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DH putting mayonnaise on everything he eats!

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TheLastPharl Sat 13-Apr-19 09:29:56

And it’s starting to turn my stomach!

He’s always had a love of the stuff, but it’s getting to the stage now where he is slathering it on almost everything he eats. For example last night he had four cheese tortellini and covered it in the stuff (and ketchup) The day before I found him eating vegetable cous cous covered in mayo for his lunch!

He’s also taken to making the oddest combinations of food for his breakfast. This morning he bypassed the crumpets and cereal out on kitchen bench and made a tortilla wrap full of mushy peas (covered in mayonnaise obviously)

I know he’s a grown man and can eat wise he wants, but it’s honestly turning my stomach. We have baby twins and I really don’t want them growing up wanting mayonnaise on everything and mushy peas for their breakfast.

AIBU to throw the mayonnaise in the bin?

ScreamingValenta Sat 13-Apr-19 09:32:21

YABU. A bit of mayo perks up almost any food. I'm just like your DH and my DH complains about my indiscriminate mayo use in the same way you do! grin

MustBeAWeasly Sat 13-Apr-19 09:33:47

Is he pregnant? 🤔

Userplusnumbers Sat 13-Apr-19 09:34:47

Oh, my best friend is like this with ketchup - she has it on everything (but refuses to eat actual tomato of course!) - we lived together for a number of years and it used to drive me crazy. I did accept it was my problem though.

YABU - but I wouldn't worry about the children picking up habits from him, they usually form their own (very strong) opinions about food in a way that will make your life as difficult as possible.

MorningsEleven Sat 13-Apr-19 09:34:49

He sounds like my 8 year old son 🤣
Does he also eat mash with his hands?

TheLastPharl Sat 13-Apr-19 09:34:50

Well he’s definitely getting a pregnant looking stomach. Probably from all the mayonnaise and mushy peas!grin

FrozenMargarita17 Sat 13-Apr-19 09:35:22

envy not envy!

ForalltheSaints Sat 13-Apr-19 09:36:39

Has he Belgian heritage?

TheLastPharl Sat 13-Apr-19 09:41:44

He’d probably eat mash with his hands if I let him!grin

TheLastPharl Sat 13-Apr-19 09:42:42

Not Belgian blood. I would forgive his sense of mayo pride if he did!

ToastyFingers Sat 13-Apr-19 13:55:23

I think if he eats a good diet otherwise I'd turn a blind eye to (or massively rip the piss) the odd combos and unnecessary mayo.
I fancy mushy peas now.

kaytee87 Sat 13-Apr-19 13:56:33

I'm assuming he isn't putting it on your food?

BasilBrushes Sat 13-Apr-19 13:57:29

My 4 year old puts mayo on anything. I hate the stuff but you know, he has to eat it so whatever. 🤷‍♀️

Queenunikitty Sat 13-Apr-19 13:59:32

I have it on most things. Trying to cut down though.

Someoneonlyyouknow Sat 13-Apr-19 14:12:23

He's Dutch or pregnant (or Dutch and pregnant). YABU.

If your DC were going to copy him then they would be just as likely to copy you and eat a fabulously healthy diet?

If he is concerned about his weight then you could suggest cutting down/healthy version. If he's perfectly happy then sit beside him so you don't have to look at what he is eating so much? Hide the mayo so he may give up and do without? Empty most of the jar into another container and he may take less if he thinks he's about to run out?

However, be aware that it is really your problem, not his, and trying to control what another adult eats is not a good road to go down.

Someoneonlyyouknow Sat 13-Apr-19 14:15:04

Also, couscous needs something added so it might as well be mayo. But what kind of weirdo bypasses crumpets for breakfast in favour of mushy peas!?!?

CustardySergeant Sat 13-Apr-19 14:15:56

Go ahead if you'd be happy for him to throw something that you like to eat in the bin. Otherwise let him eat what he likes. He's not force-feeding it to anyone else is he?

GarthFunkel Sat 13-Apr-19 14:21:56

Is it mayonnaise that's the issue? Because to me ketchup would be acceptable on every meal - but mayonnaise nope.

Is it reduced salt/fat version? Heinz or supermarket own? Can you get him a 10kg pot from Costco?

Gribbie Sat 13-Apr-19 14:26:39

I quite fancy a mushy pea wrap. I assume he warmed the peas?

MrsMaow Sat 13-Apr-19 14:26:41

Would he put it have it with sweet stuff, like apple slices dipped in mayo, maybe mayo covered raisins? A nice hot chocolate with mayo on the top instead of whipped cream? If so, I don’t think YABU. Bleurgh.

If it’s just savoury stuff then I think yes YABU.

It’s pretty fucking weird either way though grin

Tiredtessy Sat 13-Apr-19 15:00:58

Another mayo lover here!! Eat it with most things and couldn’t eat a roast dinner without it although his breakfast sounds repulsive!

MitziK Sat 13-Apr-19 15:07:27

Forget to buy it again when it runs out?

An ex was obsessed with eating butter. Now, I like the stuff, but even I baulked at the sight of a fully grown man, mushing his food up like an infant and then covering it with 2oz of butter, mushing it around and adding another oz on top. Plus mayo.

I reckon it was the texture that was the goal - baby food.

Exhausted18 Sat 13-Apr-19 15:13:22

Definitely pregnant, OP. I went through a jar a week when I was expecting grin

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