad news. Or are they just being super efficient? Does everybody get a follow up appointment after surgery? Anyone got any experience of this that can help me to calm down?

iolaus Mon 15-Apr-19 21:35:28

You don't know what the news is so please try to be calm, however the fact that the consultant wants to see you in the morning does tend to lean towards them needing to do something fairly quickly (but it may just be certain antibiotics) - or that the consultant is off after tomorrow for a fortnight cos of easter so is fitting you in before they go

My last surgery (not appendix) they wanted to see me at the hospital a week later to follow up

Stiffasaboard Mon 15-Apr-19 21:37:51

OP try not to panic. Nothing you can do tonight.
Take someone with you tomorrow in case it is news that requires you to ask questions etc and in case your anxiety about it all means you can’t take it in.

There are a number of things it could be and you know that so can completely understand your anxiety but likely it’s not the worst scenario so try to stay as calm as you can and face it in the morning.

Fjfs Mon 15-Apr-19 21:41:49

I would say that's unusual. Not a clue why they might be calling though.

Ginkythefangedhellpigofdoom Mon 15-Apr-19 22:03:20

You don't know until you know so don't waste your energy panicking.

There's a whole range of things that the consultant may want to discuss with you from the most mundane to quite serious but whatever it is you will deal with it because it is what it is, whatever it is.

For what it's worth though Iv got my fingers crossed tightly for you.

Bobbiepin Mon 15-Apr-19 22:05:38

Its possible they just want to give you more/different antibiotics, or everything was ok and they want to check you are healing ok so they can discharge you.

grubus Mon 15-Apr-19 22:08:58

Make sure that you take a friend or partner with you. I hope that it goes well.

Mememeplease Mon 15-Apr-19 22:10:36

Yes I think they need to alter medication and/ or the consultant is away for Easter.

BarbarAnna Mon 15-Apr-19 22:10:50

Good luck. I would say try not to worry but I expect that it is impossible so hope the time goes quick and it turns out to be some specific antibiotics required or similar.

TokyoSushi Mon 15-Apr-19 22:14:49

Yes I think Easter might have something to do with it too, hope it all works out OP

MrsMozartMkII Mon 15-Apr-19 22:16:09

I too am guessing East and meds.

Sending you a handhold.

MrsMozartMkII Mon 15-Apr-19 22:16:21


Noeuf Mon 15-Apr-19 22:18:07

I reckon they need to fit you in for aftercare and want to run it past you (meds/warning signs/follow up) before the consultant disappears on leave

rainbowstardrops Mon 15-Apr-19 22:21:58

It's impossible not to worry - well, if you're anything like me that is - but fingers crossed it isn't anything major.

Justaboy Mon 15-Apr-19 22:28:51

I had this once seemd that said consultant was of to a golf contest and wanted to get through as may paitents as he could before he went;!

I very mucgh doubt it's that serious ie like cancerous.

jpclarke Mon 15-Apr-19 22:36:25

When I had my appendix out 20 years ago now I spent 5 days in hospital and at that I was lucky to get out after 5, now people are released much quicker so naturally there should be a follow up to make sure you are healing well.

katseyes7 Mon 15-Apr-19 22:40:58

l was going to say the same as some of the previous posters - l suspect your consultant is going on holiday over Easter and is trying to get through his lists asap.
l hope all goes well for you and it turns out to be nothing.

Redpostbox Mon 15-Apr-19 22:41:13

They might have had a cancellation and are filling the space in clinic with the next person on the list (OP).

Samind Mon 15-Apr-19 22:42:37

They won't discuss things over the phone these days so agree could be about meds. Good luck OP

Collectingcpd Mon 15-Apr-19 22:46:11

To all of you saying ‘it’s to do with easter’ any of you actually work in hospitals? That IS NOT how they work. Consultants have almost no control over their lists.

LillithsFamiliar Mon 15-Apr-19 22:48:33

When DH has his appendix out last year, he had two follow-up appointments with a consultant. One to say they were sending it off for tests. Then another to say the tests were clear. We had a worried night before the second appointment because we assumed they would just have sent a letter saying everything was fine. But they wanted to check up on his recovery from surgery too. It could be the same for you flowers

NorthernLurker Mon 15-Apr-19 22:48:43

I would definitely take somebody with you. It isn't very usual to call people in like this so quickly if no action is needed so you may well want somebody there to listen and support with questions

MrsEricBana Mon 15-Apr-19 22:51:12

Don't know but got to be good that they're on it. Hope it goes well.

RubberTreePlant Mon 15-Apr-19 22:52:25

It could be anything. He might want to get you in on a day ward for IV ABs (that was the first thing that popped into my head).

But, honestly, you have no hope of second guessing this. Keep calm. Try to get a good nights sleep.

ScrimshawTheSecond Mon 15-Apr-19 22:53:00

Lots of sensible answers above.

Just wanted to say - try to get some sleep; if you can't sleep, rest is good too.

Sending best wishes. x

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