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to expect people who want to shop at the supermarket with children to NOT to. Park in the mother and baby spaces... go on (90 messages)

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Tortington Fri 13-Jul-07 21:21:37


LittleLupin Fri 13-Jul-07 21:24:13

So... we shouldn't take the children with us to shop? And we SHOULD park in the M&B spaces when we do this...?

Tortington Fri 13-Jul-07 21:25:06

indeed lupin i am in complete agremnt wih you

StarryStarryNight Fri 13-Jul-07 21:27:35

an advocate for online shopping if I ever saw one....

LittleLupin Fri 13-Jul-07 21:27:53

Well, I would custy, but I walk there .

Tortington Fri 13-Jul-07 21:28:44

i agree with you starry - people with kids should online shop as you advocate

Tortington Fri 13-Jul-07 21:29:11

always watching the carbn footprint lupin

JodieG1 Fri 13-Jul-07 21:30:50

I usually shop online, far easier.

NorbertStanleyFletcher Fri 13-Jul-07 21:32:18

PMSL at Custy and the use of punctuation

LittleLupin Fri 13-Jul-07 21:32:27

Ohhh, I hadn't realised there was another thread... d'oh!

I have a very small carbon footprint - size 3 - see? <waves small foot>

Are you being "facist" with this thread, custy?

NorbertStanleyFletcher Fri 13-Jul-07 21:33:04

also the false (90 messages) in the title


<<Wipes wine from keyboard>>

Tortington Fri 13-Jul-07 21:37:10

yeah like this shit will ever get 90 messages PMSL>

NorbertStanleyFletcher Fri 13-Jul-07 21:51:56

Do you want to help me with my teen instead then?

18 and not in college, not working, not getting up (well until the new rules this week).

Tortington Fri 13-Jul-07 21:56:18

what are the new rules ( and who are you?)

LittleLupin Fri 13-Jul-07 21:58:59

Isn't that just be 18, Norma? (not being facetious, genuine Q)

Tortington Fri 13-Jul-07 22:45:48

keep your kids indoors i say

NorbertStanleyFletcher Fri 13-Jul-07 22:53:52

It's OK custy - you probably have never noticed me.

I have an 18 year old who dropped out of 6th form, then college, now is hanging around at home. I will kick him tomorrow to fill in application forms, but would rather that he did it for himself. Drinks in moderation (he has no farkin money so how could he do therwise), no drugs.

The new rules are that he gets up every single farkin day and takes his little bro to school and unloads the dishwasher, and does not go back to sleep until after dinner.....

Not much - but progress

Tortington Fri 13-Jul-07 22:57:14

have noticed you -but thought you were amongst the many recnt namechangers - i imply ca'tkeep up sorry.

sounds like you have all under control.

supermarkets will hire anyone tell him to get his arse round the supermarkets.

thing about tat is- he can decide he wants to go back to colege and just do evenings at a later date ( when he relises he has another 60 years of checkout work ahead)

NorbertStanleyFletcher Fri 13-Jul-07 23:03:52

Ahhh - have done the rounds of supermarkets - none were taking on - so we are looking fast food and stuff <<sigh>>

Thing is I have tried kicking up the arse, molly coddling, stroking and slapping, carrot and stick, reasonable conversation and screaming rows.... don't know where to go next.... <<sigh>>

<<bad mother went wrong somewhere emoticon>>

Malfoynomore Fri 13-Jul-07 23:08:51

How about care assistent work,i fthat doesn't get his butt into gear one way or anohter, then nothing will. and there are always, and I mean always Jobs goin

NorbertStanleyFletcher Fri 13-Jul-07 23:23:25

Hmmm - yes - care assistant

How do you find them - are they agency or through job centre?

Malfoynomore Fri 13-Jul-07 23:25:23

look in your local paper on Job add day and loads of Nursing Homes, residential care homes, and agencys are looking....
it will give them perspective, and if they love it they will seek out a career along those lines, going into Nursing maybe, etc.... or they hate it but will rather do anything else then lay about

TiramisuTartsAndPiesInTheSky Fri 13-Jul-07 23:34:19

How about catering/silver service agencies?
He could get assignments sending him everywhere from breakfast shifts in hotels to serving at private parties and functions, or simply as cover staff in restaurants. If he doesnt fancy a career in this, it would at least give him something to do till he works out what he wants. Reckons any job that "puts you into contact with the public" and teach you a "pleasant manner" is a good starting point. Is he into sports? Takes three months a couple of nights a week to study to become a fitness instructor, a few months (ok maybe more) down the line (after working in a gym) he could become a personal trainer and make £40 per hour....

NorbertStanleyFletcher Fri 13-Jul-07 23:34:25

OK - thanks - will try that this week

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