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PseuDenim Fri 12-Apr-19 21:28:11

AIBU for only realising, at the age of 39, that narwhals actually exist on the planet instead of being some mythical creature from the pages of Tolkien or similar? I swear I have spent the last 20 years or so arguing with people about how they can be bracketed with unicorns and gryphons blush

Debenhamshandtowel Fri 12-Apr-19 21:30:34



But then unicorns are real, obvs. I have one on my lawn sheltering under my magic money tree.

BlueSkiesLies Fri 12-Apr-19 21:31:13

Soooooo I only found that out about 5 years ago!

polarpig Fri 12-Apr-19 21:31:23

You won't be the first or the last person to find out that.
Griffins are real though, they used to live in the bank in town. Not sure where they have gone now though.

HBStowe Fri 12-Apr-19 21:32:23

Tbf a pal of mine was the opposite. She was 21 before she realised unicorns weren’t real. She didn’t think that they were magic but she thought horned horses were real.

Debenhamshandtowel Fri 12-Apr-19 21:32:37

May I ask what it took to persuade you and why it happened on a Friday night?smile

crosser62 Fri 12-Apr-19 21:34:02

I know!! But who knew!
They are almost mythical and what on Earth is that horn for??
Have you been watching David Attenborough or something?
The one where they were facing each other on the thin slip way and had to turn back to allow the other family through? See, they are intelligent and kind too!

Myfanwyprice Fri 12-Apr-19 21:34:25

Ha, this week we saw Narwhal tusks in a museum, and ds was completely shocked as he thought they were fictional!

PseuDenim Fri 12-Apr-19 21:35:16

debenham bit o’David Attenborough. If I didn’t trust him implicitly and know he would never diddle his adoring public, then I would hve suspected foul play in the way of CGI

crosser62 Fri 12-Apr-19 21:36:30

We had the tooth fairy drop by the other week.
She obviously hadn’t received her money as she only left a shiny pound coin and ds said that it should have been a five pound note.
She is no longer welcome in our house for these short change shenanigans..

JoinTheDots Fri 12-Apr-19 21:38:05

You clearly do not watch enough Octonauts!

SapphireBattersea Fri 12-Apr-19 21:38:42

Omg I only just found this out too

switswoo81 Fri 12-Apr-19 21:40:14

So funny to see this topic! I was doing the Arctic with my infant class this week and they all knew what a narwahl was ( I had no clue) .
I was so impressed until they told me they knew it because of Paw Patrol.

PseuDenim Fri 12-Apr-19 21:40:55

Now I’m questioning everything. Are krakens real??

steff13 Fri 12-Apr-19 21:41:52

Well, I've known they were real for a long time, but I don't think you were unreasonable for not knowing. They don't seem like they should be real.

FactsOfLife Fri 12-Apr-19 21:42:27

Does it matter where they learn it?
Thank goodness there are educational tv shows for kids!
I did know OP but I studied and work with animals. DH didn't until recently though.

PseuDenim Fri 12-Apr-19 21:42:57

That’s so funny and sweet swits

PomBearWithAnOFRS Fri 12-Apr-19 21:43:56

And... Their horn is a spiral, and every single one ever examined spirals the same way!

polarpig Fri 12-Apr-19 21:44:00

Krakens live on the plains in Torbay where they accompany the wildebeest as the storm majestically across the plains.

ememem84 Fri 12-Apr-19 21:44:24

I saw the narwhal thing too!! And yes of Attenborough hadn’t told me about it I wouldn’t be have believed it.

Watched a thing a while ago about penguins living in woods on an island near New Zealand. Can’t remember if Attenborough or not.

I remember saying to dh that I’d believe anything he (Attenborough). If he told me cows could fly and ate burgers I’d absolutely 100% believe it.

PseuDenim Fri 12-Apr-19 21:44:38

Do they use the horn to skewer fish and things like some sort of aquatic canapé?

PseuDenim Fri 12-Apr-19 21:45:21

polar thank you, you learn something new everyday grin

Yellowpolkadot Fri 12-Apr-19 21:45:55

I remember standing in a natural history museum arguing with my (now) DH that they were real... not quite sure why he didn’t believe the museum 🤷🏻‍♀️ He claimed I was talking rubbish (not unheard of), so I had to find the exhibit label 😂😂

polarpig Fri 12-Apr-19 21:46:49

It's actually a sensory organ which can detect things like the salt content of the water.

PseuDenim Fri 12-Apr-19 21:49:35

The other animal I saw on DA that blew my tiny mind was the elephant seal. They are enormous and have a trunk, which makes sense given their name. But truly otherworldly.

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