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To think I have some sort of problem neurologically?

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BatmansBoxers Sat 13-Apr-19 10:12:55

Since childhood my clumsiness has been a family joke (I've broken 15 bones and had loads of sprains from things like tripping over my feet, falling up the stairs and other really silly sounding injuries).

I can't swallow properly. I struggle with foods with lumps or sauce. I gag and choke. My mum had trouble weaning me and I couldn't have lumpy food and had to have purees for a long time. I wasn't walking until 14 months. I sat up at 10 months and couldn't ever crawl. I still walk with a wobble and had to have extensive physiotherapy because my legs kept seizing up and caused intense pain, I was on and off crutches.

I never learned to catch or throw a ball and I couldn't ride a bike until I was 12 or the shoes until 14. I couldn't wash my hair until I was 18 because I couldn't coordinate my hands. I struggle to hold a pen to write and frequently spill drinks and drop things.

I knock into people and objects because I can't judge distances at all, and it's embarrassing. I can't run, I get told I look like a duck if I try. I have no hand eye coordination.

To me this sounds like something wrong neurologically? Would I be fair in going to the GP for a referral?

PostNotInHaste Sat 13-Apr-19 10:14:32

You sound like you may well have dyspraxia, have a bit of a read about it and see what you think.

TheFuckfaceWhisperer Sat 13-Apr-19 10:14:49

Do you think you could have dyspraxia? My DS does and sounds similar

endofthelinefinally Sat 13-Apr-19 10:15:30

Yes, I think you should talk to your GP.
Take a copy of what you have written here.

BatmansBoxers Sat 13-Apr-19 10:21:12

Yes I've just gone onto the dyspraxia foundation website and it sounds exactly like me, thank you. I've only been reminded of these issues since having my own children, my toddler has better coordination than I do for example!

Elephantbiscuit Sat 13-Apr-19 11:59:35

I'm exactly like this and my diagnosis is dyspraxia. My handwriting is so awful I'm embarrassed by it. Do you have any issues that aren't related to movement such as fatigue or problems organising tasks?

AnyFucker Sat 13-Apr-19 12:04:21

You are probably dyspraxic, love

stucknoue Sat 13-Apr-19 12:10:17

Dyspraxia! Used to be called clumsy child syndrome. It's a processing/coordination issue basically. But affects a wide range of different aspects of living and comes in different degrees of severity. An OT or PT could help with adjustments but first stop is your gp. I'm assuming it's not getting worse?

VladmirsPoutine Sat 13-Apr-19 12:12:37

That sounds rather extreme that you haven't thought about going to see a doctor till now. Get thee the next available appointment. It's no laughing matter.

BatmansBoxers Sat 13-Apr-19 12:23:07

No it doesn't get worse it just hasn't got better. My handwriting is terrible, my mum calls it serial killer handwriting lol. And yes I do have problems with chronic fatigue of no known cause and organisation, particularly losing things like keys.

It sounds extreme written down but it's normal for me so I've just lived with it. I do think it's probably dyspraxia having read a few pages on it, and will go and ask a GP about it.

teacakes44 Sat 13-Apr-19 16:45:17

Also google retention of reflexes - this will explain an awful lot
I’m a teacher & have done research into this - very interesting. Also consider whether you have issues with your proprioception & vestibular system both of these can cause you to be unsteady & lack coordination. All of the above can be helped through exercises. Might be worth a look 😀

BatmansBoxers Sat 13-Apr-19 18:42:04

Thanks. I also can't turn my head to one side. It just doesn't go that way.

TheFuckfaceWhisperer Sat 13-Apr-19 22:34:06

Yes, DS is like that too. He's a danger to himself crossing a road, there's no look both ways, just looks straight ahead...

millespadpuddy Sat 13-Apr-19 22:52:19

Sounds like dyspraxia!

Zoflorabore Sat 13-Apr-19 22:59:48

How old are you op?

I'm asking because many people have "slipped through the net" in various ways.

I'm 41 and have just been assessed for ADHD. It all makes sense to me now.

Please see your doctor and ask for a referralflowers

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