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Ordering takeaway to hotel

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Ribrabrob Sat 13-Apr-19 00:11:59

I'm staying in a hotel tomorrow on my own and plan to have a super relaxed evening - good film on Netflix, a nice book, some chocolate and possibly a takeaway but I can't decide if that's a little bit ur?!

The hotel isn't in a town centre so the takeaway would need to be delivered to the hotel - is that normal? Have any of you ever had takeaway delivered to a hotel before? Would I need to collect from reception and would it be considered a bit odd? I don't want staff to think I'm rude expecting them to take my delivery in (I'll pay online beforehand though).

If it's not ok I'll just get room service but not quite the same is it!

GlitterPixie Sat 13-Apr-19 00:13:25

I’ve often ordered takeaway to hotels just get them to call you when it arrives and make sure you have cutlery with you

blubblubblub Sat 13-Apr-19 00:13:31

It's not unusual, but you'd need to go down to reception to pick it up yourself. They may accept it for you but would possibly call you down to collect it while it was hot as they may be too busy (or understaffed), to take it up to you.

StillCoughingandLaughing Sat 13-Apr-19 00:13:36

Why not just check at the desk?

PissOffPeppa Sat 13-Apr-19 00:13:41

I do it all the time. Collect from reception

GlitterPixie Sat 13-Apr-19 00:14:04

Get the delivery driver to call you I mean not the hotel it would weird for it to go to reception

Ukelou Sat 13-Apr-19 00:14:30

I did it just collected from reception, hotel staff were absolutely fine about it.

WhenISnappedAndFarted Sat 13-Apr-19 00:14:36

My partner does it all the time when he's away on business. We've done it a few times as well and never had a problem.

Sometimes we've had to collect from reception, other times they've called when outside and one of us has gone down to get it.

EmeraldEmma Sat 13-Apr-19 00:16:27

I would do it but I think I would wait in reception for the delivery rather than have reception deal with it.

BummyKnocker Sat 13-Apr-19 00:19:24

I hope it works out, I'm just very envious of the whole set up.

AlunWynsKnee Sat 13-Apr-19 00:24:07

I did it. I checked with reception and they were fine with it. I think they called me when it arrived and I went down to get it.

RainbowMum11 Sat 13-Apr-19 00:26:16

Loads of people do this - just make sure you have any cutlery you need, and be prepared to go down to reception to collect.

MitziTheTabbyIsMyOverlord Sat 13-Apr-19 00:31:57

I think it's all fine, but (personally) I'd add masturbation onto your "to do" list.

Or is that just me?

FurrySlipperBoots Sat 13-Apr-19 00:38:33

I've done it before, just asked them to call when they arrived and then I nipped down to collect.

HicDraconis Sat 13-Apr-19 00:42:06

Have done this many times. Make sure you give them your room number when you order, reception will call you to come down when it arrives. If you pre warn whoever is on the desk you can also ask them to have cutlery etc ready. I’d add a bottle of wine to your list too - enjoy!

Seren85 Sat 13-Apr-19 00:50:27

I've done this when staying over night for work. Tell reception and either they'll call you to get it or say fine just ask the delivery person to call you and come and collect it. They've always been happy to provide cutlery too.

ImHastingsDarling Sat 13-Apr-19 00:51:10

I had to stay in a hotel for a month and had deliveroo coming most days, never a problem!
I've done it in basic hotels and posh hotels (even the ritz!grin)

GrimDamnFanjo Sat 13-Apr-19 01:16:21

This is common place in the USA . I don't think there would be a problem!

Ginkythefangedhellpigofdoom Sat 13-Apr-19 01:40:55

Ok so Iv never done this but only because surely once your finished don't the containers stink out the room especially if you get a curry or something? Also do you take them with you or do you leave them for the room cleaner to sort out?

Apart from those issues I think it's a great idea!

JustGettingStarted Sat 13-Apr-19 01:49:35

Ginky just bag up the leftovers and set it outside your door. It will be collected along with the room service trays and empty wine bottles in the morning when housekeeping starts. If you want to take it down when you go for breakfast, that's a nice thing to do.

People put their carryout rubbish in the corridors all the time.

managedmis Sat 13-Apr-19 01:56:36

Do you kind of hang around reception waiting for it?

Timewarpdancer Sat 13-Apr-19 02:11:05

mitzii think that’s just you.

SpaceCadet4000 Sat 13-Apr-19 02:12:15

I always ask first, usually when I check in if I'm planning on doing it. Most places are happy to just call up to your room, even the fancy places.

HoppingPavlova Sat 13-Apr-19 02:38:39

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just use room service? Do they not have an I site restaurant with room service?

If they don’t have room service then I would order in and have done, they just call your room when it arrives and you pick it up from reception desk.

Brilliantidiot Sat 13-Apr-19 02:57:56

I work nights in a hotel and it's pretty commonplace. Get the delivery driver to call you when it arrives or let reception know and ask them to call your room when it arrives. We don't take it up to rooms for guests though unless it's our own food, some might but you might incur a tray charge, and make sure you let reception know what room you're in.
As for the rubbish bag it up and leave it outside your room and night porter will probably collect - again just let reception know and they'll make sure it's got pretty fast so it doesn't sit stinking all night - that's what we do where I work anyway 😁
Enjoy your night!

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