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To ask your opinion on this Facebook thread?

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Notss Fri 12-Apr-19 20:50:27

I’ve not posted on this thread as I’m not from the area; but I’m on the group as I have local family.

I’ll warn you it’s gotten quite long; but you can skim read and get most of the gist of it.

Who do you think was being unreasonable? I’m not entirely sure where I lie to be honest?

Sparkles07 Fri 12-Apr-19 20:55:29

This just takes you to the group so don't know what thread you are referring to

Notss Fri 12-Apr-19 20:57:10

Oh, i’m rubbish with computers! I’ll see if I can fix it. It’s the one about the raffle. Begins with the woman asking why her post was removed.

ShitAtScarbble Fri 12-Apr-19 20:58:17

Nope. I have no opinion on a bunch of people I don't know fighting about something I don't have any interest in.

Why would you think this of interest to the wider world?

FallenSky Fri 12-Apr-19 20:58:49

Link took me straight to the post.

I agree with the admin, as much as it's a good cause, they're right about needing a licence and also about being careful with accepting PayPal donations.

Notss Fri 12-Apr-19 21:01:25

I don’t think it would be of “interest” of the wider world; but just wanted some opinions of “outsiders”!

Surely people you don’t know fighting about something you don’t care about describes a good proportion of threads on this board!

RightOnTheEdge Fri 12-Apr-19 21:06:16

Your link took me straight to the thread so it does work.
I didn't really understand enough of what they were arguing about to have an opinion on it though, sorry.

yaela123 Fri 12-Apr-19 21:33:48

Well all I can say is that I'm not exactly rushing to move to Immington, and I think the admin was being very helpful!

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