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ChipSandwich Sat 13-Apr-19 02:37:02

I've had it for 10+ years
It never goes away. Except when I have 2 large glasses of wine
,Then it disappears completely. This being the case, why is there no medication that will achieve the same result? I don't drink loads in order to get relief from tinnitus. But when I do have the rare few bevvys it's completely gone. Why is there not a wine pill for this?


NotOnTheBench Sat 20-Apr-19 10:07:05

ChipSandwich I feel your pain. The only time I get relief is when I go for a run, when the street/wind noise overrides it.

I woke this morning listening to doors slamming (teen kids); the dog barking in the garden; husband snoring like a drill; tinnitus raging.

I always have TV or radio on to try to mask it.

Do you have a hearing aid / white noise generator? Mine helps at work, but I'm sure it's made my T seem even louder when I don't wear it. I sleep fine as I'm usually exhausted! But I dread waking as I know the T will be waiting for me.

It beggars belief that this is not treated more seriously. I know that I don't suffer as badly as some but it does affect my life as I have to make adjustments in daily life.

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